Condoland Is Simply A Microcosm of A Much Bigger And More Dangerous Disfunction


It’s hard to avoid blogging about Donald Trump these days, but my fixation is less on the man and more on what he is and/or stands for.

Let’s face it, America shapes our way of life here in Canada and it certainly shapes the global economic world!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . “Condoland is a scam“!

The patients have taken over to psychiatric ward!

Condoland is the most highly organized shell game that could ever be conceived let alone implemented, but boy has it been implemented.

This is mostly because of “social conditioning” and it’s not hard to argue that today’s consumers are socially conditioned to play this unfair game despite adequate knowledge being at hand for them to know it.

Much like what we are watching take form in America these days, with the only candidates running for President (Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump) are so flawed that they each carry a majority “60%+ dissatisfaction rating“.

Clinton at least some some “experience” at the job.

Trump has none but is being granted a “pass” when it comes to disclosing his background (refusing to show his tax returns should be an immediate disqualifier for him or anyone seeking the Presidency, just like Hillary should be required to deliver the transcripts of her speeches and all records of her and her husband’s Foundation’s history and activity).

Doesn’t all the uncertainty underpinning these candidates simply boil down to a “system where full disclosure” is not required?

Can anyone with an above average IQ and/or intellect legitimately say that Donald Trump would or could make a good President of the United States of America?

This most recent revelation relating to his taped bragging about being such a whore monger and womanizer is simply shameful and certainly should disqualify him for even running for the office!

For any woman to vote for this guy is simply a disgrace!

So, this morning he’s all over television reading (poorly as usual) a teleprompter script written for him by Kellyanne Conway, his new campaign manager.

The man can’t even pretend to be truly apologetic!

And then he closes off his pseudo apology (a “not-apology“) with an attack on everyone still standing out there, his opponent and her husband.

And Ms. Conway’s (ironic that the first three letters of her surname repeat what Rubio and others have called Trump) consistent, “well scripted” words fall as flat as the man’s level of integrity.

So I’m assuming that if Donald can get enough red-neck, KKK, white supremist, and/or politically disconnected or disenfranchised votes to outnumber the seriously disliked and distrusted Clinton machine, I guess America will have its first woman President or least her commentary delivered through the mouth of this clown Trump.

I remain absolutely convinced that some background gumshoe work at his old school would show that “daddy paid tuition for Donny to avoid the draft” (highly educated people don’t usually throw their education in your face verbally).

He did receive four deferments!

And listening to him speak, to me exposes that he did not attend too many days at Wharton.

He talks like an uneducated gutter punk, a do-over of “The Fonz” and we all know that Fonzi as they called him was not a university graduate!

Yet he remains in striking distance of the Presidency!

This all goes to substantiate my point that the dysfunction in Condoland is really just a microcosm of the dysfunction that we have in society today.

I’ve always thought that I missed something by not attending “institutions of higher learning” but lately I’ve become thankful for having not attended.

You see highly educated people have brought our society to this point.

Integrity was lost years ago, if it was every targeted or considered to be a component of the North American way of life.

We had a Board President of the HOA where my townhouse was in Florida (a truly offensive and shallow person much like Trump), who boasted about her absolute corruption!

A diehard Republican, who I’m sure is Deerfield Beach’s most prolific “Donald Trump For President” Cheerleader!

She had owned a packing company for seniors that passed away or needed help moving into facilities at a dinner one evening boasted about “how much loot she stole“!

The Board Treasurer came to me when discovering that she was stealing money and when we went to her about it together, not attacking her but telling her to not do it again, she chose to attack him.

We had to go out door to door and get a ridiculous number of signatures from a huge majority of owners to have the entire board thrown out (the second Board in this HOA community that I had to get involved with).

The HOA’s lawyer proved corrupt!

The HOA’s Property Manager proved corrupt!

And the President of the Board proved thoroughly corrupt!

I tripped her up on video at the Annual General Meeting (I’m very good at deposition cross examining) and election, while quizzing the auditors showing that “she had stolen $1,000“!

As she stuttered along trying to explain and justify having done so, by alleging that the Treasurer had requested that she give this contractor the thousand dollars, he quickly jumped to his feet and called her a liar right there at the meeting!

It’s all on video and it is hilarious!

Offended by the overall mentality of the neighbourhood, I sold my place (a beautiful house but in what proved to be comparable to an insane asylum!) while watching the newly elected board immediately prove just a stupid and potentially corrupt as the one we just threw out!

Welcome to America folks.  It really made me question whether missing winter in Canada was worth it.

If you ever watched Sienfeld’s episodes on “Boca Del Vista” you have a passive version of the disfunction that permeated this HOA.

And yes, it was the entire “system” that was dysfunctional!  Right up to the State Government and HOA legislation!

Clearly Donald Trump is NOT the right person to lead America and I’m uncertain about Hillary Clinton to be honest!

The only other candidate is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party (no chance of winning) and he’s notably “off” based on his conduct to date where he stuck his tongue out and tried to verbalize his point on camera!

But, do you know what?

The year after I sold my house in Wildwood at Deer Creek, the toxic President that we exposed and had thrown out, was re-elected as President and the status quo returned to Wildwood!

I’m working very hard to try to introduce some level of consumer protection in Condoland but it really is tough slogging.

It is virtually impossible to fight the system and expect big results.

But something has got to be done in Condoland, Ontario and America.

It’s amusing to see just how similar all these dysfunction universes are!

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