“When The Class Clown Tries To Become The Principal” . . . . . Is America Being “Hustled” By Donald Trump

I’be been a salesman all of my life and they always say that “it takes one to know one” and I can assure you, I know a salesman when I see one.

In the land of snakes (“selling“), I’ve been called the “King Cobra” so you can rest assured that the “hustle” is not something that is new to me.

I give “The Donald” (who trust a man who goes by a name that identifies him as a “the“) high marks for salesmanship, although he is a little bit more than “rough around the edges“.

He has an almost uncanny ability to see opportunity on its way into the equation and capitalize on it, but really his questionable presentation style, from a professional selling perspective, leaves a lot to be admired.

If I were trying to knock him off his pedestal, something the entire GOP Establishment haven’t been able to figure out how to do, I would simply get my hands on “The Donald’s” Wharton School records, specifically his report card.

After all, the man brags at nauseum about having “attended the best business school in the country“. Does someone with the kind of education that he’s bragging about having, talk like that?

As a salesman, he “red flags” himself almost every time that he opens his mouth and I’m not talking about the rhetoric that spews out! I’m talking about his lack of articulation skills specifically cast against his claims of having attended that school.

I’m aware that “someone always graduates at the bottom of the class“, but for someone who rests on his self-proclaimed laurels for being such a “tough negotiator”, I can assure you that if I were considering hiring or training “The Donald“, I would be seriously concerned about his inability to articulate on an educated level.

For people to buy from you you have got to be believable and trustworthy or you will flame out as a salesperson.

His simple illogic about spewing off about John McCain’s credibility as a war hero, to slamming the entire hispanic community, to turning off women with salacious comments about a Fox News award winning host, to attacking the entire Muslem population by saying that emigration, visitation and even citizenship should be halted for all muslim people, including Americans, and the brash manner by which he introduces each issue, tells me that he knows he can materially influence the masses of uneducated, red neck Americans through mere salesmanship.

Donald Trump is a salesman and nothing more.

As he demanded President Obama’s birth certificate, he should be called on to present his report card and attendance record to that school. My bet is that he seldom attended and probably didn’t set any record breaking achievement levels while enrolled there.

Enrolment in school for wealthy silver spoon kids, gave Donald the “get out of jail free card” with respect to America’s draft at that time, which meant going to Vietnam.

I have nothing about people rising from the bottom, and I kind of pride myself on having done so.

I didn’t have the mega rich daddy that Donald had. Not only did daddy pay for his world class education, he gave his boy a Million Dollars to start a development company.

I never had a daddy, let alone a daddy give me a million dollars (although I own more than one million dollar property today). With that kind of money when Donald appeared on the scene was a lot more than it represents today and it bought his way into an industry (developing residential condos in Manhattan) that is really hard to fail in.

In the late 1980’s I remember Donald buying up Manhattan skyscrapers (nice when you have money because it make more money easily available) for pennies on the dollar!

So Donald could hire architects, lawyers and ad agencies to manifest this facade of the successful entrepreneur heading up the successful corporation, when really all he was doing was selling high priced condos, something that an uneducated sales guy like me has done all of my career.

He could “sell the dream” of these “mansions in the sky” while grabbing huge chances of cash and buying up other depressed properties and promoting them. This is Donald’s true skill and for that he should be respected, however he is giving us so much these days to disrespect, that I personally think its time for him to step aside and let the grown up handle things like being the President of the United States of America.

Yes, folks you are being hustled by no cheap amateurish hustler, but hustled you are being.

The trouble that this guy could bring to America’s doorstep is incalculable! He has already insulted the Chinese, Arabs, Mexicans (hispanics in general) and Russians (to name but a few)!

He has shown everyone that he knows nothing about politics (what the hell does he thinks works on a global stage?) and “hustler selling like pre-construction condos” is not the way that things are done anywhere else but in condo sales!

The threshold between professional salesperson and con artist is a very fine one.

Both use all the same tactics and techniques to get people to do what they want them to do. Professional selling actually (to many people’s surprise) starts when the customer says “No“!

Professional salespeople take your opposition to someone and turn it into agreement.

This is not what Donald Trump does so I have to say he does not even quality as a professional salesperson!

He’s a bully.

His corporations, while under his direct management have gone bankrupt three times now! Every time the small creditors involved were owed so much money that they had to do whatever Donald said! That’s a form of blackmail (or possibly greenmail) but whatever it is called, I find it offensive.

The Donald basically ran up his bills one 3 separate occasions so high that no-one could oppose his proposed solutions and many of his creditors went broke while he avoided it.

Does that sound like President of the United States material?

He is really showing the true ugly side of America these days. That 1/3 of the Republican leaning electorate clammer to his rallies promoting his hateful rhetoric we are seeing what is the root of global dislike for Americans.

Strategically, Donald is totally lacking in awareness of the damage he is doing to his own country! He sees it as a conquest (again a truly academically, soundly based individual would be able to differentiate between his pursuit of a job that he is ill-equipped to fill and an ego driven appetite for recognition). Donald Trump obviously can’t.

And, to add insult to injury, the man presently has the Attorney General investing him for “Fraud” with Trump University where it is claimed that he defrauded hundreds of consumers for tens of thousand of dollars each!

So many of his real estate properties or properties carrying his name have gone bankrupt that I’ve given up count!

Yet no-one in the press seems interested in connecting all of these dots.

I’m not sure who the bigger sham artist is here, Mr. Trump or the Media.

I’m Charles

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