Apparently Becoming “The Leader Of The Free World” (as American’s take upon themselves as being), Now Boils Down To A Television Reality Show-Style “Popularity Contest”


I believe that the world may be about to face a very serious dilemma.

Really, this is the stuff that movies are made of.

Silver spoon, privileged  rich boy, who got millions in cash and good will from daddy, now convinces himself that he can conquer the world, or at least the Presidency of the United States of America“.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be disrespectful.  Well I guess I have to be when looking at Donald Trump!

Mr. Trump unquestionably invites disrespect onto himself and apparently is now willing to do so, to the Country, on a global scale.

He challenges the fundamental logic that “terrorist organization around the globe that hate America would be using him as a recruiting tool“.   Really?

And then “demands an apology“, while rudely attacking the previous “Secretary of State“!

He chooses to “take everything to the ridiculous“, a common sales tactic that you’ll find in any Selling 1.01 book or course.

Mr. Trump has taken out what “integrity” there may have been in America’s game of politics!

As a sales professional, I’d give him poor marks.  I simply cannot believe that this guy graduated from one of the best schools in North America (he says) only to end up with the poor articulation skills that he shows every time he opens his mouth.

Here’s the original die hard “birther guy“, challenging the President of the United States’ citizenship.  He certainly is not someone that would ever let the facts get in the way of him positioning himself.

Why hasn’t the Press called for proof about his self-professed academics!

He’s a shameless, self-promoter and basically very little more.

With millions of dollars from daddy, most of us could be successful selling and building high density residential condos in Manhattan at the time that he got the money from dad and real estate was at its lowest in the late 1980’s.

He brags about never having gone bankrupt but in fact four of his casinos, while under his direct management, went bankrupt.  His story, “they were corporations“!

It’s the “bragging lie” (masquerading behind those four “corporate bankruptcies“) that I find most offensive.  Obviously, the facts or truth matter very little to this man who sees himself as America’s next President.

And they said that George Bush and Dick Chaney were bad for America and for not telling the truth!

Take a look in Condo Land here in Toronto and you’ll find some of the more dysfunctional and incapable people masquerading as “successful Developers“.

After all, developers are only people with enough money (or credit) to buy high priced real estate and, voila, developers they become.

And for some reason, consumers give them some sort of immediate “carte blanch” with respect to credibility, and trust their every word set out in those glossy brochures and ads.

There are no “honesty police” in advertising or specifically in real estate advertising, and realizing that nothing that is not written in those ridiculous presale contracts can even be introduced as having been represented.

So, Mr. Trump, grew up in the artificial world of pre-sale residential selling, and a salesman he definitely is.  Just not a very polished one!

He is a self-proclaimed “opportunist” and again that is exactly what has led him to deceive himself that he has the fundamental capacity, intellect, knowledge and experience, to legitimately be President.

You know, someone always has to graduate at the bottom of the class, and I’ve learned that people throwing credentials in my face usually are suffering from what I call “Imposter Syndrome“, something that is very common in the selling world.

I’m not too sensitive to acknowledge that, in my chosen profession, there is not a whole lot of difference between “conning” and “selling“.

I’ve spent my entire grown up life around sales people and I can tell you that the single characteristic that differentiates sales professionals and con artists is “Integrity” and it is here, when looking at Mr. Trump, we find his “Achilles Heal“.

I’ve follow Mr. Trump rather closely over the four decades that we’ve both been involved in real estate sales and marketing.

I’m certainly not trying to liken myself to this man, as I’ve always seen him as the antithesis of me in many ways.

I’ve always found his boastful rants offensive and I’m confident that an actual factual accounting of Mr. Trump and his holding will show a massive disparity between what he says and what the records would show.

I would like to invite Mr. Trump to show us his report card from the Wharton School of Business.

I’m confused why his opponents haven’t tried tracking down people he went to school with.

Back then, the Vietnam War was raging and America had a “Draft“, and rich daddies could buy their kids into school and thereby avoid fighting for the country.

I found Mr. Trump’s attack on John McCain to be a way over the line, uncalled for, and shows a notable lack of professional aptitude, but Mr. Trump sees “any press as good press“.

The scary thing to realize about all of this is that there are so many of his fellow Americans that are and act just like him.

I probably should quantify that a bit by saying that there are so many “Republican” (I think that it is more a “redneck type of thing“) leaning Americans, although I’m not convinced that the plague being perpetuated by Mr. Trump is totally party sensitive.

Bullies usually are braggarts and again, Mr. Trump’s light shines bright on his bigotry here very clearly.

What Mr. Trump fails to see is the damage and disservice that he is doing to the Country at an extremely important time in history!

At this point it has become obvious that he has no advisers because he accepts no advice.

Can any rational person expect America to accept a President who has already insulted world leaders and shown a disdain for the entire system and those running it!

His policies (the few that he has suggested) so far have consistently fallen flat on their face.  His latest proposed immigration and tax plans end up adding Trillions of dollars to an already unsustainable debt.

Reality televisions shows are built on “conflict” and Mr. Trump has done a masterful job of introducing “conflict” into a professional environment unskilled at “street fighting“.

Mr. Trump is a street fighter of the worst kind . . . . the kind with money!

His tactics are so dated (but effective when dealing with the crowd that he is appealing to) and fundamental that I strongly doubt anyone with a degree from a prestigious school like the one he throws around having graduated from would talk anything like the way Mr. Trump does.

I read a book once called “The Ugly American” and Mr. Trump has worked hard to be poster boy.

He reminds me so much of so many Condo Land (Toronto) developers!

I certainly wouldn’t support any of them trying to run our country and based on what I’ve observed from Mr. Trump, can assure you he wouldn’t be getting my vote.

I’m Charles



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