Let’s Take An Unbiased, Intellectual Look At Donald Trump’s Speech This Morning


It was billed as a “broadside attack on the Democratic Nominee for President” but came off as yet just another rambling, disjointed mix of outright lies and misrepresentations that would (or should) make anyone uncertain about his “temperament to serve as President“, to say the least.

He called it:  “an opportunity to discuss the failed policies and bad judgment of Crooked Hillary Clinton“.

Is this really the level of intellect that Americans want in the contest for the most important job in the country?

I’ve observe the efforts of Barack Obama against a Republican Party that swore to “oppose him on every front” and have done just that for eight long years.

What an absolutely “dysfunctionally, flawed, political process“, one that accepts having the tax payers pay two adversarial opponents (Parties) to, not blend their intellectual perspectives into a highly successful strategy, but rather to obstruct, block and disrupt absolutely every aspect of any such efforts to develop a plan.

Here’s the deal!

Donald Trump, today said:  “Hillary Clinton is a world class liar“.

PolitiFact, a credible fact checking outfit, says that “59% of Trump’s checked claims have been deemed false or pants on Fire“, verses “12% for Clinton“.

I think that his strategy is backfiring on him as he legitimizes Clinton with such intellectually shallow attacks (but then, his clan loves it).

Here’s PolitiFact’s analysis of Donald Trump’s claims:

True:   2%

Mostly True:  7%

Half True:   15%

Mostly False:  17%

False:  40%

Pants on Fire:  19%

Only 1 in 4 of his claims carry any element of “Truth“!

76% of Donald Trumps claims prove “False“!

And this guy is running “neck and neck” against Hillary Clinton for President ! ? !

Clinton’s numbers by the way are:

True:  23%

Mostly True:  28%

Half True:  21%

Mostly False:  15%

False:  11%

Pants on Fire:  1%

Both Clinton and Trump have “Negative Favourability Ratings” in the 60% – 70% range.

They’ve got me “hooked“!

This is excellent entertainment, something that I don’t pursue often.

Fortunately this takes only about an hour of my day checking in on the “latest greatest” in the reality show “Apprentice For The Presidency” starring Donald Trump.

In Trump’s world, it is a totally ego driven, popularity contest, all about him, alleging his magical ability to “make America Great Again” based on “NO Facts“.

I read this morning that a heavy percentage of the money that he loaned his campaign (get this) has been paid to Trump owned companies, and that he booked “Mar-a-lago” (his property in Florida) for $50,000, billing the campaign (that he loaned money to at an undisclosed interest rate).

With me, most issues boil down to math, and in business that math means money!

So, Donald lends his campaign $50 Million (allegedly) (on which he has not disclosed whether there is interest or not or at what interest rate if so), and then pays companies that he owns with the loaned money, all the while boasting about being “self funding”.

At the end of the day Donald gets all of his money back, after paying a heavy portion of the loaned money to himself, plus he gets interest on all that money!

And he now pleads for donations to his campaign, so he will be able to pay himself off!

The frightening thing here is that he is running “neck and neck” in today’s polls!

If ever there was a time for someone to “step up”, the math is seriously in their favour to win the Presidency of the United States of America.

You can see (at the extreme) how easily one can grab an election in America.

The Republicans are about to, en mass, get behind Donald Trump!

There still is time to get on the ballot in all but two states.

There are so many high end supporters presently sitting on the sidelines, and such a devastating “negative view of both candidates“, that an Independent candidate, could truly make an historic run at becoming President!

This is so obvious, that you’ve got to ask yourself:  “what’s missing in this picture”?

I’m Charles



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