Hats Off To Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk


Some people (like Charlie Sheen for example) achieve outrageous success and wealth and squander it.  As far as I’m concerned I’d rather simply not know about this type of self-abuse.

Others achieve great wealth and re-invest in meaningful pursuits that stand to benefit the entire world population.

Many people that amass great wealth do little with it, choosing to sit back and hold onto their wealth, but true entrepreneurs like Jeff Bazos and Elon Musk (neither by the way stole any aspect of their creations), are setting the Standard for wealth re-investment.

This week, Jeff Bazos, entrepreneur who built Amazon.com put his money where his mouth is and though his private space firm “Blue Origin”, set a new and historic record in the race for space, by landing its reusable rocket making a controlled landing!

Mr. Bazos, not your conventional entrepreneur-type but rather a kind of “nurd-geek-brainchild” cocktail has done what no-one has done before.

Blue Origin just launched its “New Sheppard” crew-capable space vehicle to a sub-orbital height of approximately 62 miles, and masterfully spared from its rocket and touched down using a parachute but most significantly made a controlled landing after “having the rocket start its own descent“!

Now, I’m not rocket scientist but realizing that NASA never came close to achieving anything close to this after billions and billions of taxpayer dollars spent, you’ve got to give it to these entrepreneurs of today!

Recently Elon Musk’s “SpaceX” has managed to land it’s re-usable booster close to a target barge but has failed to nail the landing yet, but you can bet that their right on Mr. Bezos’ heels.

Mr. Musk has also introduced the world’s most advanced luxury electric car and battery technology that is about to revolution all of our daily lives by changing the paradigm of energy consumption and re-useable energy models.

So, as one entrepreneur to these present-day roll models, thank you for your vision, and willingness to risk all and for not being afraid or put off by failure.

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