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I’m Simply Respectfully Informing All Canadians That Our Integrity Is Being Stolen

I’ve watched the horrors taking place in America and can assure you that Justice Refused will show you that the same horrors are well and doing just fine up here in Canada.

How do I know this? The answer is simple : “because I’ve lived it since retiring in Oakville Ontario“. And it’s not just Oakville but Halton in which Oakville sits.

I discussed the Mayor’s dereliction of duty and his Chief of Staff’s propensity to lie to constituents when dirty deeds have to be covered up.

But what about the boss Crown Attorney (known as “Deputy Crown Attorney” throwing out without having read any on the Complaint, a legitimate complaint of outrageous corruption by a lawyer submitting intentionally false and fabricated charges against innocent parties to simply perpetuate the “ILLUSION” of owning one of those multi-million dollar Lakeshore homes.

Yes, all of this … all the abuse, the bullying and intimidation and the outright physical assaults (caught on camera) the lying lawyers supporting the corrupt scheme of this one dysfunctional and highly corrupt lawyer, and what about the Justices accepting such ridiculous and obvious false sworn statements (crimes, crimes, and more crimes).

And then we have to take a serious look at that same Justice who must have been self-medicating on the day that the false sworn statements were presented to her and accepted by her!

And then to attend a Hearing in Court overseen by this very same Justice and have the assigned Crown Attorney admit on the record to not having read any of the evidence but supporting the dysfunctional Justice’s efforts to push the innocent defendant into accepting a Peace Bond (permanent blemish on one’s criminal record), as already successfully gotten away with with the Builder’s site supervisor!

And to have this offending corrupt individual masquerading as a reputable lawyer while lying to the court swearing to the court false allegations that the target of all their fury had “opened a business across the hall from her ‘Bay Street Law Practice‘” when she’s actually a stay-at-home-mom renting an “Identity Package” in a service bureau that has no offices at all, to me just takes it all just too far!

Then, the really threatening reality sets in! The corrupt lawyer recruits another corrupt owner in our small community who was willing to back-up the corrupt lawyer’s false police reports and criminal court actions serving as a witness serves as a good example on how this type of corruption spreads.

The absolute most worrisome conduct by both this lying witness and the corrupt lawyer is seen in them both building their own children into the scams and schemes going as far as to have them submit written false statements to support their corrupt court actions and serve as their “evidence” naming innocent people of having committed crimes including sexual deviancy targeting these very same children is just so far over the top that it should stop us all in our tracks.

The truly stunning this here is that all of this was undertaken for this one super aggressive criminal whom I say is masquerading as a lawyer (she does have a law degree but she uses it as a weapon on exploitation and intimidation to exploit others) is the extreme lengths she has gone over absolutely nothing (she is so legally incompetent that she thought she could just ask the municipal government to cancel our condominium designation and take over our ownership of our private street and community of just 18 homes).

Wouldn’t a competent lawyer know better or at least read the mass of detailed legal information called the Condominium Act.

Then, after nicely trying to mislead the volunteer board of directors to do what simply cannot be done, which was to “dissolve the condo corporation” she then concluded to harass all three board members in an dysfunctional attempt to have them resign and thereby no longer have quorum (obviously unaware that the board could just recruit new board members – duh!) she then escalated her personal attacks swearing out numerous false Complains against her innocent targets alleging that the president of the board was “stalking her” and emphasizing falsely that he is a “racist challenge her a chimpanzee in front of her children“.

Now, I’m not angry with this poor soul who’s aspirations as a lawyer blew up in her face when she tried to become a personal injury lawyer. These days she simply sits home scheming ways to apply her knowledge to bullying and intimidating her targets into financial settlements on her threatened law suits against them.

When I first met her as I attended my under construction new home (she would show up every time we arrived barging into our construction site asking about all the upgrades we were putting into our home with “is that an upgrade? (the easy answer was always ‘of course‘!

So, I understand that she simply threatened law suits against the builder and settled for tens of thousands of dollars in upgrades without cost to her. I held no sympathy for the builder as he had already proven as corrupt or possibly mores corrupt that her.

Then she sprang a very rare legal maneuver on the builder in the form of an Ex Parte Motion seeking over $650,000.00 in damages.

