Brexit Exposing A “Serious Flaw In (Britain’s And America’s) Democracy”


The Donald Trump phenomena (or cancer, whichever your perspective) is now a Global Phenomena!

I have a sister in law that lives in London and we just spoke with her.

She tells us that “the people are shocked“.

Not only are those who didn’t get out and vote bewildered over the outcome.

Many, many of those who voted to leave are now saying “what was I thinking“, having not really considered that their vote might have been the deciding factor.

The people are literally, “in shock“!

If there ever was a case for a “re-do“, I would suggest that this is one.

This is the identical phenomena brought to us for our viewing entertainment by Donald Trump and the potential outcome is similarly potentially destructive.

It’s actually, in my opinion. “more destructive” in America because of all the racial regression that even a casual observer can see.

You can only hope that there is some kind of mechanism to appeal the outcome of Brexit.

I do think that there is something potentially very positive for America out of this.

The “sane populous“, can see what apathy brings, leading them in masses out to vote.

Tragically though, that means voting for a similarly “damaged candidate“.

I see the only true hope for America in this is that either Bernie Sanders leaves the democratic party and heads up an Independent challenge for the Presidency.

He would probably get the majority of the anyone but Trump opposition (Donald has a 70% disapproval rating) and keep all of his followers, and get all those Democrats that are publicly saying they will not vote for Hillary.

Option number two is a Warren/Biden ticket which is highly unlikely with the power the Clintons wheel.

And option number three is a totally “cold start” new candidate, which can still be done (can still get on the ballots in 48 States).

None of these are easy but take a close look at “door number one and door number two in the election for the Presidency“.

Let’s hope the dysfunction driving Britain and America these days (driven by low educated, politically disenfranchised, upset white men it seems) remains limited to Britain.

Nothing should be taken for granted.

This is a very serious stuff!

I’m Charles




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