This Trump Fiasco Has Thrown Me Into A Spin . . . . And That Has Historically Proven to Not Be An Easy Thing To Do


You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while but this Donald Trump fiasco honestly threw me quite a curve.

I don’t like commercial media yet I am a news junkie!

I used to watch CNN back when it was actually “Cable News Network” as opposed to what it is today “Commercials Not News“, pretty much full time (I would actually switch between MSNBC and CNN, avoiding FOX for its Republican Bias)!

But commercials took over the media a few years back and I just could no longer tolerate the constant stream of deception being fed to me.

I do understand “social conditioning” and the elements required to implement this type of devious plan.

So I kicked cable and television completely right out of my home and life and haven’t regretted it since, as the Internet has developed into an excellent source of “fix” for my appetite for news.

Unfortunately, the Internet has become yet another intellectual garbage dump, so cluttered with ads that I’m turning away from it!

There is no more “news” as I knew it not so very long ago.

Journalistic integrity” was something to be admired especially with my lack of formal education.

Today the media peddles self-promotion-underscored-stories and perspectives on events (and non-events like Comey’s late hour announcement of “650 Million emails” (apparently there is no integrity in government either) that used to be called news.

So, to see the mightiest, (or one of the mightiest depending on who you talk to these days) nations on earth swept away by a man with the proven questionable background that this man has and absolutely nothing about his true business track record, education, income, charitable giving, taxes, etc., having had to be proven, proved a real intellectual blow to me and I haven’t listened to news or blogged since!

So now he wants his three (2 class action and one by the Attorney General for the State of New York) law suits for FRAUD (did I spell that right  . . . . . “FRAUD“?) delayed.

The United States of America’s new President has instructed his lawyers to petition the courts to allow him to postpone his multi-million FRAUD TRIALS, (three independent actions), indefinitely, because he has been elected President!

If you had written this script it would have been lab led “hoakie” or “too unrealistically far-fetched“!

The alleged Mafia connections didn’t bother the majority of the voters and/or electorate.

His absolute lack of experience didn’t bother anyone.

How can someone become President when the majority of the nation (60%) have a unfavourable rating of him?!?

He refused to show his taxes and that is now “all behind us“.

The alleged Russian connection apparently didn’t bother anyone!

To me, “the patients have taken over the nut-house“!

Three rental apartment buildings in Manhattan just stripped the Trump name off of themselves and three others continue to carry his name although “Trump simply manages those buildings” as they are condominiums, owned by the individual unit title owners.

Most Trump Hotel/Condo project throughout numerous American cities all went into bankruptcy and it was disclosed that he had licensed his name only with those.

The American people, dissatisfied with the “established political system” just voted in a total unknown and unproven (in business, politics, ethics, integrity, conduct) entity.

Can you actually believe that a nation of over three hundred million people would invite such a volatile unknown to take total control?

I guess it might sound intriguing to say that this might prove entertaining, but it is far too serious an issue to brush off easily.

BREXIT may bring benefit to Great Britain as the EU seemed to somewhat drag it down and it very well might be capable of pulling a success out of this rather radical “social knee-jerk“.

I’m not optimistic at all with Donald Trump.

He’s having difficulty building a cabinet because most Republicans don’t see upside for working with him.

He appears to be limited to drawing from rejects from the past like Rudy Guliani, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, et al.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump believed that he could win and now he’s caught trying to catch up from a cold start.

I think America and thus the world is in for a very bumpy ride, so buckle up your seat belts.

I for one am glad that I sold off my Florida winter home when I did.

I’ll be getting things going here at shortly.

I’ve got a house to finish off and some other pressing matters to take care of, but rest assured I’ll be blogging again shortly.

I’m Charles






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