This ebook series is being written for you, your kids and their kids. Ontario’s entire condo industry is a literal Ponzi Scheme with glowing tube lighting inviting corruption at every level. Extend an invitation like this to cons and they will show up.

I guarantee you that you will get more out of Justice Refused than any book that you’ve ever read! If you can find anything other than evidence supported content presented reasonably I’ll give you your money back. It’s my bet that Canadians will contribute more to this cause after reading this first ebook in the Condoland Series.

This writing, publishing, technology learning, social media marketing, fact telling exercise is not at all about me selling books. I would have picked an concept that doesn’t make me feel dirty every time that I have to stoop to deal with, or even think about these no-integrity people (I don’t say things like this much or lightly but anyone that falsely accuses someone of being a pedophile and targeting her children and who has a witness prepared to lie to support her false salacious sworn claims, is someone that our society has no need for.

And here’s a bigger threat … she personally told me she would one day become a Justice in Court! When you see the incompetence shown by present day justices this may seem somewhat normal but it simply another form of intellectual contamination of our culture.

Justice Refused teaches you how to identify traits that are consistent and unique to cons, in this case the con being a self-proclaimed “highly educated lawyer” who shows herself absolutely void of personal and/or professional integrity, in that she has sworn under oath, numerous false criminal complaints against absolutely innocent volunteer board members simply to achieve what the evidence shows to be a corrupt intent even prior to buying into this upscale Oakville residential community.

Here we are all shown how one corrupt lawyer uses the criminal justice system to silence and punish others ultimately resulting in a financial settlement benefitting this lawyer. When you read Justice Refused you’ll conclude that this certainly is not this lawyer’s first rodeo.

My motives in writing these ebooks are about bringing together enough Canadians to truly and effectively make a difference in the direction our country is being taken by academic elites like this one, who’s credibility is drawn from initials on their business card rather than their character.

I assure you that your one small investment of C$20 in this cause* (this is not about books) is being used solely to establish and maintain a Legal Fund to defend against frivolous law suits and hold these failing institutions and players accountable and in the end, deliver legitimate consumer protection for consumers by making all offenders “famous”.

I’m not a believer in or of law suits, unless I’m forced to defend myself against them. I’m not at all a litigious person and when I learned that in Canada the courts don’t pay sufficient enough damages to those wronged to even offset their legal costs which is another issue that must be addressed. This is a clear invitation to cons as you’ll see in Justice Refused.

When you see the incompetence of a number of Justices, Crowns and lawyers, the dysfunction in their collective fundamental skill sets and application of those skills, you will know why I’m not a believer in any of the lawyers I will profile in the ebooks to come in this series. 

But you can rest assured that I’m nothing close to the Justice Terrorist that this lawyer has gone to considerable lengths to paint me as, simply for me not allowing her to have her own way in destroying this community. After a great deal of lying, bullying and intimidating other owners in our community she actually pulled it off! Justice Refused is worth it just to learn how she did this.


  • C$22 at the www.AppleBooks.com for the fully interactive ebook with all evidence attachments on demand;
  • C$20 – interactive PDF Format at www.simplycharles.com for a fully interactive ebook with all evidence attachments on demand;
  • C$25/hardcopy on Amazon Book Store at www.Amazon.ca; ; 

The other five or six ebooks in the Condoland Series expose the flawed fundamental physical and psychological infrastructure of Condoland, a great concept that ended up a Ponzi Scheme. 

The next book “So Sayeth the Law” will or should shock the hell out of us all! It shows the alleged Professional Body overseeing lawyers “The Law Society of Upper Canada” despite receiving first hand in-depth and ongoing detailed information showing distasteful, abusive, dishonest conduct by this lawyer … did not see it more serious than a brush off … “warning”.

And then, upon Appeal of their decision LSUC’s presiding Judge, despite new 7 minute surveillance video evidence showing this lawyer, her best friend who is a lawyer, and her  young daughter “Staging Another False Event” to enable her to report another “false Police Report” and swear out another “false Private Criminal Prosecution” (“PCP”).

Ultimately she has laid 4 different PCPs against 2 different parties in this small collection of  just 18 homes herself, and taught her witness in one of hers swear out another PCP with new Complainant. She also sued the builder for an amount almost equal to the conventional mortgage on these homes.

But in the end she and this unethical builder end up co-conspirators supporting each other’s efforts to not install the Entrance Features onto the Easement on the dissident lawyer’s Lot. All of the abuse, bullying, intimidation, false sworn testimony that literally destroyed this community with owners afraid to even walk in the community was all about these Entrance Features that somehow even compromised the Mayor.

I’m asking everyone to put themselves in the shoes of our volunteer board members who volunteered to manage the affairs of a tiny condominium corporation POTL that really managed just a roadway (snow plowing), lights and infrastructure.

I saw the con in this lawyer when she first met me although my radar was pinging way back when she started contacting me through my blog.

Cons talk, walk, think, react and behave differently, and if you read Justice Refused and the accompanying evidence from her law firm closely, you will see the distinguishing traits of all cons thus be better equipped to identify and deal with them.

This emotionally questionable individual proves herself a good academic I guess (good enough academic to get a law degree – as long as she didn’t get someone to write the bar exams as she shows a total lack of real world knowledge) but simultaneously shows that she is void of any level of integrity, lacking in morals and ethics, and in my read she distinguishes herself as an insult to her profession.

Unfortunately that’s not what LSUC concluded with all the same evidence in hand, and that in itself triggered me to do more research into LSUC and I was stunned, literally stunned with what I discovered and show you in Justice Refused.

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