I Just Can’t Believe How Downright “Uninformed” So Many “Educated” People (you kind of expect uneducated people to be uninformed) Apparently Prefer To Be


I’ve clearly stated many, many times here on simplycharles.com, that I regret not having gotten a proper education and especially that I know just how fortunate that I have been to stumble into selling condos for a living almost four decades ago and ending up (not by “education” buy by actually being there) one of a very few “industry-knowledgeable” people in Toronto’s Condoland.

You see I am consistently disappointed when I see all these highly educated people (like Donald Trump boasts about being “so highly educated” although he has never shown us his grades or attendance record at Wharton School – I believe that “daddy bought attendance at that school for Donald to dodge the draft“) consistently being so far off the mark, (I have fought with far too many highly educated lawyers to think that “integrity” plays any roll in their game, and met far too many doctors who are visibly unhealthy, accountants who steal, politicians that lie, wow the list does go on!).

Today I want to reflect on the intellectually unfathomable situation that “the world’s largest economy and self-proclaimed super-power” finds itself in today.

For years in Condoland I have preached to consumers “to unite” but, just like we see in America, the masses seem committed to “going it alone“!

I’m confident that you’ve heard the phrase “there is strength in numbers“, and if you think developers and/or builders would be able to get away with a fraction of the outrageous crap that they dish out to consumers, you simply don’t understand the “game” that is being played (a game perfected over decades of experience on the developer’s part).

Do you think that prices would almost triple in a decade if consumers actually united and collectively negotiated through a professional?

Most of these increases simply deliver more money to the participants (developers, Municipalities, builders, lawyers, etc.) all of which comes from the consumer!

Let’s apply the same logic of assembling a “united consumers group that ‘bulk buys’ into condo offerings by developers but are able to negotiate on price, finishes, contracts” to the political arena (I use sporting terms as most things in life consistently prove to be “games“) in America.

I can tell you that Condoland is a game, clearly set out in CBC’s documentary “The Condo Game” .  The only one that doesn’t know it is, by design, the consumer.

I’m not going to drag out this blog, going over the many, many observable reasons why I would say that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are equally as bad for America, and just how easy I see “making things right in America“.

Just like in Condoland, all you need to fix America (and Condoland) is for consumers to “take control“!

Form a consumer’s group or voting block immediately and use the “power of numbers” to level the playing field.

Have that voting block of America voters demand that either both of these “would-be Leaders of the Free World” (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) have to submit “full disclosure” on everything relevant in their history, that the voting group submits (including but not limited to Donald’s attendance records at Wharton, his Income Tax Records, etc.; and Hillary’s speeches transcripts, emails, etc.).

All of this material is in their immediate possession and both have been playing bobble head when delivery of everything/anything is requested.

Should these two people, who are aspiring to be hired for the top job in the world, and thereby even “have control of the military’s nuclear codes” be able to get the job with so much controversy and uncertainty about their “integrity, experience, expertise, honesty, etc.“?

Man!  This would surely take a serious bite out the 24 Hour News Cycle and all that advertising-driven propaganda masquerading as news!

There you go America!  A simple fix!

Donald and Hillary, we the People do hereby demand that you BOTH submit, immediately and without further delay the following documents with five business days OR withdraw from the race and have each party name your successor in this election” (and then list everything presently being withheld)!

Hillary has said that she would deliver the transcripts “if everyone else does” and the only “everyone else” in this race is Donald so “if he does she has already agreed” and she has already given up her tax returns!

Hey, were half way there!

I don’t see the problem here.

We’ve got highly educated Supreme Court judges, highly educated lawyers, highly educated politicians in the House and Senate (tons of them at outrageous pay cheques and life time retirement incomes), yet they can’t figure out the fundamentals of “full disclosure“.

Should the American way of life rest on a “Popularity Contest of the two most disliked candidates in the country“?

We the people” as the American Constitution states, means ALL THE PEOPLE of America, and the provable majority of them are being doomed and shortchanged here.

The solution is painfully obvious yet the entire commercial mechanism is set up for all the grandstanding, rhetoric, gamesmanship and outright deceit, that IS North American politics, and business today!

I’m Charles

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