I Said It A Year Ago And I’m Saying It Again Today . . . . “Donald Trump Is The ONLY Person That Will Bring Down Donald Trump”


Man, I wish Donald Trump would just go away!

He’s managed to turn the entire political process onto its ear.

I don’t even thinks that he is legitimately even running for the Presidency! My bet is that he’s planning to launch “The Trump Network” a la Oprah Winfrey!

Hey!  He can get that massive audience of “deplorables” (if I were Hillary I wouldn’t have backed away from having made the statement – I just wouldn’t have said “half of them“) to cough up $10/month to subscribe (Glen Beck pulled this off until he self-imploded as will Trump in my estimate) to listen to him . . . I guess.

Trump has obviously seen the writing on the wall, and that’s why all we see from him are “conspiracy theories” about the entire process being “rigged against him” (think about it, American elections are run by the political process where Republican Leaders and Democratic Leaders jointly oversee everything, so “rigged” how?).

The truth is that Donald is a Loser who’s prepping for a loss!

And he knows how to lose.

His business track record shows just what a skilled loser he really is.

He’s made all his money (thanks to a multi-million dollar inheritance) by either ripping off little guys (was called a “Greenmailer” back in the 80’s while he ran bills up so high with small contractors so they had no choice but accept thirty cents on the dollar under the threat of him “going bankrupt“!), or through Trump University, Trump Institute, Mafia connections, rape allegation (sworn testimony), admittinggroping women” on tape only to call all nine of those woman (who have come forward about him having done to them, exactly what he said in the tape that he had done), “LIARS“!  I hope they sue him for Slander (that’s what brought down Bill Cosby)!

Trump is like a novice on skis for the first time and with the elections under three weeks away he’s getting onto the steeper slopes and everything is accelerating at a pace that he’s not ready for.

The past three weeks have been devastating for him (exempt with that “deplorables” following of his).

I know and and met lots of hard-core Republicans and I found most of them deplorable!

I said almost a year ago when he was pounding the Republican field so devastatingly, that “Donald is the ONLY person out there that will ultimately take down Donald“!

And he’s been doing an admirable job of doing that, especially during the past three weeks.

I don’t think Hillary is the ideal candidate, but beside him, he’s making her look like Snow White (despite his malicious and childish attacks on her)!

He makes her look acceptable.

What ultimately brought Trump down was a trap Hillary set at the last Debate where she introduced this Hispanic Miss World.

His downfall started when Donald took the bait.

He tweeted for over a week about this woman calling her all sorts of rude names acknowledging that he called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” back then.

He himself has turned off a massive voting block of Hispanics, Blacks, Women, Muslims!

Does anyone out there legitimately think that anyone can win the Presidency without the support of, or more accurately the opposition of these massive voting blocks.

Hillary shouldn’t have backed-off of her “deplorables” description of his followers.

She should have pegged it at “half“, because she had nowhere to back off to, but the deplorables definition of his base is accurate.

I’m reassured somewhat as I’ve always relied on there being more rational people down there that deplorables.

There is another sub-set of people aligning themselves with Trump who are legitimately repulsed by Washington but Trump has proven that he is not the vehicle to change anything there.

Worse, he will bring his personal and professions dysfunction and lack of integrity to the global political scene where insults lead to wars!

He has nothing but insult his way through the litany of challengers that have faced him, and for that you’ve got to feel sorry for Americans in general.

I’ve made my case that Bernie Sanders (based solely on math) should have become President, so I won’t go through it again here.

With all these false, incendiary allegations that he’s feeding those deplorables a failed outcome may lead them to riot across the nation!

He a poor loser but definitively a loser.

He’s made his money being a loser and knows no other way.

How this election works out carries definitive threats to our national stability and economy so please don’t try to tell me that I have no dog in this fight.

It’s just a defused vision of having a dog in a fight.

I’ve found it entertaining to watch this reality show (“Apprentice for President“) play out.

Had anyone tried “pitching a show” based on this script they’d be laughed out of the producer’s offices (as well as the business).

You really can’t make this kind of stuff out (without Americans I apparently).

So, thankfully the election is just three weeks away.

It is my expectation that Hillary will clobber him, and most down ticket Republicans will get trounced (whether they are with him or against him) giving the Senate to the Democrats and potentially even the House!

And the Republicans apparently agree with me as yesterday they started publicly assuring everyone that “they will opposed everything Hillary Clinton tries to pass“!

That’s the kind of egregious conduct that they have introduced throughout Barak Obama’s two terms, yet he managed to turn things around despite all their subversive efforts to derail his strategies.

Fortunately, for the American people, he has proven skilled enough to implement serious remedies to an economy in free fall, rid a very violent world of a very bad actor in Osama Bin Laden, and a list of other accomplishments while carrying the Republican burden on his back!

My fear is over the potential of riots as we are already seeing vandalism, fights and this man promoting the hostility and fanning the flames by selling fear, and threatening violence (“I’d like to punch them in the face” . . . .Donal Trump).

Threats of violence leads to violence.

Donald Trump owes his country better than allowing this to materialize but when it does you can bet he won’t accept any blame or responsibility!

After all, why would he when “the system, the entire system is rigged” in their thinking!

I’m Charles



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