Let’s Leave The Donald Trump Digression To The Americans


There is no question that the world is going through a major shift in intellectual capability.

Unfortunately that shift has become a downward spiral thanks to BREXIT and The Donald!

We are seeing a global collective “bird” being expressed all over the globe, and although it may seem trivial, I fear that it is a major intellectual shift that society at large may not ever re-adjust from.

We’ve had a couple of instances here in Canada, one where a woman in Hamilton tried to get into our Prime Minister’s (Justin Trudeau) face and threw pumpkin seeds at him.

Not a catastrophic or dangerous act, but unquestionably disrespectful, childish and definitively “Trumpian-type” conduct.

And on the same day, some jerk tried accosting Prime Minister Trudeau as he left a restaurant.

Justin actually took care of the matter himself, putting hands on the jerk’s shoulders and “stopping him in his tracks“.

One of his security detail was quick to step in and the matters was immediately resolved.

Immediately Prime Minister Trudeau “took his hands off the man and walked away“.

I’m personally a quite impressed with our Prime Minister.

I’m grateful to see him withdraw our military from a combat roll in America’s international conquests.

It is their military back conquests in the middle east that created Osama Bin Laden, ISIS, and all those branches and manifestations of them that we seek terrorizing the entire civil world.

Justin Trudeau has accepted the responsibility to lead our country and I think that he is owed the respect that I feel he deserves, and is owed it from everybody, even if you are a die hard conservative and dislike anything and everything he stands for (yet another “Trumpian” intellectual mentality in my thinking).

As I’ve said before many times here at simplycharles.com, I’ve not followed Canadian politics nearly as closely as I have American politics, having spent six months of my years there and being socially conditioned to tune into CNN (“Commercials Not News“) moreso the CBC.

And I think that gives me (as almost an outsider) sometimes a more valid perspective on issue that now that I sold my Florida residence and am planning to remain in Ontario all winter, that I see “close to home” (after all Canada is my home).

I see Canada as a whole lot more civilized than America and people like these two clowns cast a blemish on us all globally.

It is OK to disagree, just not OK to be disagreeable.

It is OK to have your own perspective on things, but respect others perspectives on those things, listen to what they have to say, discuss, challenge, exchange, but “just do it” (as Nike says) “with dignity” (to complete Nike’s line)!

We simply look like Americans, but I can assure you from having far too much time there (I’ve also lived in Hong Kong and have experienced respectful people en mass – could have something to do with Communism I guess but we can look at that at another time) that we are nothing like them.

I feel it important for us to differentiate ourselves intellectually, and that would start by the simple show of respect for one another.

I wanted to produce a television show where I just had cars driving around Toronto’s hectic streets and film the fundamental stupidity that I watch other drivers introducing to the streets, and more importantly the driver’s reactions when someone scolds them or honks their horn, flashes their lights to show displeasure.

You immediately get “the bird“!

To me this shows an attitudinal shift that is very unhealthy for society and it is definitively a reflection of the side-show that we are watching take American politics to the gutter.

Let’s not follow in that civil disintegration that comes with the Donald Trump phenomena sweeping America.

We, as a nation, are much better than that.

Hostility and physical intimidation have never resolved anything on permanent basis.

It only ever leads to more hostility and fighting.

Everyone that I see in our society seems to have a couple cars, numerous televisions and all the latest electronic gadgety  and designer wardrobes and hand bags.

We definitely have big problems in our society calling for big changes.

The one thing that should not be changed or compromised in our integrity.

Let’s show respect for those that we vote into office to lead our nation.

I’m Charles

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