And when she couldn’t make any headway she elevated her attacks again, this time using another very rare legal maneuver called “Private Criminal Prosecutions” that ended up bring four (4) different Criminal Summons’ while at the same time bombarding the only other still standing volunteer board member with emails to his employer falsely alleging that he was involved in matters carrying “$500,000.00 in damages being sought” (totally false).

The harassment of board member continued for two years before she finally accepted the fact that “dissolving the condo corporation” was something that simply could not be achieved. I’m still a little confused as to why it took her two full years to accept the facts I shared with her on day one, which so clearly that she didn’t know what she was talking about or fighting for.

None of her five (5) in total false Private Criminal Prosecutions went anywhere but she never expected them to go anywhere. They were all simply harassment to get volunteers to quit under the misguided goal of destroying the corporation and community.

There is absolutely no room for doubt about what her agenda was all about but she was like the “Teflon Don” as she was reported top absolutely every civic institution including the Mayor’s office, the Halton Police, The Crown Attorney’s office, each crown handling each of her false sworn criminal Complaints right up to the Attorney General of the Province of Ontario.

And when her published sworn allegations of being “personally stalked by the board president” didn’t allow her to achieve her goals, she simply elevated the drama, now claiming that the president was “stalking her children”.

But Justice Refused isn’t even about this tragic soul whom has nothing better to do. You will be amazed when reading Justice Refused to see how much idol time this tragic soul has on her hands.

I’m still hoping that she seeks and can get professional help as Justice Refused shows her to be a very troubled individual with an absolute lack of personal or professional integrity.

I’ve invested inordinate amounts of time, energy and money to deliver this vital message to you, not because I’m hostile towards these tragic souls (her main conspirators are the Mayor, her best friend who is another lawyer, another home owner who bought intending to break the rules about running a contracting business out of these ‘single family homes, that owners#2’s corrupt lawyer, and our property manager’ most of whom are a topic for other ebooks in this Condoland Series).

So, I’ve set out to fix this dysfunction. That’s really what I’m known for … fixing problems. That’s what a real professional salesperson does, they “help people” and I’m asking you all to join me and/or become a people helper in ridding our country of this scourge.

We’ve just watched what lies have done to America and the North American media in general.

There is absolutely no excuse that could come close to rationalizing or accepting this abhorrent self-destructive conduct by civil servants, servants of the courts, municipal officials or anyone else for that matter.

There still is room in my world and my Canada for basic morals, ethics and values. The offenders exposed in Justice Refused have shown themselves void of each fundamental characteristic.

I’ve written Justice Refused (and am just completing So Sayeth The Law, and Crisis in Condoland) not for self-aggrandizement or acclaim.

I see contributing to fixing the systemic corruption that I’ve discovered in our municipal government, courts and even oversight bodies of these institutions and their members as my civic duty.

It will cost millions to wake these people and institutions up! I’m happy to spearhead this major restorative project but not to finance it alone. Justice Refused delivers all the details all supported by hard copy evidence required for this to easily be fixed, but no-one in power has shown any interest in fixing something that they don’t want to admit is broken.

We “little people“, individuals that actually care about integrity, who like me are proud to be Canadians who are known around the globe as people of integrity.

We are a country of laws and laws have been systemically broken here in what has proven a conspiracy orchestrated by one person (successfully thanks to these very institutions) with a law degree to materially benefit from a theft of a major asset, to materialize an illusion by a seriously disillusioned individual.

PS – the “ILLUSION” is simply the bragging rights of owning a Lakeshore Road residence to further a false presentation of being a successful lawyer enhanced with false claims of having a “Bay Street Law Firm” (a lie sworn out is court documents and repeated in numerous court transcripts).

It’s all in Justice Refused and the upcoming ebooks in the Condoland Series are sure to shock you!

The purchase of your ebook will finance 100% of all costs required to fix this and I’ll do the tough slugging.

If you feel like I feel about people compromising the integrity of our country and court systems please consider becoming a “Founder” of the Foundation for Consumer Protection, contributing $100 today.

In return you will receive all 5 ebooks in the Condoland Series FREE and having your name published in the 4 remaining ebooks identifying you as someone who stood up and did something to save this deteriorating situation. Check out and you’ll see a whole bunch more benefits for supporting this worthwhile cause.

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