One Thing I’ve Learned In My Four Decade Career As An Entrepreneur . . . . . “If It Walks Like A Duck, And Sounds Like A Duck, And Looks Like A Duck, It Probably Is A Duck”

I’ve been so absolutely stymied by America’s regression into Trumpism, that I literally have been unable to continue blogging!

It seems that our entire societal western culture has been put to the test and failed miserably.

When rumours and a stand-alone media account introduced the logic that Donald Trump may have been compromised by the Russians, they were quickly swept under a rug.

There’s another old saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire” and even in today’s intellectually compromised world of “fake news“, this one consistently holds up.

Hey!  There was smoke about this guy long before the election.

Americans allowed a big mouth big money guy brag his way into legitimacy (Americans are so enamoured with money that “anyone that has it is good enough for them“) without insisting that he at least validate his bragadocious self-described resume.

With it being reported that the guy got $200 Million from his daddy it is difficult for me to see how anyone buys into his self-promoted credibility.

The simple fact that he has faced bankruptcy four times after inheriting all this cash should tell us all what kind of a businessman and manager he is.

Would you hire a guy with no industry experience based solely on his bragging?

What would happen when you came to the discussion on his going bankrupt four times?

Then, part way through the campaign the prospects of the  Russians having blackmailed him broke (remember:  “where there’s smoke there’s fire”).

The story captured the spot light for a couple days but again was brushed under the rug.

A “what if” scenario has plagued me throughout this saga  . . . . . as in “what if Donald was in financial difficulty while trying to expand his name into Russia and what if the “orange shower” rumours proved true”?

Now granted, if one were writing a movie script, they would be told they are talking too bazaar, but what if this script were actually what is taking place within the Presidency of the United States.

Putin is a “world-class master spy” according to public record!

I say “while trying to expand his name or brand” because despite bragging of owning so many buildings throughout the world, his brand really is licensing his name (I don’t quite get the asset value behind this as I’ve always seen him as an imposter).

He doesn’t own those buildings, and most Trump hotel properties (with his name all over them but which is holds no ownership) have gone bankrupt in the development stage.

The nation knows nothing about this guy other than what he has told them yet they’ve handed over the reins to him.

Despite the Trump University FRAUD, all that disgusting conduct under which he exploited thousands of everyday people for millions of dollars, Republicans (most) reluctantly got on board with him.   This represents smoke.

So, the media touches on a story about all of this but no-one thought that it should be pursued.

This, despite Paul Manafort’s (Trump’s then campaign manager) flagrant Russian connections and relationships with various despots and brutal world leaders, no-one wanted to put the dots together.  This equals big league (or “Bigly” as the media quotes The Donald) “smoke”.

Then comes the Flynn LIES to the White House and American people, about communicating with the Russians throughout the campaign (lies that he has now had to resign from his post as National Security Adviser).  This equals much, much more “smoke

Now today the headlines are reading:  “Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence“.  This unequivocally IS big league (or “bigly”) “smoke“!

If the smoke is but a faint presence one may choose to not hesitate to be sure to not over-react, but when it is pouring out of all the orifices of the body, one had better alter their perspective and consider that there very well my be A FIRE!

Isn’t it time for Americans to look seriously at where they are taking their nation, or where they are allowing their nation to be taken with at least a little focus on that old saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire”!

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