I Believe That We Are Watching The Total Failure of America’s Democracy. And Canada Is Right There, As Usual, Copying Them

I’ve written before expressing my indignation over Canada’s disturbing fixation on emulating Americans instead of realizing our unique Canadian characteristic being substantially more impressive than the American way of life.

My hope is that there are enough conscientious, proud Canadians around to help me make sure we don’t chase the Americans down that same or a similar toilet bowl that they have introduced their politics and daily lives to.

In its day Rome was impressive yet it destroyed itself from the inside so it is not out of the realm of possibility that America could do the same.

Surely there is enough conscientious Canadians around to insure the proper steps are taken up hear to insure a much brighter potential future for our great nation.

I must confess feeling a lot like that biblical character David who managed to slay Goliath but I’m not relying on a God to pull me through.

I’m betting on down to earth Canadians standing up with me to fix a very broken Canadian democracy where our courts of law are seen being manipulated with cons with law degrees who are sufficiently aware of the dysfunctional state of our Justice System that they commit crimes right out in the open or you can believe that the end is near for Canada as well!

I’ve just written the first of four (possibly five) ebooks that could convince even the most skeptical observer that our entire legal system is serious flawed and quite frankly an embarrassment and if something is not done right away, I fear that our once great nation is about to collapse.

Since retiring I’ve been blessed to be persecuted by an emotionally and ethically out of control licensed lawyer who observably must have graduated at the bottom of her class but whom has still been unacceptably successful in manipulating our laws through the use of relatively obscure legal maneuvers sited by one defence attorney answering to one of her such manipulations against the builder using a rare “Ex Parte Motion seeking $850,000.00” as “exploitive in nature” by this alleged lawyer.

What we’ve seen take place in America since their 2020 elections is shameful and I believe that I know what the cause and cure are.

The cause of all this chaos is that “Lying” gained social acceptance somehow along the way. This wasn’t the case when I was young as back then if one was caught in a lie they were cast out. Today lying is a badge of honour in politics!

But lying is simply a symptom of a much more scary disease. The disease is brought on by a system of democracy that retains absolutely no “oversight” or “consequences”.

Democracy is an ideal and in an ideal world everything just somehow is expected to work out. This American plague has infiltrated Canada and what is going on in America these days can be literally mirrored to what is going on up here in the True North.

I don’t want to jump into American politics as I’m not an America but I am a citizen of the world and the harm that America has unleashed into the world is of no small consequence.

In my recent ebook is, in my personal opinion, a “must read” for all Canadians as a foundation for a movement to hopefully introduce some level of acceptable consumer protection into Canada).

In Justice Refused you will see a fully documented investigation into the systemic exploitation of Canadian consumers executed right out in the open with impunity!

This lawyer used her legal knowledge to pummel the builder with legal threats and unique legal maneuvers such as the Ex Parte Motion mentioned above and then settled. She sued him and settled for major “upgrades” (I’m betting not declared on Income Tax Return) to the home she purchased like having him remove the stipple ceilings on the entire upper level and giving her smooth ceilings (a major cost) and then threatened him again and settled with him cutting a new window into a stone exterior wall that was not stipulated anywhere in documents (very very expensive upgrade).

She also used another exceptionally rare legal maneuver called “Private Criminal Prosecutions” (numerous lawyers that I asked about these, couldn’t even tell me what they were) against the builder’s second site supervisor after the first literally moved out of Oakville due to her harassment.

Private Criminal Prosecutions“, I’ve learned after having her swear out three (3) additional Criminal Summons’ against me (President of the Condo Corporation), one (1) against the Secretary Treasurer, and having one of her alleged (false) “Witnesses” to her second false Criminal Summons, swear out another against the board president.

Now, this mockery of justice just staggers me, first that they even exist and second the courts’ inability to spot a con when it is standing before them.

I’ll quote Ontario’s Criminal Statute 140  “Public Mischief”

(1) Every one commits public mischief who, with intent to mislead, causes a peace officer to enter on or continue an investigation by

  • (a) making a false statement that accuses some other person of having committed an offence;
  • (b) doing anything intended to cause some other person to be suspected of having committed an offence that the other person has not committed, or to divert suspicion from himself;
  • (c) reporting that an offence has been committed when it has not been committed; 

Common sense suggests that it is abundantly clear that each time this woman attended the court house, met with a sitting Justice and swore out a Private Criminal Prosecution they were committing a Criminal Offense.

Justice Refused shows all these actual Criminal Summons’, with each one “stayed (thrown out) due to no reasonable chance of success due to the existence of no evidence other than complainant’s word“. Admittedly they were never designed to end up in court . . . . . just to harass their targets.

This lawyer therefore is guilty on four criminal counts against me and another against the second site superintendent.

I don’t want to get bogged down at this point as there’s over two dozen false police complaints that required an investigation to be opened again, meeting the threshold for Public Mischief (the word mischief sounds innocuous but Public Mischief is punishable with jail!

As vile an individual as this person has shown themself, it is not this person or her supportive husband or even the other supporters that she managed to recruit and swear onto her fabricated Criminal Complaints that I want us to focus on here as these “criminals” (one who commits crimes) really are more common that one would think.

