Donald Trump Starring In Another Reality Show To Be Called “The Loser”!


Apparently, America is so screwed up that the best they can come up with for the race for the next Presidency is two seriously flawed candidates and definitively “broken system“.

I’ve said before here at, that if I were an American (I’ve lived six months of the year for most of my grown life in Florida) I would be a Democrat.

Not even really because of their platform or any specific candidate’s credibility, but rather because of the radical nature that I’ve observed over my time there consistently by Republicans.

I’ve never bought into the concept that any group is monolithic, but let me tell you of all the Republicans that I know and have met, there is a consistency of temperament much like see at Donald Trump rallies.

The Press are obviously afraid to call Trumps recent phenomena what it is . . . . . a “Redneck Revolt“.

I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan, but I am confident that Trump would be so toxic for the American way of life that she really is the only choice available to stop what could be a devastating development in American history.

It has been repeatedly said by fellow Republicans that the man is a con artist.

And he’s apparently a con artist that is not being called to legitimize any of his claims about “how smart, rich, talented” he is.

He boast publicly that he’s “never gone bankrupt“, yet the facts are that he’s been there four times.

Go bankrupt once, and people might be able to put it behind them.

But four times!

And the redneck crowds that clammer around him just east up his baseless rhetoric.

He has brought lots of new people (“Rednecks“) to the Republican Party, a party that observably lacks the moral integrity to just tell him to start his own party and run for the Presidency.

They buckled when he appeared and that was the time to politely send him on his way, but they chose to cajole him and what followed was the “beginning of the end” for their Party.

He tells everyone the he is “very smart“, yet no-one has ever seen his “attendance record” or “grades” from that prestigious school (“Wharton Business School” – I want to see his “attendance record“) that daddy enrolled him in while he was chasing and getting five different deferments from military service to avoid going to Vietnam.

So here we have a totally inexperienced person applying for the top job in the world, with no experience at all and with a mouth that just can stop getting him in trouble, who refuses to disclose anything from his past.

He says his financial disclosure statement are good enough despite his claiming one of his golf course properties to be worth $50 Million in the statement, while at the same time he was applying for a tax reduction on it claiming it was only worth $1 Million.

Can anyone, other than a Redneck, support such nonsense?

I’ve been amused and entertained to watch him unravel as he shows himself to the world as a buffoon!

I said months ago that the person who will defeat Trump is Donald Trump and he’s doing of fine job of making me look like a visionary.

It didn’t take a crystal ball or weegie board to figure this clown out!

What company in the world would hire a C.E.O., with absolutely no experience and a notable propensity to lie on top of lies that even a chipmunk in a suit would be able to read as lies and who attacks virtually everyone around him, from his opponents, to his fellow party members (he’s really not a Republican) to the public, to the Press, to people with disabilities!

Is that what Rednecks (and Rudy Giuliani, and Chris Christie, and other so-called leading Republicans) want in a President?

Apparently so, as the majority of the rest of the Republican Party is lining up behind him, as if he somehow will mysteriously take on the skill-set and temperament to be President.

Based on his track record through-out the Primary Season, one can anticipate that Donald would meet with some world leader (Kim Jong Un possibly) and insult him, come out of the meeting and lie about what transpired and blame the Press when the nukes start flying!

He is visibly unstable.

He has proven himself to be pathological.

He says he’s a top negotiator and the Press have lapped it up and embellished him with this reputation, unaware that developers don’t really negotiate much.

Donald had money.

He’s a “silver spoon little rich boy” that has been able to buy his way through life.

He’s ripped of the little guy consistently (read the disclosures available on the Internet) running up bills with momma and papa businesses so high that they have no choice when he threatens bankruptcy but to give in to his demands of paying pennies on the dollar (this is called “Greenmail” – as in blackmail!).

My God his own ex-wife swore under oath that “he raped her“!

And this the calibre of individual that all those radical supporters that you see salivating behind him at his rallies want?

This juvenile-hour reality show is insulting to the fundamental intellect of the American people (if not for them everyone would have laughed him off the stage long ago).

So, the latest (I’ve actually grown weary of this insulting mannerisms and dishonesty to the point that I tune out these days – you will notice I’ve dropped even taking about him) is a claim by him that “if he loses the election it is because the system was rigged“.

So apparently, down deep he knows he can’t pull this scam off and he is now looking for ways to lie his way out of the fact that America has seen through him.

The writing is on the wall for Donald and hopefully this new reality show will name him “the ultimate loser” and life can move on.

It is unfortunate that the best the country can come up with is yet another seriously flawed candidate.

I’m Charles



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