Surely “Integrity” Has Got To Play Into The Presidency of The United States of America


If you’ve been ready my blogs over the decades that I’ve been writing them, you will already know that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump.

I have to say I admire his resilience and determination but his willingness to distort to facts to his advantage leaves me questioning his “ethics“.

Listing to Mr. Trump you are led to believe (by his rhetoric) that he is the wealthiest American to ever run for President.

He also repeatedly emphasizes in his “pitch” how “smart he is” and “what a great education he has from Wharton School“, and a whole long list of other self-promoting “self-isms” all intended to shape our collective perspective on the man.

Now, I’ve never met “the Donald” personally but everyone who I have met that has told me “I can’t lie” . . . . . have ended up to be “pathological“!

Mr. Trump recently announced that he has donated “102 Million in cash and land to various anthropic and conservation organizations in the past 5 years“.

I say “good for him” but for those of you frequenting my blogs you know my number one rule “believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see“, I’d like to see some proof that what Mr. Trump is telling us is true.

I didn’t have to go very far researching this topic.   Apparently, the tax filings of the Donald J. Trump foundation show Trump has made no charitable contributions to his own namesake nonprofit since 2008.   The foundation has given grants but using other people’s money.

It’s not as though $102 Million would wow those elites that Mr. Trumps promotes as his peers such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc., but it is interesting to know if, what Mr. Trump is saying about his philanthropy can be supported with facts.

When pushed by the Associated Press for details on his personal charitable contributions, Trump spokeswoman apparently supplied a sketch of his contributions that appears to match those of the foundation suggesting that “Mr. Trump may be counting other people’s charitable giving as his own“, according to AP.

His actual cash donations account for only about 10% of the $102 million Trump boasts!

Most of his total contributions are land related where significant “tax deductions” come into play (ah, “The Art of the Deal”).  One such land donation from Trump delivers him a significant tax deduction for simply “not building 16 luxury homes where his commercial driving range sits” resulting in a multimillion dollar tax benefit to none other than Mr. Trump.

In my opinion this is not a charitable donation.  It’s a cash grab and I’m all for capitalism but I see a man, verbalizing on and on about philanthropy while grabbing cash benefits.  It smacks of hypocrisy to me and I can help but wonder in those masses who today are saying that they will vote for “the Donald“, are taking this into account.

I think that America is about to face its worst nightmare with the pursuit of the Presidency of the United States.

I’m calling for Hillary Clinton to not become the Democratic candidate, Trump to not ultimately become the Republican candidate, electing to run as a third party candidate watering down the Republican vote and potentially Joe Biden being the next President of the United States of America.

What Mr. Trump has missed along the way, is that to be a President one must possess “integrity“.   This is one character trait the Mr. Trump is seriously lacking on, based on his own misrepresented record and account of events.

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