Donald Trump Teaching Us The Difference Between A Salesman And A Con Man


I’ve been preaching for years about the difference between a salesperson and a conperson” (political correctness restricts from using old terms like “salesman” and/or “con man“) and no-one exemplifies this minuscule threshold better than Donald Trump in his pursuits of the Presidency of the United States of America.

You see, salespeople and con people use all of the exact same tactics, tricks and techniques to win over their target or prospect.

The only discernible difference rests in the unseeable  .  .  .  .  “intent“, which relates to “integrity“.

I have no problem with professional salespeople using psychological tactics and techniques to get people to buy, (I’d have to plead guilty here myself) providing they are legitimately out to “HELP that prospect“.

Con people are using those exact same tactics and techniques to “close their sale” but they are only trying to help  . . . . . “themselves“.

With Mr. Trump, it is quite apparent that the only persons that he is really trying to help is himself.

Let’s face it . . . . he wants to be President, and his strategy to get him there includes bullying his competitors for the job, lying and generally disrupting the entire process.

And his plan has been working quite well for him so far.

I guess that says more about the American people than it even does about him.

This is a clear case of “The Ugly American coming to America“!

This week he railed against those pointing out that he has gone bankrupt four times (a fact but his corporations under his management did) with his casinos in Atlantic City while under his direct management, saying “I have never gone bankrupt“.

This from the guy who also spews out that he “can’t lie“!

The facts are that he does lie, and that he has in fact gone bankrupt (just hidden behind the corporate veil).  So his companies (that he was actively managing and overseeing) went bankrupt but he continually brags that “he has never gone bankrupt“.

It’s like “who do you want to believe, me or those lying eyes of yours“!

This lends itself totally to “character” and it is obvious that Mr. Trumps is decided lacking in this area.

It would be bad enough (I guess) to lie when painted into a corner but to constantly introduce that lie exposes the outright con job being perpetrated!

Mr. Trump’s factual track record personifies that of a con artist.

Yet even this morning as I write this I hear that even the “establishment” of the Republican party is saying that “Donald Trump could well get the 2016 Republican nomination to run for President of the United States“.


I want you all to envision Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meeting.

Wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall when he meets with the President of Mexico to fulfill his promise to the American people to have Mexico pay for his wall?

Deception“, and the use of it, is not something that is new in business, sales, politics and/or war.  It was actually portrayed by Sun Tzu as one of the highest admirable characteristics of a general.

Deception is a built-in component of condo sales in Condoland where Realtors present themselves as “VIP Priority Brokers” (despite them having just gotten their real estate license or never even having sold a property) inviting consumers to attend these phoney events where developers can dump their “dog suites” while alleging that attendance gives them “priority selection of suites at discounted prices“.

I’ve attended literally hundreds of these, after having originally invented the concept (back a decade or so as my site was generating 40,000+ “Hits” Per Day!) and the “bait and switch” is so obvious (the availability board in a Pre-Launch event is always 90% “sold” despite it allegedly being a “Pre-Launch Sales Event”).

I’ve professed for years now that in Condoland, as with Donald Trump, you must “believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see“.

Everyone of the many Realtors that I’ve trained and taught, that unsolicitedly promised me repeatedly that they “can’t lie“, have proven consistently to be pathological liars.

They have each proved to be lying to me as they are pushing this theory on me (selling me).

If there is one thing I know, it is salespeople!

I had trained over a dozen recruits to represent as trainee buyer agents but I consistently had to fire them due to their flagrant lack of integrity!

You can’t teach integrity folks!

It’s something that a person either has or does not have.

I don’t believe that it is learned in schools (I know and see a lot of highly educated unethical people), no matter how reportedly reputable (Donald Trump allegedly attended one of the best in the U.S. and look at his articulation skills which lend themselves much more closely to a “red neck” mentality that is pervasive in America).

It is the real life examples of the conduct of the people that I entrusted my clients to  that gives me such an insight into Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump, plainly stated  . . . . .  is a con man!

At least, so says the Attorney General of the State of New York in one of three major law suits against Mr. Trump that alleged “FRAUD“.

If you research Trump University you will see that thousands of people, in two “class action” law suites (as well as another by the Attorney General of NY) have sued him personally for having defrauded them out of their money.

Can any rational mind wrap itself around a man carrying this type of baggage (the cases have not been litigated but in my opinion, having read everything thoroughly, that Mr. Trump is guilty as charged) running to be President of the United States of America?

He is masterful at exploiting what on the surface are sales skills but which are actually con skills.

Mr. Tump offends me as a professional salesperson, sales manager and sales trainer.

He is actually what gives us professional salespeople a bad name.

Buyer’s remorse” is a given if America buys what Donald Trump is selling.

I’m sick and tired of watching the Press suck up to this guy to sell ads.  The media is at minimum guilty of being complicit in this game!

They don’t ask the tough questions, the perpetuate any rumour or theory so they can sell ads.  I guess it’s all “the American way” that they boast so much about.

If those masses perpetuating the Trump myth, took the time to study all of the pertinent facts around Donald Trump, those magical Poll numbers that he’s boast would plummet.

These “academics” surrounding him as challengers for the job, don’t know how to “street fight” (something I’m known for being good at – you don’t get the knick name of “King Cobra” without being notable at something) .

Mr. Trump refuses to release his school records and I believe that it is much more than privacy that is motivating his refusal (he’s also not disclosing his “audited” financial records as that would deflate much of his rhetoric).

I believe his attendance record would shock people as it has been reported that he avoided the draft on three occasions thanks to his wealthy father putting him in school.

His decidedly poor articulation skills (another reason his uneducated and uninformed followers relate to him) suggest that my theory of him not even attending could hold some merit.

And this is a man, who’s wife, under sworn under oath testimony in a deposition accused him of “raping her“.

For the record, she has recently recanted but then all she is really doing is admitting to either having committed “perjury” then or is simply lying now.

Either way, and with all the sparks around the history of Bill Clinton while President, could anyone legitimately think that issues like this could even remotely be deemed appropriate for the highest position in the land?

Donald Trump is proving a phenomena that holds the potential to literally throw global politics and relationships into chaos.

This is much bigger than a run for the nomination of the Republican Party and it’s much bigger than the impact that the outcome may have on America.

We are talking “global” here!

I’m Charles

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