I Guess We Have Got To Agree With Donald Trump When He Says He’s “Made Lots of Money”. It’s Just That It Appears That It’s “Dirty Money” That He’s Best At Making !


I recently published a litany of claims that have been made about throughout Donald Trump’s years as a self-promoter, self-labled “rich guy” that in my books exposes him for what he actually is (Marco Rubio, a fellow Republican said it best when they lab led him  . . . . . . “a con artist“).

To know all of this and still support Donald Trump is something that all those “Trumpies“, and all those Republicans Senators, Governors, Mayors, and House Representatives, that have not denounced him (rather most of them have endorsed him while distancing themselves from him) has got to be questioned.

Are we watching democracy work at its best here or what folks?

If you missed it, I’ll include the links here again:

SIX bankruptcies

Donald paid himself to some $39 Million while the shareholders lost over $600 Million!

his treatment of a small independent business contractor who was hired to paint at one of his golf course country clubs

He loans his campaign $40 Million at a undisclosed interest rate and then uses the money to pay business that he owns!

There are serious questions about the legality of him paying his campaign money to his own companies!

And according to Fortune Magazine “The Donald is Underestimating his debt by $500 Million”!

And according to USA TODAY, “Hundreds of people allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills”!

Fortune Magazine covers that quite well in this article which simply, one more time, proves that “The Donald cannot be trusted to tell the truth”!

And today CNN has an in-depth story about how “Donald Trump The Greenmailer!

If all those supporting Donald Trump, feel that they are of sound mind and body and are not under the influence of any chemical substance, can honestly say that if they were hiring someone to run their highly specialized, multi-Billion dollar business, they would agree to throw this guy, who has no background other than what you can read hear, into the driver’s seat.

Do they for one minute think that he will tolerate anyone, even those close to him with interfering with his compulsion to run everything.

Back in the early 1980’s, the word “Greenmailer“, which was morphed out of “Blackmailer“, but fundamentally meaning the same thing.

Donald, “the poor little rich boy with all that daddy’s hundreds of millions” (I’ve know far too many “Donald’s” in Condoland (poor little rich boys with tons of daddy’s money and arrogance and belligerence that just doesn’t quit)!

You would swear that there is a college course out there somewhere that developers all take to learn how “to be as cheap as possible, as braggart as possible, as arrogant as possible and to hold an outright distain for those foolish enough to buy into the hype that their agencies write for them and lock themselves into ridiculous contracts that fundamentally say that the developer can change everything/anything and do whatever they want“.

And that’s as long as they shoot for “the minimum standard” required under the archaic Building Code!

You know that the best building that you can expect is a “C” grade construction quality end product because the building code is out of date and never was intended to protect consumers.

Well “The Donald” took to “Greenmail” luck a duck takes to water.

It all comes from the curse of having so much money available to him from childhood.

I know tons of these guys in Condoland and they are just as arrogant and just as offensive as Donald Trump (they’re just not running for the Presidency of the United States of America!

The PR version of Greenmail was called “Activist Investor” and Donald reportedly (CNN) picked up somewhere around $200 Million in profits from only a few publicly traded corporations, by basically buying a large block of their stock quickly and quietly and threatens take over the company.

This was considered a slick thing to do by Donald and a number of his chorines (money guys) and, let’s be clear, it is entirely legal!

The money guys considered themselves to be “activist investors“.  For lack of a better description, greenmail amounts to a corporate ransom payment.

The company, “MAKES A DEAL” (Donald brags about being “a deal maker”), to buy that stock back at a premium, making the greenmailer money for simply the threat.

The investor nets a tidy profit (the difference in the stock value when he bought to the buy-out offer).

Simple math tells us that this guy is flush with “dirty cash“.

$200 Million Greenmail money;

$40 Million in one of three suits regarding Trump University;

$40 Million from Trump Institute (predecessor to Trump University);

$39 Million Warren Buffet spoke about Trump grabbing while shareholders lost $600 Million;

The list goes on and on!

Can any legitimate sane person think for one moment that this man has any integrity?

Now, transpose that into having him fill the highest office in the land and what do you get?

All I can say is that he’s making me proud to be a Canadian.

I’m Charles






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