Why Justice Refused Is Must-Read Material For All Canadians

We are seeing the only logical outcome of the majority of citizens stand on the sidelines and watch the governance of their country and lives being taken over by corrupt people with agendas in America’s daily headlines.

In Justice Refused you will see a stunning mirror image being lived by the owners in our small Bronte Ontario condo community.

A small condominium community in some small residential community is literally a microcosm of what we are seeing in America and delivers the real life proof of a Municipal Government breaching their own contracts and failing in their Duty, Justices pushing innocent people into Peace Bonds while Crown Attorneys support the Justices’ flawed conclusion while admitting having not even read the evidence.

I’ve written Justice Refused, not to fulfill some aspiration to write books, but to put out a lifeline to a drowning nation that appears to be following the operating manual of the Republican Party down south.

I was hoping to quietly retire in a beautiful lakefront community where I could walk to but remain removed from shops, restaurants and grocery and this resale condominium community fit the bill to a tee, at least until a couple of buyers with their own agendas connected and conspired to destroy the condo corporation and community.

Now, this is NOT my opinion or anyone else’s opinion. It is documented fact, based on the offenders’ own emails and court records. If anyone can come up with another reason why all this has taken place I’m prepared to stand corrected but the evidence presented here leaves very very little wiggle room.

What we see here in Oakville’s Condoland is a case where one Ontario lawyer bought into a condo with the intention of ‘deregistering’ it as a condo and having the Municipal Government assume our corporations’ major asset, its roadway leading to under 20 Freehold brand new large stone homes that were sold as being “bookcases” with large matching stone prestigious Front Entrance Signage Features identifying our community as an upscale collection of private residences.

Those stone Entrance Features also served as ‘sound attenuation’ to limit the echo of Lakeshore Road’s constant heavy traffic along our roadway.

Well, apparently this lawyer couldn’t grasp the meaning of an email from the Town Inspector that I as volunteer president of our community’s board of directors received stating that “the road is too narrow to meet the standard of a Town road thus the Town would never, could never, assume it”.

The roadway meets the standard for a condominium (private property) roadway, thus the condo designation, condo corporation, Disclosure Package, etc.

What Justice Refused exposes is a troubled individual who bought under ill-informed legal advise (her own) and when confronted with the facts, chose to “shoot the messenger”.

You see, the evidence shows that her goal was to create the illusion of owning a Lakeshore Road address, for bragging rights. She also has created and maintained the illusion of having a “Bay Street Law Practice” that she has made a major component of a couple false court actions where she swears under oath to facts that are simply untrue.

This book however is not about this lawyer or the shills that she recruited, or even the network of over a couple dozen other lawyers caught up in the net here. That’s the subject matter of the next ebook (now available in 51 countries of the world) “So Sayeth The Law”.

This book IS about how our dysfunctional Court System, Justices serving over them, Crown Attorneys, Deputy Crown Attorneys, Municipal Governments, Mayors and/or officials, or even the Attorney General who blew our reasonable request for intervention off.

And this doesn’t even factor in every and any condominium corporation across this Province and land that is functioning under an altered reality on how consumer protection is supposed to work!

You literally couldn’t be expect to make this kind of stuff up!

So I will be documenting here on simplycharles.com each step along the way into getting all the players who have refused to get involved to explain to all we tax payers, why they’ve refused to listen.

The proceed of the sales of each of these four ebooks will be used to require each party to explain their conduct even if that means law suits. After all they all are paid by we consumers out of our taxes so we are or should be entitled to answers to reasonable questions.

The last ebook in the four part series “Condoland … The Outcome” will chronicle the entire process and when we cross the finish line together, Ontario and Canada will be able to be at ease on the topic of our systems of government and our courts will function effectively.

To expedite the process I’m seeking 5,000 of my fellow proud Canadians to contribute $100 to this major undertaking and become a valued “Founding Member” of the “Canadian Coalition for Consumer Protection”.

Each Founding Member will receive all four ebooks within your membership and have your name published in all copies distributed in perpetuity.

This will capitalize this undertaking immediately and finance all legal costs plus production costs of a documentary series for syndication and global distribution.

To get your ebook you can go directly to the Apple App Store and search “Justice Refused” or visit www.simplycharles.com where you can enter the Apple Store directly or get your PDF version of this must read material.

There is only one way that this chaos can be effectively addressed and that is for consumers to support this coalition by buying your copy of the book, becoming a Founding Member (also at www.simplycharles.com) and spreading the word to all your contacts, neighbors, friends, businesses associates and all Canadians that you come into contact with.

Adequately financed this massive challenge becomes instantly manageable and offers the solution for real, meaningful change.

I look forward to winning this for and with you all.


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