Apparently FACEBOOK Is Also A Key Player In The Pornography Industry


I’ve never been a big fan of Mark Zuckerberg who, according to public record, stole the concept from two brothers that he knew in school, paid them off for having stolen their idea (they went on to launch “bit coin“).

I quite frankly don’t like Facebook as a social media conduit, but I’m not an overly social type and my bias may speak louder than enabling families and friends to keep in touch for those willing to publicize their lives.

I’ve discovered that Facebook’s long-awaited “Oculus Rift” virtual reality device is ready for the commercial market so pornographers are lining up to supply content to the masses!

I’m sorry, call me old fashion, but I find the concept of pornography overshadowing ever technological development in the world today, just downright disgusting!

And it’s not like Facebook is the only big player in this field.  We already have available similar headsets from like the Google (“Cardboard“) and Samsung, Sony, and HTC while Microsoft is scheduled the release its “HoloLens” in 2016.

Apparently I’m in the minority when it comes to the integrity of these major publicly traded corporations.  I can’t help wondering what message their impressive financial support for this particular industry sends.

The corrupt acceptance of companies built on theft was but a stepping stone to the corruption in content that these entities manifest.  Virtual Reality pornography, in my opinion, is something that we as a society could life without even knowing about.

Such massive amounts of money invested in what is indisputably an ethically bankrupt industry just seems wrong to me.  Buying these corporations profits supports their endeavours.  I own and trade stocks but I will not be owning any stocks in these companies.

I’m Charles


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