It Is Not Only The Consumers Who Buy From Them That Builders ABUSE! There Always Is “Collateral Damage”!

This construction site has been an eye-sore for well over two (2) years now!

We purchased our home in December 2014 with a September 2015 scheduled Closing Date.

Our Closing was delayed a number of times without even the courtesy of a Notice that “could not Close on schedule“.

I want you to imagine being an out of town buyer selling your existing home, the closing of which you align with the scheduled Closing Date of your new home.

Having not been contacted and having the fact shared with you that the site was behind schedule nor told that your home would not be ready on schedule, you Closed on your existing home, load up the moving van and travel across the country to your new home and are shocked to discover that you new home is still a hole in the ground.

It is not a stretch to consider this happening as, after four or five delays without disclosure!

Charles’ meeting with Oakville Mayor to try and get answers to the dysfunction brought on by unethical conduct of this builder!

So, with the moving van sitting above this hole in the ground that was supposed to be your new home   . . . .   what do you do?

So you can see the unacceptable level of stress, anxiety, and discomfort that passes onto real estate buyers (clearly when dealing with Sunrise Homes) in Ontario under the Condo Act!

Now, let’s take a look at the imposition thrown onto all properties close to and/or adjacent to the site.

In this site (“Bronte Harbourside“) we’ve seen consumers who bought in good faith, lied to and manipulated (having the Subdivision Agreement consciously withheld which equates to laws being broken!) into moving into their new million dollar home amidst a full fledge construction site.

And this failure to uphold the law continues to this day with the discovery and disclosure of all the requirements under the Condo Act being so flagrantly disregarded by Sunrise Homes.

Today’s photos show you the blight and mess that Sunrise have left in its tracks for over two years now.

And not only is this manufactured blight imposed on consumers buying into this builders lies and misrepresentations, the blight is correspondingly imposed on all of the neighbours surrounding the property.

Despite the Subdivision Agreement (authority for builders to move forward) which stated the fence had to be completed (he forced buyers into occupancy over a year before the fence and postal services were installed.

unsightly 24 month view of site from neighbouring property – the simply refuse to clean up their messat “Occupancy could not occur without the fence around the exterior of the property“, Sunrise somehow manipulated things to get “Occupancy Permits” as early as fifteen months ago!  hen fence was built in January of this year (a month ago) and the builder’s mess still dominates our neighbourhood.

I want you to just consider being a neighbour overlooking this 2 year long offensive eye-sore only to now have the mess multiplied with debris irresponsibly left behind.

The ugly orange plastic fencing that remains to this day despite the wood fence having been completed (unprofessionally in many areas I might ad) by an inexperienced carpenter company that was hired to do interiors, was given the contract (I know this as I observed them struggling to figure out what to do and how to do it – along with having bought all new tools).

This clown, working on the fences saw it appropriate to steal each home owners electricity and when confronted about it instantly became rude and offensive.

So, I guess this is what we consumers are supposed to expect when buying million dollar houses?!?

the fence was completed over a month ago and neighbours still see this mess!

We are weeding through all of the misrepresentations and incomplete obligations of the builder to the owners with considerable concern as they apparently, despite representations confirming having complied with all applicable laws regarding obligations under the Condo Act, this builder fulfilled just about nothing required of them under law.

Their site supervisor has proven an absolute coward refusing to return to my house (for example – but I’m not the only owner) and face me because of all his lies and dishonoured promises made to us.

And now yesterday, while trying to arrange to have trees planted in our back yard to cover up an unsightly illuminated sign out back, my wife exchanges emails with this pathetic new (inexperienced in the industry) office manager at Sunrise Homes once again spewing off dysfunctional logic and distortions somehow comprehending that Sunrise retains control over our “Private” property!

Another owner had confronted this woman describing her as a B##!h, according to Sunrise’s Office Manager (whom I’m amazed can even “manage” to find her office let alone manage a construction company), which rhymes with “witch” which this person appears to live up to quite comfortably!

So, this is the mess that Sunrise calls our “community” and when doing due diligence one finds on the home page of their web site descriptions such as:  “When it comes to new home construction Sunrise Homes is as close as you can get to a custom home builder” and “Our moderate size works for our new home purchasers because they get individualized attention to detail and highest quality assurance“.

Now, I’ve got to ask you, does this mess that has existed for two years now and remains ongoing today, even remotely suggest “integrity” in these words or on this web site.

Look closer and you will see the constant contradictions and outright lies forming the substance of this web site.

You could not get a single buyer in this collection of 18 homes that has much good to say about this builder.

I can tell you that they are not the worst builder/developer that I’ve seen in my going on five decades in Condoland but they certainly qualify as this year’s Poster Child” forscamming buyers“!

The COO and CEO of Sunrise have consistently proven willing to back-date legal documents to substantiate his repeated lies (the COO asked me to “back-date a false document for him to use in court“)!

They fly the flag of Tarion on their home page but obviously their track record shows clearly that they use Tarion and the Condo Act as simply another tool to mislead and exploit unsuspecting purchasers.

They Claimed (falsely) to Tarion for example, that delays in completing this small collection of homes “were caused by Union strikes” when they weren’t even using “union workers“!

Their site supervisor (probably about the only honest thing that he told us) made it clear to me that he is not in a union, nor was Jason (the only credible guy that we came across in Sunrise and he was an independent contractor who finally “walked-off the job so offended by these guys) Erick and/or Pablo the workers on site.

No union workers but a formal notification to owners under Tarion implementing delays when it was not even a union site!

I confirmed repeatedly with the COO of Sunrise upon learning that the site was “Registered” even before anything else was on site (it was registered prior to my purchasing despite that fact not being disclosed and a totally camouflage exchange of documents – a serious violation of law – this proves one of COO’s few strong suits), that HE HAD BEEN PRESCRIBING TO TARION REQUIREMENT FOR HIM TO ADVANCE THE MAINTENANCE FEES OF ALL 18 HOMES!

Of course, like with almost everything the COO, CEO, and site supervisor have represented to buyers HE WAS LYING! 

Testimony voluntarily offered at our first director’s meeting by the property manager stated that he advanced “NO MONEY” at all, despite it being required under the condo Act.

We, as a new board of directors are weeding through all of their lies and misrepresentations now, struggling to get honest answers and accounting, to identify legal remedies and alternatives.

Our new board is trying to right the ship as it has become and is becoming even more obvious that Sunrise Homes, its directors, employees are incompetent, dishonest, unethical and guilt of perpetrating a Fraud on each owner to whom they drew into this mess.

Stay tuned as this mess plays out.

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