I’m Launching A North American Initiative “The MILLION REALTOR PLEDGE” For Realtors To Become Professionals


It’s no secret that I’ve been outrageously successful in real estate since getting my license in 2000.

simplycondos.com averaged 40,000 “hits per Day” at its peak, with me doing more deals per month and year than many entire offices!

Before getting my real estate license, I had always been a little bewildered as to why Realtors received such a bad wrap, landing right beside “used car salesmen” in popularity or credibility polls.

As an entrepreneur I saw the opportunity back in the 1980’s while selling Minto Plaza in Toronto, (working directly for the developers I didn’t require a real estate license) a pre-construction condo project on the Bay Corridor in Toronto’s Financial District, to be the pioneer in digital real estate, building the first of its kind interactive multimedia imaging database for Toronto condos and luxury home way back in 1990.

There was not Internet, or World Wide Web, or Windows Operating System or colour photos on PC’s back then.

In 2000 I got my real estate license and launched simplycondos.com, which became the city’s #1 condo specialty web site and generated millions in earning for me, sufficient for me to consider my Success Plan optimally executed.

What caught me off guard was, with all due respect, the “lack of professionalism that I discovered in the real estate industry” both in Toronto and throughout Florida where I searched out investment opportunities for my global network of readers and investors at simplycondos.com.

Today, there are more professionals in the industry, but they are “professional computer techies and SEO guys with real estate licenses“.  My issue is that this kind of “professional”  is actually negatively impacting the overall professionalism level of this multi billion dollar industry!

My upcoming Success Training Course, “Sun Tzu And The Art Of SUCCESS” is about to change all of that!

I became successful in real estate due to having documented a concrete Success Plan for myself before I even took my real estate licensing courses.  When I got my license all that was required was that I complete three courses with “open book” exams and, I became a Realtor.

None of the courses touched on how to become successful in real estate.  The same three course requirement remains in most cities throughout North America today.

And when you sign up with a brokerage, they usually offer some type of training but again, that is very scattered and fragmented.  Most sales training courses prove questionable and consistently unrelated to real estate if not useless all together!

I’m too realistic to think that I can “change the world“, but I guarantee you “I can materially change these alarming failure statistics within the North America real estate industry”.  I should qualify that a little as I guarantee that with the honest effort of realtors applying what I can teach them in this course I can materially change these failure rates.

I’m just finishing production of a comprehensive Pod Cast Success Training Course for Realtors that is about to upset the status quo of the industry by giving that 1 Million licensed Realtors that constitute the 87% of Realtors failing to make a living “the tools they need to become successful in this highly competitive industry“!

If you are new to the real estate industry or if you’ve been at it for a while and just not caught on, or if you’ve been doing it for years or decades but not hit that “10% – 13% that earn a living in the business“, you should already know that you need training and education to become successful at this.

I’m trying to have it ready for Christmas this year to allow friends, family and associates to give a meaningful gift for Christmas this year that will keep on giving for a lifetime or at least a career”.

I have no reservation assuring each realtor taking my course “Sun Tzu And The Art of Success” will be the turning point for each of them.

This is a “Success Training Course” that is customized to each individual’s personality profile.

My ultimate goal is to elevate the professional standards of this industry where presently 87% – 90% fail!

If you are interested in pre-registering for this course, simply emails me at [email protected].

I’m Charles



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