Where’s The “Journalist Integrity” In Today’s Main Stream Press And Media ? ? ?


So everybody is talking about Donald Trump “doubling down” on his flagrantly racist attacks on the American born Hispanic American Judge overseeing Trump’s “Trump University Scam“.

He’s called this highly esteemed and reputable judge, the right thing.

If you study his narrative you will see that his script is laced with “he”, “he”, “he”!

The fact is that not one reporter, despite giving full attention to this issue, has introduced the fact there are actually three (3) separate law suits (one other in California and one undertaken by the Attorney General of New York State).

Donald Trump has gotten away with shaming the Plaintiffs (it’s a class action law suit with thousands of Plaintiffs) by falsely alleging that “they are just after his money” and he “could have settled, but he just doesn’t do that“.

Let me give you the earth shattering reality here, that should any of the thousands of media people striving to exploit the opportunities given to them to “search for the truth“, would simply ask Donald who the “he” is that he continually refers to (the Judge).

I would then ask him about “the other two Judges handling the other two cases“.

I would ask him “if the Attorney General of New York is simply after his money“.

These are not difficult questions and I just cannot understand why all these journalists, who sell their “journalistic integrity” built into almost every presentation of their material (and for which apparently major corporations buy their ads), can’t ask at least these very logical extensions of the dialogue that Donald himself is putting forward.

I’ve now listened to days of coverage about Donald’s ridiculous false allegations about this judge.

A subtle thing Donald that has done is to successfully deflect the critical issue (which is that there are three different law suits consisting of tens of thousands of people and millions of dollars that allegedly (fraudulently), went to Donald Trump.

Again, what I think Donald has actually done is show just how ill-equipped he is to run a Cool-Aid stand, let alone a nation!

He’s the one that has put these three law suits for “FRAUD” front and centre.

I’ve been ragging for months about the Press not challenging him on Trump University and now, when he brings it to their attention, the Press fails to seek the meaningful answers!

No-one was talking about this critical issue which, on top of all the other dirty laundry and baggage that Donald brings with him, absolutely should tell anyone, that Donald Trump is simply incapable, unequipped, and unable to even fake that he could be a rational Commander In Chief of the United States of America!

For anyone intellectually interested in assessing the credibility and integrity of this man, you need only invest an hour or so of your time (surely you would hope or at least think that all those Trump followers out there have made this minuscule investment of their time) invested on Google searching historic evidence of the man will settle any doubt you may have.

My question is “why can’t all these big media companies ask the logical questions“?

I’m Charles


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