This Ontario Government Situation Is Way Beyond “Crisis”

I’ve admitted on numerous occasions here at, my relative ignorance with regard to our Provincial and Federal Governments over the years, primarily from chasing my dreams all over the globe and the resulting limited availability of news to CNN, (“Commercials Not News“).

Thanks to CNN’s intermittent news reports around commercials, I’ve managed to keet right up there with America’s news at all times, although I have to admit that I’ve “cabled-cut” completely due to the incessant bombardment of meaningless advertisements that now dominate the airwaves.

I’m actually pretty much there with the Internet too, as ads have consumed that concept as well.

So, recently I’ve returned full time to Ontario and I just keep getting more and more offended with headlines that I come across, like this one “Ontario Can’t Afford Kathleen Wynne”,

As a result of my relative ignorance I possibly may be the most effective voice in narrowing down fact from fiction in the new world of journalism which today involves a new concept of “false news“.

False news” has apparently gained legitimacy in our culture.

If reports of paying $4,000,000 per year to the head of a crown corporation are true (while other provinces pay their counterparts approximately 10% of that salary) then “it’s time to put the brakes on“!

No wonder as pretty well everything I look at or into these days is based on corruption.

Life seems to have boiled down to a simple phenomena that I’ve labeled “Imposter Syndrome”.

So much so has this failed experiment in social conditioning left us with such an intellectual void, that it seems safe to say society is doomed.

So, we lemmings (consumers) follow along blindly as these imposters that we hire to serve us as managers, (that’s what voting is really all about folks) and passively watch them squander our riches (financial and intellectual) while we confuse them with rock stars and/or celebrities.

I have absolutely no political bias in this deal as I’ve never been involved.

Had I ever turned to politics I probably would have ended up a Trump-like figure as that’s the only way one can hope to make an impact in our celebrity ingrained intellects.

The article I was looking at this morning tells me that this manager (Kathleen Wynne) has proven herself incompetent and for any business or entity to be successful there is no room for incompetence.

I really think the argument should stop right there.

Politicians are “employees” of the body of citizens that elect them, and therein lies the problem, what percentage of Ontario residents voted in the last election?

That would be 60% give or take a percentage for decades now!

Six out of every ten people in Ontario that could vote did so four out of ten didn’t.

The Liberals, despite what appears to be a dismal track record of management have remained in power for well over a decade!

Donald Trump has shaken up an outsider’s revolt approach to solving the crisis that is government today and I’m all for it (minus “The Donald” that is).

That is exactly what is needed here, but I understand that this dysfunction has persisted for years and years under not only Wynne but also Dolton McGuinty her predecessor!

The Crisis in Condoland is representative of the crisis our society appears to be experiencing where everything is a guise and all the players imposters.

Our society bought into the concept that education makes us smart or intelligent but that theory has provably failed.

As a species we’ve proven ourselves a cancer destroying the body on which we feed.

Obviously all of the academic smarts out there have left us devoid of intelligence and this political mess in Ontario is a clear cut example of this.

I intend to investigate Kevin O’Leary as my rational instincts tell me that he is a proven winner with the potential to actually turn things around.

I don’t see politics as a popularity poll like most people and I understand that he is disliked by many but really  . . . . who isn’t?

That’s actually what our system is supposed to be built upon.

Forty percent or so of the population will see things one way and forty percent will see it another with twenty percent floating somewhere in between.  We call this democracy.

What we don’t need but historically had is academics and elites governing.

As an entrepreneur I’ve never thought of entering politics as I am more of a lone wolf thinker and decision maker and have always seen the masked hostility hidden with false hyperbole as intellectually offensive.

As a Province and as a business, Ontario is in bad shape.

This social conditioning leading the Lemmings to conclude that the economy is going well when we have unsustainable debt is simply stupid!

Trump got away with supplying no proof to any of his lofty and outrageous claims.

We cannot allow this to happen here in Ontario.

I believe the Mr. O’Leary is pretty open about himself or had better be if he wants to get people like me on board.

With Trump we’ve seen a “used car salesman snatch the White House”.

I’m not convinced that Justin Trudeau has the skill set to manage the entire country either, but I intend to deal with on issue at a time and right now that is Kathleen Wynne’s management of our Province.

Best to remember that it is  . . . . . . . our Province and our Country!

Enough is enough!

I’m Charles





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