I Think (The Real) Donald Trump Just Utterly Destroyed His Own Brand


Man!  The “reality show” that is the race for the Presidency in the world power that is the U.S.A., is finally delivering “the reality” of Donald Trump.

It has always been amusing to me to watch this guy sell his way right up to the brink of becoming the President and now everyone anywhere on the globe is clearly seeing “the true Donald”.

What is amazing to me is that he had shown his true colours throughout this entire affair!

He mocked and ridiculed his way through a field of seventeen candidates without showing any aptitude or intellect sufficient to fill the role.

There is a certain sub-culture in America within its political sphere that sincerely wants to “give the bird to the man”.  In this instance it is “the little guy throwing the bird to Washington elites“.

I think the Republican Party is facing the “cutting edge of the sword” having not stood up to this lunacy right out of the gate.

Their political system is materially flawed.

At best there is to be an election between he and Hillary Clinton, both of whom have a negative rating greater than 60%!  That means that six out of every ten Americans don’t like either candidate.

Where are the intellects of the nation?

How can a guy with Donald Trump’s significantly “blemished record” position himself on the threshold of holding the most powerful position in the land?

The Republican Party showed itself “obsolete” by letting this man take total control of the party and everything that it stood for, in a clear cut case of managerial incompetence.

Why Bernie Sanders has not stepped out of the Democratic Primaries to run as the Independent Party candidate and thereby garnering the sixty some percent that have said they “won’t vote for Hillary” and the sixty some percent of those who say they “won’t vote for Trump“, PLUS his following plus the decided majority of Independents.

Case closed!

President Bernie Sanders!

Last week “the real Donald Trump” came out attacking the Judge handling one of three law suits (for “Fraud”) against him (“Trump University”) exposing his true racism.

I believe that his entire manifestation of his wealth, social standing, business acumen, education, knowledge, business success, should have been seen through at a glance, yet all the highly educated politicians, business leaders, etc., couldn’t read the writing on the wall.

To someone “from the street” you would hear it said that he is an imposter!

Entrepreneurs don’t start out with money.  That’s just not what entrepreneurs are about.

I’ve known a bunch of Donald Trump look-alikes/act alines, in my years in Condoland.  Anyone with money is immediately a “Developer“.

The drill is that in residential (as opposed to commercial) high rise development, that’s all that is required and residential high rise development has NO REGULATIONS.

Talk about the “Wild West“!

I may write a book called “The Imposter Syndrome” having known, observed and studied many people living artificial lives over my five decades as an entrepreneur.

Donald actually had me a little concerned thinking that he might actually pull this off.

Having become the presumptive nominee, is no small feat!

But the “racist” in him has exposed his Achilles Heel pierced by an arrow from his own quiver.

He has really stepped out of his league and the scrutiny from here on will devastate his chances to win the Presidency.

Having lived amongst them for so many winters, I have developed what I am confident to be and rather sound perspective on Americans and their politics.

I can see how he gained acceptance as republicans in my experience have consistently shown me an aggressive, less informed intellect, ideal for the trappings from Donald.

As a salesman I’ve long given Donald poor marks and his report card is coming due.

He won’t be able to “close the sale” and the essence of his efforts are built on his observable “imposter syndrome“.

I don’t believe that Donald could substantiate all his claims about having attended “America’s best school” (“Wharton School of Business“) and one may be able to assume that one might deliver a smoking gun if they got their hands on his attendance records.

He did get four deferments from being drafted to go to Vietnam and attending school was one of the key mechanisms for avoiding the draft.

So I think, what “The Donald” has done is to destroy his own “Brand”, that mystical “vision” of himself, that he has successfully sold for decades.

It’s not “accomplishment” to be given a millions of dollars and backing from a rich dad (who eventually left his kids an additional $100 Million) but that’s the message this “success imposter” has managed to sell.

I remain confident that there is an awaking majority of Americans who’s intellect simply wouldn’t allow a travesty such as this to materialize, and down will fall “The Donald”, Brand and all.

I’m charles






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