Why ALL Canadians MUST Read Justice Refused

As a collective sigh echos around the globe following an attempted violent overthrow of the Government of the U.S.A., I can’t help but say “I told you so”. You can look at my blogs over the past couple decades and you’ll see that I foretold this logical outcome.

A simple reading of my blog shows you that don’t already know me, that I’ve struggled to defend consumers (and global real estate investors) against the inherent dysfunction and exploitation of them in Condoland for decades now, and now I show you that that same dysfunction, corruption, and self-righteous exploitation of our justice system is systemic across the board here in Canada as well.

In Justice Refused I give you an entirely new spin-off on my efforts to deliver meaningful detailed information exposing the Ponzi Scheme upon which Condoland was built. 

I show you how the dysfunction of Condoland is simply the dysfunction in Ontario thus the dysfunction across Canada and that, if we don’t do something soon, we’ll simply follow down the rabbit hole that America has just taken itself.

We are blessed in this instance as the corruption that Justice Refused shows here in Oakville has brought us such a dynamic Reality Show chronicling Ontario’s seriously flawed and failing justice system that has shown itself incapable or unwilling to investigate observable crimes pointed out to its Police, Justices, Crown Attorneys, and government officials.

Innocent people are seen in Justice Refused, being manipulated into accepting a Peace Bond (blemish on their Record for life), under a very rare legal maneuver (“Private Criminal Prosecution”) seemingly known to only a few lawyers, but an obvious “weapon of choice” to this one emotionally unbalanced, corrupt lawyer, who’s first of three (3) entirely false Complaint was so obviously fabricated and supported solely by her own Sworn (false) Statement.

But this integrity challenged highly educated lawyer, doesn’t add up to an even more compromised and threatening character is the form of the ”Honourable Justice” that listened to what amounts to an unbelievable and pre-adolescent pre-meditatively Sworn (false) Statement that couldn’t see the con while it was presented to her and more concerning, couldn’t see it when it was presented to her in details identical to those set out in Justice Refused.

And when you see that this lawyer had “requested” and then “demanded” our corporation’s insurance policy that she ultimately used to VOID our director’s indemnification to intimidate board members into resigning, to fulfill her dysfunctional plan of “dissolving the condo corporation due to no quorum” you will get a taste of how ethically and morally challenged this lawyer is.

But when you see what transpires at the court Hearing after this lawyer filed this false Criminal Summons that were clearly designed to scare off the volunteer board members fearful of being sued while all the while, (inaccurately) thinking she could then dissolve the corporation, like me … you will be amazed.

You see, the Justice that accepted the ridiculous sworn false statement was the attending Justice in Court at the Hearing. And In some bazaar ethical contortion, this corrupt lawyer embellished her Complaint with the Justice in an unlawful tactic to avoid having her entire Complaint delivered to the defendant.

It would be reasonable for one to ask “what was the Justice self medicating with when accepting this absolutely ridiculous sworn statement”? It is no wonder that our courts are in such disarray and backlogged. This is no laughing matter folks!

You see, our corporation’s lawyers had compromised our position (in my opinion) in their Answer to the false Summons by forwarding the huge (100+ page) Complaint that I had submitted to the overseeing institution for lawyers (“the Law Society of Upper Canada”) clearly setting out this lawyer’s corrupt, premeditated criminal conduct, without discussing it with me. Without legal representation I would have blown this false sworn Summons right out into the daylight in one simple paragraph.

So, at the Hearing our lawyers failed to show up! This didn’t go over well with the Justice who was showing open hostility toward me, clearly intent on pushing me (an absolutely innocent party) into accepting a Peace Bond (the same as this criminal masquerading as a lawyer, had already done with the builder’s site supervisor and gotten one against him – coincidence?).

Now, the Crown Attorney (that had received our lawyer’s inept excuse of an Answer in the form of our entire Law Society Complaint with all referenced evidence instead of a one line “this sworn Complaint is entirely a fabrication”), explained on the Record, to the irate uninformed Justice that he had “not read the evidence”, chose to support the Justice’s efforts!

