I’ve written about this topic in the past and I am doing so again because I believe it to be one of the most flagrant forms of “negative social conditioning” out there!

Advertising seems innocuous at first glance.  Hey, aren’t they just making available information about products that we need in our everyday lives?

If you believe that modern advertising methods and methodologies are “just fine“, then I might suggest to you that there is at least the appearance that it’s already “got you“!

Integrity based journalism went out the window with the evolution of advertising (if there ever was integrity in journalism).

You see, everything in North America is about money!

Philosophy teaches that there are only really three stories and everything else is “plagiarism“.

Well, in North America (the plague started in America but has spread to Canada and become an epidemic) Advertising dominates.

I watch people in their cars listening to commercial radio.

When they arrive home the click on 24 hour cable news, or tune into some sporting event.

Magazines carry more advertising than commentary these days and newspapers forfeited their integrity long ago.

Condoland (whether in Toronto or anywhere in North America that I travel to) has manifested itself on the back of and with the support of media advertising.

I’ve done a number of television appearances in supposed journalistic approaches to the problems in Condoland, one of which was a full hour documentary produced by CBC (“Canadian Broadcasting Corp” – publicly owned national broadcaster) that allegedly was to focus on how the consumer gets short changed when entering Condoland and throughout their stay here.

I contributed numerous hours to their production, for which I received no compensation, sharing the nitty gritty “insider” stuff with their field producers only to end up after the final edit seeing such a wash out of meaningful information thanks to their in-house lawyers removing anything that in their opinion might appear controversial.

Well ladies and gentlemen, and investors all over the world, the mess that is Condoland IS controversial especially when you understand that it is you, the individual consumer, who is paying for absolutely everything.

CBC’s lawyers concern about controversy is moreso a fear of developers not buying commercials than is it genuinely about the broadcaster being sued.

And isn’t it the actual purpose of our Government to insure that meaningful information about any topic that could hurt consumers gets distributed to as many Canadians as possible?

I used to give interviews to the local newspapers but gave that up as they would consistently edit out anything not complementary about developers or the product itself as it “would turn off advertisers“.

I’m one of the early “cord cutters” having thrown commercial television out of my home years and years ago having given up on commercial radio long before that.

So as a society, we have been socially conditioned to keep that “channel open” (which is any cable access devise)  to the constant feed of “behavioural shaping messages“, that advertisers have spent millions the find the best way to present

I was bored last winter sitting in Florida so I turned into commercial cable vision to see what type of social condition was popular these days and within an couple hours I came across a list (“Cymbalta” for muscle pain, “Intermezzo” for sleep, “Dulera” for Asthma, “Androgel” for low testosterone, “Xarelto” a blood thiner, “Stelara” for clean skin, “Advare” for breathing, “Humera” for joint pain, “Lyrica” for pain in general, numerous weight loss chemicals, chemicals to stop smoking, chemical to lose weight, etc.) of pharmaceutical companies hawking their chemical drugs with the Government required warnings that each (EACH) warned of “suicidal or homicidal tendencies and a list of other side affects“!

I can only imagine the numbers of people ingesting daily cocktails of these lethal chemicals!


And then you realize that many of these people, who are doing these cocktails daily, are smoking their cigarettes at every opportunity, stopping for that cocktail after work and having “a few Koolaids when you get home” after dinner, that came out of a box laden with chemicals to preserve whatever it is that they are making look like food.

And then there’s advertising for contributions for cancer research!

There’s advertising for hospitals.

There’s obviously advertising for getting sick (all those packaged foods, sugar drinks and snacks, beer, etc.)

There’s a huge advertising campaigns selling chemicals to help with your chemical dependency or to quit other chemical habits.

There’s chemicals to take off weight and chemicals to put it on.

There are chemicals for sex and for sleeping and for waking up.

I don’t take as much as a head ache pill!

There’s a huge market in illegal chemicals (LSD, Extasy, Cocaine, Chrystal Meth, etc.) and then there are chemicals to wean addicts off of the illegal chemicals.

It’s no wonder that we are confused as a species because we have not been socially conditioned to seek out the truth about what all these chemicals do to our physiology let alone of intellectual capabilities.

In Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” it was called SOMA.  Our soma is either all these chemicals themselves or the advertising that proliferates them.

Today it’s called “pharma“, one of the biggest money institutions of the world!

Everybody is hooked.

Governments struggle to make chemical meds affordable and available to everyone and will even support you in getting them if you can’t afford them.

So, for how many generations have we been chemically polluting ourselves?

For how many more generations will we continue, and what is the likelihood that we will ever influence or societies to change?

The latest development in my efforts to stop the social programming from that continued background noise of advertising is seen on the Internet.

Today, ads had simply ruined my experience on line.

For those of you old enough to remember, like me, do you remember when cable television came along?

Prior to that, we had commercial television and cable was introduced to free us from “commercials“.

That was to sole logic for paying for television as the old version was free having been paid for by the advertisers.

Today, you have to hook up to a cable, even if you don’t want commercial television or  radio because you need Internet.

So a company (Bell or Rodgers in Condoland) contracts with you for upwards of $100/month.  Imagine the monthly income in Condoland alone from $100/unit x hundreds of condo developments!

But that’s just “chump change” when you realize that they use you and everyone like you to cost justify to potential advertisers selling them big buck advertising.

And who gets the short end of the stick.  Right you are!  You and I, the average consumer!

Now, I don’t smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat junk food, drink sugar drinks, touch anything with sugar or refined flour or derivatives of same, I don’t do over the counter or prescription drugs nor do I apply any chemicals to or into my body and I am in exceptional health!

And did I tell you, I don’t tolerate advertising.  Do you think there’s a connection?

I’m Charles


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