Charles is Back With Shocking Revelations of Corruption In Condoland

Well, it’s official … Charles is back!

For the past couple of years since pulling back from my blog I’ve documented a micro-con within with macro-con that I labeled “Condoland” decades ago. My history with major Canadian Broadcasters like CBC and Global News to major magazines in Canada’s major market of Toronto seeking informed commentary on Ontario’s residential condo market kept me at the cutting edge of the market for decades until my retirement in 2020.

I had semi-retired earlier but parked my license for those occasions when previous clients called on my services and advice.

I’ve always invested in high rise condos being the ultra urbanite all of my life, but when investigating retirement possibilities we concluded on a mall beach front community in Oakville Ontario called “Bronte”.

I haven’t been too impressed with Oakville in general since moving here but a narrow lakefront strip highlighted with magnificent multimillion dollar homes caught my eye and we settled on a small POTL community of under 20 homes (form of condominium where the roadway is Condo but the homes are Freehold).

As all residential development throughout Canada these days is somehow connected to condominiums, all Canadians are or will be involved in this key economic indicator (“condos”) of Ontario’s economic picture.

Well, my wife and I bought blind over the Internet being told that it had already sold and was the last home in an upscale resale community just across the road from the beach. Then the builder mysteriously came up with another lot and told me that it was immediately across the street from the one I had offered to buy but it required a $50,000 Lot Premium. 

I was happy to go along fully expecting that I was being lied to but the location met the criteria I was non-negotiable on, like walking to the beach and to a grocery store, restaurants and shops, and this community had crossed all the “t’s” and dotted almost all the “i‘s”.

These dots and/or crosses actually are a constant in every condo community purchase as one of the only constants is the fact that pretty much everyone is lying. And one of the uncontrollable elements always constant in the purchase of a condo are the people.

They say you don’t get to pick you neighbors and this well established variable is what Justice Refused exposes.

And for the past 2 1/2 years I have been forced to deal with, or more accurately work to not have to deal with the most unsavory calibre of people that I have ever come across in my 50 year career dealing with movers, shakers and sometimes lovable horse thieves.

This is a category of people that would require me to revise the movers, shakers and sometimes lovable horse thieves part of that! These people proven conduct in this show a moral deficiency that cannot be allowed to get brushed aside.

So I have forfeited my almost half century long and exceptionally well justified retirement to address the very disgusting conduct of two families in particular with the ignorant support of a few others that has resulted in the total destruction of our of any semblance of “community” as most legitimate owners have been so intimidated and harassed that they are too fearful to stand up to this rogue clique of owners.

I will be blogging about this disheartening reality that met me exposing the absolute worst possible outcome for consumers buying into a condominium community.

What this relatively inept group of cons have managed to pull off, due to the flagrant dysfunction of our courts and governments is something that Canadians cannot ignore. This is synonymous with “Keystone Cops Take Over Condoland”.

We’re watching how corruption has taken over America and it is time we Canadians stop trying to emulate them. We are nothing like Americans but I fear too many Canadians haven’t experienced the world enough to understand how sacred our Canadian Integrity actually is.

I was planning to write a simple uncomplicated disclosure on how I had helped but condo industry get on its feet with my selling and entrepreneurial track record and how it ended up a Ponzi scheme exploiting the very consumers upon who’s back the whole scheme was built on.

That simple effort to inform all Canadian consumers or at least those Canadians owning or planning on owning a home in Canada (as all residential community expansion is POTL or some other form of condo) has gotten bumped down to ebook #3.

Ebook #1 … “Justice Refused” (available now at the Apple Store) is an eye popping up close look at corruption not only in Condoland but also in our courts and municipal governments which unless corrected right now will land us as a nation of the garbage heap seen in America.

Tarion, a small irritant within this serious soar has been in the headlights for the past couple years but little if nothing has been accomplished to date. 

I say this with all due respect to the honest, hardworking people heading up the new Condo Authority of Ontario, but not one of their executives have any background in condominiums or Condoland never mind street level awareness of the long festering flaws built into it structure.

As a Ponzi scheme it has stood the test of time and come out unscathed. 

I have to admit that, despite being known as anything but naive, to being somewhat caught off guard by many of the key players in this truly stunning real life altered universe.

I don’t believe that fighting is wise even when necessary providing you’ve got the patience and brains to give people enough rope to hang themselves and seeing what they do with it.

In this instance we see one self-proclaimed “highly educated lawyer” but into a condo with a radical opposition to living in a condo.  

Realizing that it was an altered universe I was entering my logical strategy was to invite them to document their thinking and document they have.

Justice Refused is about to appear on the Apple Book Store. Covid 19 having closed down the Canadian Government’s Passport Office months ago obstructed my ability to get another US Tax ID# despite having just gotten one a few years back when we sold our winter residence in Florida.

This is not a case of circumstantial evidence suggesting guilt.  All offending parties, ranging from the couple tragic individuals spearheading the destruction of the community, to two unethical builders, of the three involved, to Justices, Crown Attorneys, the Deputy Crown Attorney, The Chief of Police, The Mayor of Oakville, The Law Society of Upper Canada and even the Attorney General of the Province of Ontario guilty of either deliberate malfeasance or incompetence have supplied sufficient hard copy evidence to disqualify them from picking up another pay cheque.

So, yes I’m back and I’m going to try to balance blogging with writing the second and third ebooks as the next ebook “So Sayeth The Law” is equally as discomforting a reality to grasp.

In this ebook I again will rely on Law Society of Upper Canada’s and each lawyer’s own words in their own email in what can only be said to be a disappointing reality of the state of our court system is and the threat it is to simple democracy as reflected by their successes in executing a Keystone Cops ‘pre-adolescent’ con job against each part referred to above.

I’ve written these ebooks to finance the only mechanism available for Canadian consumers to ever hope that they and/or their children and/or their children’s children can legitimately expect “protection under law in Ontario”.

The most shocking dimension within this maze of malfeasance and/or incompetence stands  Justices in Milton Ontario courtrooms issuing totally false Criminal Charges against individuals because the complainant is a practicing lawyer with insider knowledge of rare and seldom used manipulations of stated law to enable them to gain advantage over others.

Then, to learn that there was “no evidence required” in securing what is called a “Private Criminal Prosecution” consumers must be informed on how this fits into consumers having protections under the law.

For example this one self-proclaimed “highly educated lawyer” has used four (4) of these very rare legal maneuvers against totally innocent consumers and even gained a Peace Bond against one of the innocent parties. She even uses the same witness that lives in Toronto as a witness against two (2) of her targets.

She also has made numerous false police complaints (going on 30 in total) and a few anonymous municipal inspector complaints all discarded as no evidence to support.

Again this is all supported evidence in police and court records that resulted in them opening up an investigation against an innocent Ontario resident.

I’ll close today’s blog with Subsection 140 of the Criminal Code

Public mischief

  • 140 (1) Every one commits public mischief who, with intent to mislead, causes a peace officer to enter on or continue an investigation by
  • (a) making a false statement that accuses some other person of having committed an offence;
  • (b) doing anything intended to cause some other person to be suspected of having committed an offence that the other person has not committed, or to divert suspicion from himself;
  • (c) reporting that an offence has been committed when it has not been committed; 

The evidence file set out in this ebook clearly shows that this group is guilty of having committed crimes under subsection 140 of the Criminal Act. You will want to familiarize yourself with this statute as not one of the institutions allegedly in place to protect consumers would even agree to look at the overwhelming evidence.       


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