How This Ontario Condo Corporation (“Government”) Was Hijacked By One Morally Bankrupt Lawyer Willing To LIE UNDER OATH … And The Courts That Couldn’t Even See It – (Part I)

The most frightening thing introduced in Justice Refused is it was so easy for this one school yard bully with a law degree, to con two police investigations, 4 different Justices in our courts of law, one Deputy Crown Attorney (“boss crown”) and a number of subordinate Crown Attorneys, over a dozen lawyers, as well as the Law Society of Upper Canada (allegedly the Regulator of Ontario lawyers conduct), the Attorney General, all by simply fabricating childish stories about innocent people and swearing out a literal plethora of pre-meditated lies. All in order to achieve what, at best, can be identified as serious flawed plans to create the illusion of owning an expensive home.

But wait a minute you say! “Isn’t doing that a crime”?

The answer is quite simply a resounding … “yes”.

Yet, this constantly self-promoting “highly educated lawyer” is repeatedly caught, knowingly falsely swearing out (“under oath”) lies while representing them in her professional capacity as a lawyer as truthful, which according to Ontario the Criminal Code constitutes the Crimes of Perjury, Public Mischief, and Criminal Harassment.

This lawyer originally contacted me about one of my blogs pointing at an inept builder that I had purchased a home pre-construction home from coincidentally in the same small collection of 18 Lots in Oakville.  And when construction started on my home and I had to wrestle supervision of construction of it due his is observable lack of knowledge away from this inept builder to do it myself, (something that no reputable developer would allow) she later became a frequent uninvited guest (intruder) each time my wife and I attended our home during the construction phase.

Her house, strangely situated right at the sidewalk of Lakeshore Rd. (there was only 2 built when I returned from wintering in Florida so why would someone select a home on a very noisy and busy major street when there was a dozen and a half other lots for sale?). The altered universe logic presented it shortly thereafter.

She had already occupied her POTL and was upset with the builder and didn’t realize that “Occupancy” actually contradiction to Town’s contract (“Subdivision Agreement”) and much like a rooster kept crowing at me about “catching the Town Officials taking kickbacks”.

Now, I make a habit of not biting onto or at rumors. But with still a popular website as a consumer protection blogger her allegations did peak my interest although my radar pinged incessantly about her from the moment I met her.

I’ve blogged about growing up on the street as a juvenile delinquent which ultimately led me to a career as a totally uneducated entrepreneur (there was little else) hustling creative business ideas and making them into realities was my stock in trade and that required living amongst cons.

Lacking in academic credentials you reside in a somewhat altered universe or at least that’s what we’ve been socially conditioned to believe. And so, I can pick out a con from afar. I simply avoid interaction with them but I have to confess at least some amusement and even admiration of some of them as at least they’re out trying to make their own way. I always hope for the underdog. It didn’t take long for me to politely asked this lawyer to not involve me in any correspondence having caught her using one of my blogs out of context as evidence in a very rare court filing called an Ex Parte Motion (most of the dozen lawyers I asked about this knew nothing about them). In this “manipulated side-step” as the defendant’s lawyers called it, she included itemized “Damages” she was seeking in the area of Three Quarter of a Million Dollars (about the equivalent of the average mortgage an average owner would have at this price point). Now that’s a great way to buy real estate ($1,000,000 with 20% down and 80% “Damages”).

What led to me politely cutting off interaction with her was my realization that she must of had some kind of a Scheme or Plan that I really didn’t want to know the details of, but as it represents a major investment I had no choice. She showed an outright hatred of and contempt for condominiums as investments and condominium living as a lifestyle. She representing herself as her own lawyer in her purchase into this condo (obviously missing that the POTL was already “Registered” and missing key Tarion requirements as a purchaser). This should tell you something about her as a professional!

She then started bombarding the board of directors with harsh, intimidating “legal sounding emails” threatening personal law suits against them, using a polite introductory email from the newly formed volunteer board notifying owners that the Condo Act required common element fees owed had not been collected by the builder prior to the Turn Over of the community to the Owners requesting each owner to bring their arrears up to date. 

Two weeks after the volunteer board accepted the responsibility to run the condo corporation the board received a very strong legal sounding email from her saying: “paying common element fees would be a perversion of justice”.

Now, even an inexperienced administrator at any condo sales site would tell her that “paying common element fees” could not be “a perversion of justice” as Section 84 of the Condo Act sums it all up in two words “No Avoidance”. You don’t need a law degree to know that when you see black letter law presented in two words just how ill-informed or uninformed this lawyer is. What I’ve found is that most lawyers are in Condoland.

As usual the “Turn Over” of the corporation from the builder (who originally sat as Board President) was a literal mess. He hadn’t fulfilled his obligation set out in the Condo Act, for running the corporation, collecting common element fees, and had actually imposed occupancy on a couple owners (including this lawyer) against the terms of the Subdivision Agreement, something he could not have done without the municipal government’s authorization (it was their subdivision agreement).