I’ve not included there names because quite honestly I feel much more sorry for these people than I do animosity toward them. These are very sick, disturbed people who simply lack integrity, ethics and morals. I sincerely hope that they seek medical/psychological help as their crimes are much more egregious when you learn that this lawyer has resorted to public false claims of pedophilia against her young impressionable daughters AND ACTIVELY USING THEM IN STAGING FALSE EVENTS, (please take a moment and reflect on this) that have ultimately gotten her the results she was looking for.

Let me tell you when you have one mother lying to police and the courts laying false Private Criminal Prosecutions in Criminal Courts, falsely alleging that you are a “pervert” and “pedophile” and she has an unrelated witness willing to supply false testimonial evidence to support her false sworn allegations, no defendant has a chance! This is how organized this lawyer/mother has proven to be. Please reflect on how extremely corrupt this is for a few minutes! And replace our volunteer board members with you having volunteered.

Now have both the lawyer’s daughters and her false witnesses daughter, actively involved in staging false events to further harass the board with them bearing false witness to support their parent’s false testimony and you will see the ONLY real problem that I’ve had with all of this. I see this parental roll model conduct as outright “Child Abuse” but once again, no-one will or wants to listen to the facts.

Immediately when this lawyer launched her assault against the board of directors her flawed strategy was to chase away all volunteer board members from sitting on or remaining on the board rendering it without Quorum thus, in her distorted and ill-informed mind, qualifying the condo corporation to be “Dissolved” (no condo corporation in Canada has every been dissolved as it equates to bankruptcy and with so many shareholders that condo corporation simply never have as each owner is liable.

All evidence necessary is included in Justice Refused interactively and on demand.

When the board president outmaneuvered them by recruiting a replacement board member when two of the three became so fearful that they could not control themselves) as prescribed in the Condo Act and operating with just two board members (the entire community was so fearful of this small group of Anarchists that no-one else would volunteer to sit as board members).

We even say this lawyer, knowing the secretary treasurer had a heart condition, send a Process Server to her door with her arrears cheques leading to the board member admitting to “almost having a heart attack”! What kind of person does this?

And the replacement board member (the only owner willing to stand up to the abuse these individuals felt justified were casting at them to do what simply could not be done which was to “dissolve the condo corporation and have the Town Government take over the street“) had his employer in America harassed with emails suggesting “impropriety as a sitting board member and some non-existent law suit for $500,000.00“.

This ebook Series (of which Justice Refused is the first and is now available) addresses not the unacceptable and unlawful conduct of this handful of corrupt owners but the civic institutions that failed to observe the obvious and protect innocent consumers.

They bought this con’s lies hook line and sinker, and we as Canadians simply cannot have our courts of law so seriously compromised as to accept the seriously flawed and childish lies presented to them.

I immediately researched the Internet looking for the governing body overseeing lawyers and discovered The Law Society of Upper Canada, a serious sounding entity who web site strongly emphasized its integrity and oversight of lawyers and seeking Complaints.

Tragically the Law Society of Upper Canada proved itself a hindrance to consumer protection by serving as a Nation Inquirer look alike “Catch & Kill” Agency.

If Justice Refused blows you away (as it still does me) “So Sayeth The Law” will blow your mind while “Crisis In Condoland” (the original book I intended to write) will expose to you the Greatest Pyramid Scheme the Canada has ever seen!

I’m asking every conscientious Canadian that comes across this blog site and its publications to “share” this book and help motivate all your contacts to read it. This will result in a major voice for Canadian consumers and a public voice is about the ONLY weapon that cons cannot deal with.

I’m building a million dollar Legal Defense Fund (as their only defence is to drag it all into court thus shutting me up) by writing these ebooks and selling them.

Going forward I’ll be there to help others caught up in similar situations. You really don’t think that one con in one condo community is the root of these problems for Canadian consumers do you?

I don’t believe in litigation (I do believe in a vigorous defence when all these flaky lawyers attack me and have done well over my decades as a truth teller regarding developers trying to rip off consumers and specifically my buyer agency clients. I’ve been threatened with serious law suits dozens of times and never lost a battle. I can’t say I’ve won as in courts there are no winners.

Instead of litigation I prefer to make offenders “famous“. When fighting with high priced developer lawyers and developers my best line was always “I’ll make you famous“.

These high priced lawyers always come lying at me while threatening to sue for liable which usually gets everyone bumping into each other around me.

I’ve consistently survived their attacks by right up front agreeing to take down whatever it is that they are alleging to be libelous upon receipt of their “specificity as to what material they are alleging to be libelous“. I have to confess that an uneducated guy like me fighting with highly educated and highly paid professional litigators is not for the weak of heart but I actually enjoy it because I know I haven’t published anything untruthful and this my friends is the ultimate defence in a liable case.

That’s all for today. I’m asking everyone that reads these blogs to “Share” them with as many Canadians as you can. The remaining ebooks are well under way with regards to writing but we’ve got to raise money to defend against their frivolous law suits and undertake legitimate efforts to have each offending party, from Justices through Attorney General to Mayor and Counsel.

In this matter, all are equally as guilty.

I need your help to fix this and your $10 investment and all that I’m asking you to do plus promote this as much as you can emphasizing that it must be read (“informed”). When all Canadians have become informed we will be on track to having our old Canada back!

I’m Charles

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