Did Donald Trump Just Say “Someone Facing Legal Challenges Should Not Run To Lead The Party”?


Donald Trump is a sound tactician and a good salesman . . . not a “great” salesman because of his rather poor articulation skills.

He can talk, but he sounds more like an uneducated car salesman, than he does a highly educated business scholar.

Irrespective of his highly self-touted degree from the Whatron School of Business, which he says is the “best business academy in the country“, (he also allege that Trump University was the best at least until it was shut down by the government) his articulation skills, gestures and mannerisms clearly suggest to me that all his “blather about his education is more than likely equally as disingenuous as his claims to business success, never having gone bankrupt (hiding behind “corporate bankruptcy” four times!) and all that other misleading statements that he so consistently throws into everyone’s face.

If he is one thing, he is a talented “tactician” as you can see with his fixation on becoming President of the United States of America, by simply “dumping on, insulting and/or character assassinating  everyone else running for the job.

His sights are now shifting to Ted Cruz with his latest tactic to focus on the “potential legal situation that would arise from the nominee of the Republican Party facing court challenges“.

Think about it for a minute!  He has realized that bombastic attacks cast a shadow onto him also so he had shifted to what he sees as a more “palatable” approach by fixating on the issue potentially introduced with Cruz being caught up in the courts over his citizenship.

Mr. Trump is obviously not a very good strategist though, as his strategy does not factor in that he also has the very strong likelihood of facing court matters at the same time that he could become the nominee.

Mr. Trump (and the Press for that matter) seem to prefer to totally ignore the fact that Mr. Trump is being sued in three separate litigations for Fraud, relating to Trump University, where thousands of consumer are alleging in two “Class Action” law suits that they were “defrauded of upwards of $35,000” in some instances, by Mr. Trump and his organizations.

The Press has emboldened and empowered Mr. Trump specifically because he sells advertising for them.

I find this to be more offensive than Mr. Trump himself.

Mr. Trump is a “silver spoon kid” that grew up never having to worry about making a living.

We’ve got a few developers much like him here in Toronto, silver spoon kids with the best of editions but totally lacking intellectual awareness of what the majority of us have to learn and do growing up, like paying rent.

So these arrogant little reprobates pillage the consumer from their positions of power granted them by birth (to rich daddy’s) using money that they never had to earn, to build from.

My daddy wasn’t rich.  He wasn’t even around!  Like the old song says “all he left us was alone“!

I’m not envious of Mr. Trump by any stretch.  I’m comfortably retired, or at least semi retired as retirement actually bores me.

I actually feel sorry for him because he is living what I see as an “Imposter Syndrome” in which he is so wrapped up that he cannot see or understand who he really is.

I sit back and try to envision him becoming President.

The saying “God Bless America” would certainly take on additional meaning.

The limited plans that he has put forward have been universally panned as laughable!

Does anyone really think that Mr. Trump will be able to get things done in Washington?

Does anyone legitimately believe that he will be able to insult Senators and House Representatives into going along with what he says?

Again, let me remind you that this is a man, who took four of his Casinos into bankruptcy under his direct management and consistently announces that he has “never gone bankrupt” (even when not asked), and who’s first wife swore under oath in a deposition that he “raped her” (she has recanted now but one would have to ask her why she perjured herself then or is lying now)!

The three law suits calling him a “Fraud” are not frivolous by any means.  One is spearheaded by New York State’s Attorney General!

I can’t imagine the majority of the nation allowing this three ring circus to carry through.

With all of the Press “misinterpretation of developments” across the board to sell their advertising, and the entertainment value of this guy’s “show“, there is an element of society that is naturally drawn to Mr. Trump.

Unfortunately, it’s not an element that I would want to associate with.

Let’s hope that this hysteria is limited to Republicans and the Republican Nominee race.

I’m Charles



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