And when I tried to interject, the Justice wouldn’t let me defend myself (actually agreed to allow me to speak but cut me off after my opening sentence). So we had proof in our possession that proved we had a totally fabricated criminal charge against a totally innocent party but the court would not even hear the facts.

If you are an innocent person, targeted by a corrupt lawyer that is willing to lie by swearing out a false Private Criminal Prosecution, as the evidence showed this corrupt lawyer had done, not just with myself but also the builder’s site supervisor, apparently this is the Standard of Legal care you can expect in Ontario or at least Oakville Ontario.

This initial false Summons scam remained hanging over us for just over 7 months before the Hearing in early in the new year, at which it was “Stayed Permanently” (thrown out of court) due to no evidence whatsoever being presented, despite her flawed false Summons stating that she had “video evidence” that she later returned and informed the court of her “the dog ate my homework” excuse with regard to the alleged evidence. 

The Board did not learn about her having voided the director’s indemnification for months while the board’s lawyers defended against this fabricated criminal complaint and summons. This is “Keystone Cops” material folks but in reality it is our courts of law in action!

Our lawyers were confused as to why she would work so long and hard to void the indemnification because all her efforts would do was to shift the burden of paying our lawyers to defend her frivolous charges, from the insurance company to the corporation itself.

This proves another example of dysfunction within this aggressively self-promoted “highly educated lawyer”. You see, she actually thought she could intimidate the volunteer board members themselves with this corrupt tactic, when in fact she simply stripped the corporation of its indemnification and shifted the expense onto all 18 owners. In reality the money spent on her law education proves wasted as this and a number of other legal calculations and conclusions by this lawyer proves that she simply does not understand black letter law.

When she learned that her inability to read and understand the law (stunning for a lawyer), had simply led to her shooting her in the foot, in what she had envisioned as her exploitive genius, she totally lost it emotionally and to remedy the mess she had manifested, she simply swore out another false Private Criminal Prosecution against the Board President (me) and our Vice President, this time falsely alleging “Criminal Fraud”. 

And when you see how ridiculous this second false Private Criminal Prosecution’s Pleadings are you will agree with me that more than one Justice here appears to be self-medicating. These legal Pleadings are critical here as both should have quelled the chaos on the spot, but no … they simply led to more court time, cost and resources.

Now, I have to ask you to reflect on some common sense logic here. How and/or why, would any rational owner in a condominium have any interest on how the lawyers were paid unless they were up to something and the only way they would know that this was even taking place would have to be that they were up to it. 

All of this was presented in exactly these terms to each Crown Attorney (the Justices won’t see or talk with you … we tried) but not one would listen. They actually had quite visceral reaction each time we traveled to court to talk with them. Had one listened at that or any point in this, all the bullying and intimidation would have stopped in our lives but every court, police and municipal institution stood adamant that they “would not talk about anything”.

In total this corrupt lawyer swore out three (3) false Private Criminal Prosecutions against me, (each is a crime) one (1) against the site supervisor that was identical to one she swore out on me and actually used the same witness (what are the odds – this totals 4), plus her false witness on her second false Private Criminal Prosecution against me swore out a her own false Private Criminal Prosecution against me (totally five (5) “very rare” legal maneuvers that most lawyers know nothing about! Each one of these five (5) Private Criminal Prosecutions is a CRIME according to Ontario Criminal Statute 140Public Mischief”.

This does not include over 30 different false Police complaints that ended with police at my door to the point they ended up refusing to visit me. They just called me to let me know what she was still up to. Each one of these false Police Reports are CRIMES under Statute 140 of the Criminal Code but not a single court official or civic institutions would agree to listen or look at the evidence being presented to them.

After a year or so of this constant harassment, demanding to “dissolve the condo corporation” (that any knowledgeable lawyer would or should have understood) along with all the salacious false and defamatory attacks including physical assault, they finally figured out that the the simplest way forward for their criminal endeavor would simply be to lie and overthrow the legitimate board.

