You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig . . . . . But It’s Still A Pig


So, after what would be a totally devastating couple of weeks on the election trail, Mr. Trump has finally dumped his “despot-counselling adviser” Manafort, and turned to a highly experienced propagandist and a blogger to spearhead things for him.

And guess what?

They’ve managed to get him to stop being himself and act (and I do mean “act“) Presidential.

I’ve seen chimpanzees dressed up in business suits and been entertained by their gestures and antics, but guess what . . . . they still are chimpanzees and it is highly doubtful that anyone would hire them to handle their corporation’s major negotiations, just because “they look the part“.

Well, that applies (or possibly should apply) to Presidential politics as well.

One thing Donald Trump can’t disprove and that is that he has already proven to everyone (around the world) that he is ill-equipped to handle the job of President of the United States of America.

So, they’ve persuaded him to learn to read from a teleprompter and have managed to keep him from expressing his own thoughts, but wasn’t that what the Trumpies liked about him?

Or was it that he “was self-funding“.

Oh ya, it was pointed out that he only was doing a paper shuffle with lines of credit, and not actually putting up the cash.

And those campaign funds that he said he was putting up, well they came with “interest” (not disclosed what rate but interest) and he then solicited funds from consumers to pay them back.

Oh, there was a big announcement by “The Donald” that he had decided to actually “give” a portion of that money in the form of “a contribution” but that rumour died on the vine like the promise of raising money for vets.

So now, Donald gets to do what really is capable of doing, which is to “act” and all he has to do is become his own antithesis but stopping expressing his own views.

Is what America is looking for in a President really Howdy Dowdy (a puppet controlled by others)?

Does anyone believe that the “in-character Donald” will actually reshape himself to be the character he is acting?

Remember that old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks“.

Apparently Donald’s handlers believe that this old dog is mouldable.

Based on his track record throughout the Primary Season you wouldn’t get very good odds on that bet!

It all makes for great entertainment, I’ll give you that, but those die hard “Trumpies” are downright scary.

Obviously they can’t tell a con from a clown and celebrity is all they worship and that’s really what we’ve all been watching roll out here.

The material facts about Donald’s background and all those vast quagmires that constitute his bio and/or resume have got to tell anyone of intellect that he has something to hide.

To now, do a complete hundred and eighty degree about turn on temperament suggests a certain level of fear in the Donald.

He sees his numbers plummeting although it depends on what media outlet you follow as one headline say’s he’s “making another come back in the poll and now leadings” while others say he is “crashing and burning”.

Apparently the media is as dysfunctional as he is.

It’s not like it is hard to see through this guy.

Don’t take my (or anyone’s) word for it.

Simply do your own research (it’s called “due diligence“) or go to my blog of just the other day where I linked storey after storey published over decades about this guy.

I’ve had a couple Trumpies attack my positions set out in my blogs lately but folks, you have to stop trying to “shoot the messenger“.

If you don’t like what is being said about this guy and it’s coming from a multitude of sources (my blogs don’t chastise him they simply link to articles and consistently those articles tell shocking and sometimes downright scary tales).

The only hope left rests in simple math, which consists of a formula that assumes there are more sane people in America, than those who would follow this carni-crier over the cliff.

After spending almost half of my life living amongst Americans, I’m sad to have to admit that my confidence that this is actually the case has been shattered.

I’m Charles



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