Visions And Ideas (what “solutions” are usually all about) Are Always So Hard To Sell


I don’t claim to be any kind of specialist in international affairs, but this ISIS phenomena is starting to cut very close to home.

I’ve never been an overly political person but I have been watching Canada’s evolution from a stale conservative government to the new liberal majority headed up by a young Canadian decedent of a former popular Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau holds the very real potential to become an overnight global leader providing he makes the right decisions on a number of very complex challenges.

Certainly, one of the most pressing is the present Syrian migrant issue, where he has pledged to have Canada accept 25,000 by the end of the year (a month and a half away).

We are all familiar with the story of the Trojan horse and enlightened minds of today have got to be comparing today’s migrant situation as a tactic of war as was the wooden horse of Troy.

So, here’s where the good ideas are hard to sell concept comes in.

An Egyptian billionaire, (“Naguib Sawiris”), months ago,  offered to buy an island from Greece or Italy and develop it to help hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from Syria and other conflicts, to have a dignified “landing pad” to build and inhabit until the war and fighting in their home country ends, and then have them repatriate”!

Now, that’s an idea!  But month’s have gone by and nothing has ever materialized.

Oh, there’s been lots of press about his solution, some admonishing him for exploiting a situation, some lauding the genius undermining his concept.  But nothing was done and the proverbial window has closed, the the present day migrant mess that is becoming Europe.

It seems easy for many to simply say “slam the door on Syrian (and Muslim) immigrants“, but that hardly addresses the real life humanitarian crisis for many innocent people who have spend weeks if not months navigating their way, many times on foot from their homes across continents to destinations, many of which no longer welcome them.

The brilliance of Mr. Sawiris’ concept, and his willingness to stand behind his offer to capitalize a solution that would have marginalized the possibly of a Trojan horse, was totally missed by the global community.

You would think that the world would have jumped onto this guy’s band wagon!

He was offering a concept where you safely warehouse these masses of people, where they would have plenty to physically do in building their temporary facilities with global financial support enabling them to live in dignity while matters at home are resolved, upon which they could return and should another similar catastrophe occur, the facility would be there again for the displaced masses.

But as we all know, visions vaporize through empathy and a lack of commitment by decision makers, bureaucracy prevails, and behold . . . . “the dark horse“!

Justin’s Trudeau’s dilemma rests with following through on his promises to withdraw our 6 Canadian fighter planes and crews and continue to support the coalition by supplying “training” was a sound strategic political stand, while meeting the humanitarian challenges of the day, aware of the tale of Troy.

Whether or not he does an about face on the 25,000 Syrian immigrant issue, is bothersome as the politics game makes it difficult for him to just do an about face, (after all he ran for Prime Minister with this), yet the threat of radicals coming to Canada under the blanket of being immigrants cannot be ignored.

After all, two of the passports claimed to be from the murderers in Paris this weekend were alleged to have gotten to Europe under the guise of being Syrian refugees!

With challenges such as these, I think we are going to see a young man turn into statesman, and a leader or at least show us all what he’s made of.

I’m Charles


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