First they tried to overthrow the election at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”)  … and failed.

Two weeks after the AGM they undertook a false Formal Recall of the Board that failed due to this heavily self-promoted “highly educated lawyer” screwing up her own ballot that was the deciding vote.

Two weeks after that failed attempt they were successful after contacting all the non-resident owners (who knew nothing about their board, their community or what was taking place) and filling them with lies specifically alleging that “the board had been caught unlawfully paying for the legal representation (not disclosing that it was due to this corrupt lawyer’s false Private Criminal Prosecution) and telling enough uninformed non-resident owners that they were “recalling the board members as they are pedophiles targeting the kids in the community”. This is a lesson to all condo owners that you simply should never give away your vote or proxy without learning all the facts behind the request.

I’m telling you this lawyer or should I say criminal soccer-mom with a law degree is a danger to anyone that comes close to her, and the courts, police, Justices, and Crown Attorneys are supposed to be there to introduce some level of integrity, but their conduct only empowered her.

The biggest fright to all of this is that she told me directly that she “one day she will become a Justice”! Now this may possibly be an explanation on all those self-medicating Justices listening to her swear out false Statements and actually accepting them and issuing Criminal Summons.

What this two year long (and counting) saga indisputably shows us it that our small residential community (government) serves as a literal microcosm to what we’ve just watched take place in America. It also tells us all that we had better do something or we’ll end up in the exact same mess as we’ve just seen take place in America!

I really don’t care about what goes on in America, but I do care dearly about what goes on in Canada, and what goes on in the pages of Justice Refused is not acceptable to me. It should not be acceptable to you or any legitimate Canadian.

The evidence in Justice Refused shows that we’ve got one unintelligent, corrupt woman with a law degree manipulating the entire Judicial System or possibly more accurately mirroring it, for her own personal gain. 

And not a single institution or agency allegedly in place to uphold the law in Ontario has even been willing to look at the evidence, let alone having the capacity to see what is going on. Honest Ontarians should not have to work as hard as I’ve had to to protect ourselves. 

That’s what the police, courts, Justices, Crowns, lawyers are all supposed to do for us, yet not a single one, and all were presented their own personal documented pre-publication evidence but has NOT been willing to look at or talk about the irrefutable evidence, delivered to them.

Could it be seen as logical to assume that their radical opposition to facts of cases, is caused due to them actually being aware of their malfeasance to their profession and to those honest innocent tax payers that pay their salaries?

I have been personally offended, attending numerous of these frivolous Hearings related to these matters, and watching first hand, what can only be accurately described as a “wholly dysfunctional archaic court system that simply cannot be allowed to continue as it is”. You can be sure that they won’t fix this as you can’t fix something that you won’t acknowledge to be broken.

I’m being dead serious here! Ontario’s Criminal Courts, with all due respect, have proven themselves in Justice Refused, to be a living dichotomy to Integrity where masses of highly educated and highly paid, alleged professionals observably bumble and stumble their way through each and every day, only to end up doing such an unacceptably poor job of earning that money that we tax payers all pay for that its downright corrupt in and of itself.

If we can get enough Canadians and global citizens interested in seeing integrity restored in Canada’s courts of law and governments to support this cause (you’re not really just buying a book – the books are my thank you for contributing to this cause, for contributing C$20 (and/or becoming a Founder at C$100) to make these institutions answer for their unacceptable conduct). This is what your money is going toward and I can assure you it will make a big difference in possibly outcomes. We are fighting an uphill battle!

Justice Refused is an entertaining read! It is also extremely informative, enlightening and educational. 

I’m here and willing to do the tough slugging and all I’m asking of you is that you get your copy of Justice Refused and read it and once you’ve read it you will have convinced yourself that this is a worthwhile cause and will want to help to take this ebook viral through contacting everyone you know on social media and telling them to follow in your footsteps.

Our country will thank you in the end.

I’m Charles

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