Donald Trump Being Sued For Fraud Through Trump University Selling SUCCESS TRAINING

laucarAs many of you undoubtedly already know, I’ve given up my day to practice as a Buyer’s Agent to develop and produce a meaningful, quality educational product, “Sun Tzu And The Art Of SUCCESS IN REAL ESTATE”.

I initially thought that I would just sit down and bang this course off but quickly realized, that as straight forward as I have found becoming successful, the actual process for many remains quite elusive.

Realtors throughout North America (1.2 million according the NAR the National Association of Realtors and CREA the Canadian Real Estate Association) on the whole, with all due respect, “don’t know what they are doing” as the industry has an 87% (NAR) FAILURE RATE – 90% (CREA) FAILURE RATE“!

With statistics like this, I feel compelled, to step in and help this ever expanding pool of entrepreneurs (whether by choice or by situation).

This unique Success Course will materially alter those devastating industry statistics.

In the process of designing this course I’ve realized the true significance of it.

You see, in general, most Realtors did not aspire to one day be a Realtor, and there is no formal education other than three licensing courses which fundamentally teach Realtors the Code of Ethics and what not to do to avoid getting in trouble.

Most new comers to the industry either are just getting out of school or leaving a previous unsuccessful career and thus have never taken any effective formal training on what to do, how to do it, or even why to do it!

So I’ve taken the past six months to really soul search for a way by which I can deliver a comprehensive education, based on the successes that I have enjoyed in the real estate industry.

One of the corner stones of success is to “know your enemy“, so before embarking on this new phase of my life, I went online and researched sales and success training courses.

There are literally million of results to these searches!

I spend weeks visiting them and had to conclude that most prove relatively meaningless.

There seems to be a general misunderstanding that selling courses will help Realtors become successful.

Before getting my real estate license in 2000 was was a freelance sales professional and before that I was a freelance sales trainer (I’m 67 years old and never had a “job“).

The first critical point that I realized is that all of the professional sales training that is out there simply does not apply when it comes to selling real estate.

You see, the real estate sells the real estate!

Have you ever seen, heard of, or can you imagine, anyone buying a property that they did not like?

So, what sells the property?

All the powerful “closing techniques” that I used to teach to life insurance, car, time share sales reps, fall flat when it comes to real estate.

And the majority of these courses out there look very much, to me, like they are simply “rip offs“!

Donald Trump is a great example of just how prevalent the rip offs are. The Attorney General of New York State has file suit naming Trump University as a classic “outright fraud” and two other groups have filed class action law suits.

People paid anywhere between $1,000 to $35,000 for various levels of “Success Training” and their complaint states that, for this money they received absolutely nothing!  We are talking about 10,000 people here!

Here’s an interesting thought:  Elections for President of the United States may have both top contenders (Democrat and Republican) being charged with fraud and misconduct!

Who calls this leadership?

So, be very careful when considering taking any sort of sales or success training for your real estate career.

My course, “Sun Tzu And The Art Of SUCCESS IN REAL ESTATE“, is based on my personal, documented success, having earned millions in real estate commission in approximately a decade!

My success is a result of my having followed the writings of Sun Tzu’s Art of War applied to selling real estate, as I had followed throughout my professional sales career in a number of diverse fields.

I’m so confident that “Sun Tzu And The Art of Success In Real Estate” will prove successful for each Realtor that takes the course that I am DEFERRING $500 OF THE $599 Annual Enrolment Fee on the HONOUR SYSTEM, whereby you pay only upon having the course lead you to success in real estate.

Many people have been telling me that Realtors will simply take advantage of my generosity, take the course and not honour their commitment to forward the balance of the tuition fee to me.

I’m a big believer in Karma and would suggest to all that honouring their obligations to the creator of the course that invested in them by deferring payment for this much needed education that made them successful will continue to manifest the successes you are after.

I’m confident that the majority of people are honest and that the small fee for this education is chump change to the earnings that you will enjoy throughout your career.

I’m very proud of the course that I’ve come up with as it is nothing like anything else that I could find on the Internet.

The FAILURE statistics of the real estate industry are not my numbers! They are published industry statistics and therefore true and accurate.

If any Realtor is unwilling to invest in themselves by enrolling in this meaningful education, I would suggest that they are not committed to success.

For those who are, I welcome you by bringing you this roadmap.

I’m Charles

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