Donald Trump’s Standing In The U.S. Presidential Race Suggests That There Is More Than One Village Out Their Looking For Its Idiot


I’ve got to confess that I’m not a big America fan, so much so that I sold my winter home last spring because I was just chalk full of putting up with Americans.

I owned a beautiful townhouse in a quiet little collection of just 121 townhouses located in a golf course on the outskirts of Boca Raton Florida.

The house was beautiful with very low maintenance fees and taxes which are two key factors that you’ve got to manage when keeping two homes, but the people (it was most a working class neighbourhood) literally were intolerable.

I’m a very private person.  I don’t socialize and I try to keep my opinions to myself.

It really was like living a winter line Seinfeld episode (“Del Boca Vista” if anyone recalls) with a cast of characters that make the Seinfeld gang seem reserved!

The board would come to me asking for advise and I would give suggestions but did not want to be directly involved.  Man it was bazaar!

As a member on a condo association or home owners association you are, like it or not, “one of the gang” and it offended me to think anyone would consider me one of these people.

What concerned me more was that most of these “off the wall” people had permits to carry guns!

The State has a “stand your ground law” that basically lets anyone shoot anyone as long as they claim they were “in fear for their life” (true or not)!

So now comes “The Donald“, seeking the highest position in the land, President of the United States of America, who has insulted most world powers before even getting going, insulted Mexico and Mexicans, veterans specifically John McCain (“I like war heroes who don’t get shot down“), insulted women (50% of the voting block in America), and attacked Muslims.

My estimate is that collectively, all of these groups of “voters” seem to me to represent a major hurdle for him, yet he continues to attract an element of the Republican Party or society in general, that hungers for the type of reality tv show “conflict” that Mr. Trump is accustomed to and obviously skilled at.

He has single-handedly turned the Republican leadership contest into a Reality TV Show and thus the perpetuation of all the “conflict“.

This man is not a leader folks!

Leaders don’t have to belittle others to make themselves stand out.  Leaders don’t have to inflame hatred and sell fear to appear needed.

His constant and repeated willingness to misrepresent the facts should be disturbing to everyone.

I would love to get a fifteen minute interview with Donald Trump.  He would implode before the end of our talk.

No-one has the nerve to challenge him on the Trump University scandal that plagues him (the New York Attorney General has filed a law suit along with two other class action law suits alleging “Fraud“).

The Press continually let him get away with saying that he has never gone bankrupt when in fact he has four (4), times while hiding behind a corporate curtain (4 of his casinos declared bankruptcy under his management).

Nothing wrong with corporate bankruptcy but it is disingenuous to then use never having gone bankrupt as a foundation for your legitimacy to run for President of the United States.

I always thought that the dysfunction that I observed with the consistently Republican wacko’s that made up my little gene pool of 100 or so fellow shareholders in that home owners association in Florida, was an anomaly but now I see it as highly reflective of that problem America is facing right now.

I should actually say Republicans are facing right now as they are in a lose / lose situation.

The old guard knows he’s toxic but can’t do anything.  If he sticks it out as a Republican they lose as there’s no way that the majority of the country will allow a small red-neck sub-culture of America steal a Presidential election.

And if they stand up to him and he jumps to the Independent bandwagon he splits the Republican vote and thereby synched a victory for the democrats.

If I were interviewing Mr. Trump I would be asking him to present his university report card and attendance record.

At that time in history there was a draft and wealthy families enrolled their silver spoon kids to avoid that draft.

He brags about being so smart and having attended that prestigious school, but based on his crass way of talking and carrying himself, my bet is that if he did graduate it was at the bottom of the class or possibly he was simply missing in action and dad’s money bought the whole deal!

He would be considered a highly unprofessional salesman in my world.

I’m Charles


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