Donald Trump’s “Foot In Mouth” Presidential Launch Announcement Speech Shows How Ill Equipped He Is To Be President Of The United States Of America


Let’s be honest here.  Mr. Trump, or as he prefers to be called “the Donald” is not ready for prime time.  He is however, an excellent example of the difference between conning and professional selling.

He’s been conning people for generations now, ever since daddy brought the silver-spoon son into the business of Manhattan real estate and the crushing collapse of global real estate markets in the 1980’s delivered the opportunity for his money and access to it to buy New York buildings at pennies on the dollar.

That does NOT qualify him as an entrepreneur!  And it surely doesn’t qualify him to be President of the United States of America!

In his inaugural speech, he managed to turn three major voting blocks (blacks, hispanics and people of integrity and intellect) completely against him.

Can you imagine him dealing with China or Russia?

Donald made his money by having money and access to other people’s money.  He has faced bankruptcy a number of times and is known for running up bills with creditors so high that they can afford to cut him off and thus must negotiate with him for cents on the dollar!

The man is all bluster!  His shameless self promotion and over-blown representations of his wealth, education and position in life is comical!  Let’s see if he sticks around long enough to have to deliver his financial data, which is required under the laws in America.

I don’t believe that he is sincere in his belief that he is qualified but his delusional state tells him that now he can do anything.  Mr. Trump exemplifies everything that is wrong with America while pontificating that he is the only one that can fix the problems that the country faces.

At least he makes entertaining pastime content for the masses.  The amusing thing to me is that he has shot up in the poles (I said amusing not amazing because he so clearly exemplifies the American spirit) since offending all those voters!

I guess he doesn’t allow common sense to interfere with his aspirations!

I’m Charles

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