“Accountability” Is The Missing Ingredient In The Success Formula For Our Canadian Democracy

One need not have a PHd, university degree, high school diploma to see the problem that our nation is facing with our apparent national fixation on becoming them!

I barely got through high school and by all measure should be toiling away at a factory job or truck drivers job (not that there is anything wrong with either of these respectable jobs if one lacks the educational credentials included in all job applications.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve anguished over my lack of education ever since I intellectually grew up (something that did come late in my life). But in reality it simply represented the need for me to wise up, and work smarter and harder than others and I’m proud say that I honestly believe I would not nor could not have achieved the success in my life.

I admit that it has not been easy conceptualizing commercial opportunities to sell but that’s what I was limited to do. I’ve never lost site of my being a professional salesman. Not Herb Tarlic on WKRP in Cincinnati but a real salesman and that conscious skillset and discipline enabled me to retire in comfort with my wife/business partner (I wouldn’t have achieved the successes I’ve enjoyed without her) of over three decades.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since back when it was actually a bad thing to be called and never had a job or income without coming up with some unique concept and then going out and selling it. I’ve produced television series’, music videos, run companies, been as sales trainer and hit the mother load when I stumbled into someone failing to a new concept (there are concept sales pros and salespeople and it’s important to know the difference if you are thinking of becoming a salesperson).

Concept sales professionals sell solutions to problems. This challenging, constant moving frontier of a profession has introduced a unique opportunity (“concept”) that I believe is the ONLY cure for our rapidly degenerating Canadian identity that my ebook “Justice Refused” lays out in clear, evidence backed facts.

Our country is unravelling literally before our eyes and all the educated people involved here continue to fail us. I have no opposition to education (man if I only had some!) but I’ve learned that success in life is not a result or even a by-product of education.

I’ve never had a job (where I’ve been paid before I deliver results) because I didn’t have the academic credentials. I see companies today advertising to hire sales professionals with university degrees which in the real world is a walking dichotomy!

I’ve invested going on five years into observing a con being perpetrated in a condo development (POTL) and documenting it’s various corrupt tributaries and am comfortable telling you that I’ve captured a very unique con of our entire legal system where the principal foundational component of Ontario Condominium law . . . . . the integrity of the Disclosure Package that solidifies the integrity of all contracts relating to the sale of pre-sale homes.

What I have been introduced to over this time period is absolutely confidence shattering as it chronicles one corrupt person with a law degree who recruited a couple other owners in our community to lie under oath (I don’t know how one does either end of this . . . . .) for her to support her fraudulent legal intimidation, bullying and outright threats on everyone even remotely connected to this community.

It’s not these individual families that I feel must be made accountable. It is the numerous sitting Judges in our observably dysfunctional courts who allowed this woman to swear out false Private Criminal Prosecutions, and other legal hijinks like Ex Parte Motions against the builder seeking amount relatively reflective of a conventional mortgage on the newly purchased home (a great was to buy real estate if not for the lack of integrity).

In the interactive evidence file included in Justice Refused you will see the real person behind the scam. A person that puts herself out to the public as a highly accomplished and respected attorney at law.

Justice Refused presents this evidence in the form of this offending lawyer’s own emails and the resulting public court documents and I assure you that once you’ve read this critical new piece of Canadian history you will be as motivated as I am to bring these people to account for their actions and words.

But it is the Justices themselves that this ebook is focused on. There have been four (4) false Private Criminal Prosecutions sworn out against me, the President of the Board of Directors at the time, three (3) by this lawyer herself and one sworn out against me by her sole “Witness” in one of those Summons and the lawyer had sworn out another one against the builder’s site supervisor (using the exact same witness)

Now, I don’t expect the courts to have full blown “Con Detectors” or anything similar but I do expect that they uphold their duty to all those who appear before them. My experiences as set out in Justice Refused (Refused because absolutely every institution and agency “Refused” to talk about or look at any evidence what so ever even, WHILE TRYING TO IMPOSE A “PEACE BOND” ONTO INNOCENT PARTIES!

No Justice . . . . . Just malfeasance and resistance from sitting Justices that apparently watch too much Judge Judy. For those of you unfamiliar with a Peace Bond, it is court administered undertaking that amounts to an admittance of “guilt” that remains on one’s record for life!

I am confident that you will be as amazed as I when you read the absolutely childish false sworn statements (Perjury is a crime! As is Public Mischief!). I could only conclude that these Justices were self-medicating when these fabricators showed up at the courthouse with their stunningly unbelievable sworn statements.

I was much more amazed when the Justices issued Criminal Summons’ without looking at any evidence and I’m not talking about some isolated incedent with one Justice. I’m talking about five (5) Justices (5 false Criminal Prosecutions filed in court requiring the innocent party to attend court hearings).

These Justices must be invited to explain how the irrational ramblings set out in these complaints accompanied with no evidence whatsoever did not trigger their suspicions about being lied to. Could it be that it is because the person presenting the lies is a lawyer?

I have no idea but I do know that this must be addressed and if they refuse our invitation (that’s what the money from ebook sales supplies) we will sue them, depose them and present our evidence showing their conduct, attitude and behaviour. Again this is all fully supported with evidence!

Our courts of law simply cannot function like this or we’ll all have to admit that we live in a Banana Republic.

Not what to think when the Justice that accepted the false sworn testimony without any evidence become the sitting Justice in the Hearing that you are required to attend and your lawyer fails to show up and send a law student in her place who knew nothing and could do nothing.

And when the defendant requests an opportunity to speak the Justice shuts him down after scolding him to remove his hands from his pocket that were not in his pockets and moves on to push him into a Peace Bond (admitting guilt!). I as you if this is “justice” in you opinion.

Fortunately the law student followed up the day’s experience, documenting the entire embarrassment to the court and its officials. If this is the best these highly educated and highly tax payer paid alleged professionals can do then, will the last one out please turn off the lights.

I appreciate that you are all busy so I’m intentionally keeping these blogs short but information packed. It is this information that will save our nation from becoming America 2.0.

I believe their problems are insurmountable and am absolutely convinced that there is still time to fix its contamination or our Canadian way of life, but that’s possible only when we’ve individual conscientious Canadians stand up and say “enough is enough“. If we don’t . . . . . well then, take a look at the chaos taking place in American governance and you will know what to expect.

There are clearly at least three more and probably four or five ebooks in the works for this series and they introduce all of the realities behind the scenes in Condoland with more critically important things like a threatening financial Tsunami that condo board have no idea is sitting on the horizon.

I want you to know that I’m not writing books for Canada’s sake. I’m not writing them for personal financial gain as I’m extremely comfortable and satisfied with retirement and to be totally honest I really would have preferred to just ride off into the sunset but this is far too important to our nation and our way of life.

Just looking at all the lying lawyers involved in the American Reality TV show that is American governance and the horrific and rapidly declining democrazy they have created thanks primarily to one con gaining control of the governance of the country.

Our tiny condo community is a literal microcosm of what we’re watching unfold in America and this series of ebooks will be published providing I can get enough conscientious Canadians to become informed sufficiently to know that they must get involved and engage or in all honesty, all may very well be lost!

What I need is outreach and the way I see this being best accomplished is for every conscientious Canadian that reads this does everything in their power to get this critically important information into the hands of as many Canadians as they physically can.

The reward is seen in having a majority of Canadians supporting these efforts and thereby restoring the observably lost integrity back into our country, its courts and institutions.

As always,

I’m Charles. and I’m anxious to hear from and work you. If you have anything constructive to offer to this cause or know someone with skills, knowledge and want to help, please contact me. I cannot do this alone.

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