The true guilt here rests squarely on the shoulders of the Mayor of Oakville and his Chief of Staff who have been caught in so many lies that they literally are left with no credibility whatsoever. Not only does the evidence show that the Mayor knowingly supported this corrupt lawyer’s efforts he actually is seen conspiring with her and her group of fellow anarchists to break the law, specifically by ignoring the Disclosure Packages attached to and forming a part of their Purchase and Sale Agreement.

In the end both builders involved slinked away while shortchanging our corporation and community (of their clients) which again is against the law but remediable only through civil court, which the developers whom just picked up multi-millions are always ready to throw money at to bury. These all things that the money raised through this ebook series will be used to fix. Condoland itself doesn’t even know it has a problem.

This is all scheduled to be dealt with in a future ebook in this series. I’ve been told that “this is a million dollar if not multi-million dollar undertaking” and that’s why no other way will do. Consumers have got to self-finance this or it simply will never be addressed. This is what your Cdn$20 (tax included) contribution pays for! We simply have to sell 50,000 books!

Is there 50,000 conscientious Canadians out there willing to stand up with me? There were only a couple in the community that would stand up at all and he and I took our lumps for it. Fear is a powerful motivator and the single most significant element in the success they’ve had in destroying this community has been “uninformed owners giving away their votes while not taking the time to learn why someone was asking for their Proxi”.

As long as constituents of any government are willing to tolerate corruption, even in response to intimidation and/or bullying, they are forfeiting their rights and personal integrity.

Just two weeks into the newly form Board of directors the volunteer directors received their first of many email from Owners#Law’s firms letterhead (I’m holding back identities at the moment to avoid more frivolous law suits) with at totally baseless legal argument saying: “we vehemently refuse to pay fees for services no rendered

The quick answer here, being that this logic may actually apply in ‘contract law’ but not in the Condo Act. Condoland has its own language, vernacular and rules. It is important to note that she opened this email with the recurring disclaimer “the following does not constitute legal advice as I am writing in my capacity as owner and not in my capacity as a lawyer” (this is education gone amuck, called “intimidation”).

She goes on to request that the board “dissolve the corporation under subsection 128 of the Condo Act”, which is something unachievable under Ontario law (caveman knows – lawyer doesn’t)!

She closes that paragraph thanking the board for all its work but stating: “there is no legal basis however for the owners to pay retroactive fees for services not received” again unique to Condoland. And she signs off with: “be advised that I am not prepared to pay fees at this point” and announcing that she is in a lawsuit against the builder. She could not be more wrong in her legal opinion here!

And a couple days later she opens another email with the identical Disclaimer! If you don’t see the intimidation in this you may have to read this book a few times. Again she proposes “dissolving the corporation under S.128” explaining her legal opinion “it will add value to our respective properties that we are better off going forward being owners of freehold properties”. How many ways this lawyer can be wrong I could not guess but so far she’s batting zero!

And on that same day she sent yet another email “your publication now identifies me to interested readers who may have read my law suit … “. The best thing for you to do is go and read that blog (, it’s still on my site (just search “collateral damage”. My blog certainly does not “identify her and with that, just 2 weeks into this, you can see her personal and professional credibility go right out the window.

And we can see her here intimidating my fellow board members “you are exposing your fellow board members to potential law suits”. The truth that “the truth is not actionable”. She knows it. I know it and obviously I’m on the mark here as she didn’t sue me.

So, it is safe to conclude that she bought into a condo radically opposed to condos and then within the first three weeks of the board’s existence, she’s hammering the board on her firm’s letterhead (allegedly “legal documents” threatening law suits and spouting off illogical proposals not even achievable under law).

By this time I had enough of what I saw as this criminal masquerading as a lawyer, handing out false legal advise to our owners leading them to refuse to pay their monthly condo fees (“the lawyer says it’s not required under law” being their argument) and after some serious due diligence, on  may 27th/17 is submitted a Formal Complaint to the Law Society of Upper Canada clearly pointing out the facts, uncertain of this institution but trusting in its representations on its website alleging a “strong commitment to consumer protection”.

If Justice Refused doesn’t shock you my next ebook in this series will blow you mind! It’s called “So Sayeth The Law” and chronicles months of in-depth and ongoing communications at LSUC’s request to serve as “Informant”, profiling this corrupt lawyer’s conduct but in the end they concluded to close the file more resembling a National Inquirer-type “catch and kill agency” used by Donald Trump in America.

But Justice Refused carries a whole lot more gory details exposing corruption up and down the chain within our courts of law, all of whom, every time the met this lawyer would not accept any facts from the falsely charged individual.

This brief overview shows you the first few weeks of an outright one-side war that has lasted almost 3 years now and absolutely every institution and agency allegedly in place to protect consumers have simply turned their backs and refused to even answer reasonable questions politely asked.

This is the literal definition of “out of control”, yet not a single one would even listen. How do you fix something that you won’t admit to being broken?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part II

Get Justice Refused now! Read it now! And take action now!


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