We Are Being Asked To Believe That What We Are Watching Unfold In America is Democracy?

I’ve been watching and talking about America’s demise of its democracy for years now, and still cannot grasp and/or believe that such a powerful nation, ten times larger than Canada’s can literally be so mentally incoherent, ethically challenged, and outright dysfunctional.

What it has proven to me is that democracy is a very fragile yet moldable thing and what holds it together is integrity.

Disappointingly, integrity has lost its glitter and appeal over the six or so decades that I’ve been watching it.

We Canadians should be thankful to Americans who continually show us the wrong way to go about things. The problem is that history shows that Canadians for some unexplainable reason seem to prefer copying American’s over maintaining our historic integrity. American media continually run around calling their nation “the greatest nation in the world” apparently ignorant of the land mass just to their north!

Both forms of democracy are similar in nature but distanced from each other by historic views on Canadians all around the globe as much more credible and believable people than Americans.

The one thing I can say without hesitation is that both forms of democracy are swirling around the toilet boil of humanity at alarming speed, with Canada just marginally above the rapids!

The very concept of a government that is adversarial from step one is just flawed. The two party system may have been adequate in the ideal, but in the real world it has performed and continues to perform poorly.

It is obvious to me that democratic countries need referees if they are so fallible as to make governance a blood sport, but blood sport is exactly what both America and Canada governance is all about.

This materially flawed concept of governance has got to be put behind us but we see in America there are no limits of how low or stupid those in power are prepared to go.

America had a literal insurrection folks! A literal attempt to overthrow their government and replace it with a monarchy with a clearly identified “con man” according to many Republicans whom have turned full cycle to becoming groupies! It really is not difficult to see what is wrong in America and I’m here telling you that we in Canada are being led down the same self-destructive path, by adapting American thinking and injecting it into our politics.

We have basically the same flawed structure here with principally two parties (with a few outliers just like in America).

I simply cannot get over the obvious stupidity built into both of our concepts of governance. Obviously this “party loyalty and affiliation” is something that is not ultimately good.

The real flaw I believe in both countries is the fact that we have been socially conditioned to disregard governance which, to me is the fatal flaw.

I think that our Canadian governance must be molded into a much more corporate structure and please don’t try to tell me that corporations run anything like governments because, with all due respect, they don’t.

In all modesty I can tell you that I believe that I could fix a great deal of what’s going on in both countries by simply getting over the ritualistic dogmatism of party rule and turn to a corporate structure.

Why the hell would any rational government give their Leader the power to release criminals from prison (for any reason), or allow a Supreme Court to be loaded by one party to bias legal outcomes against the other under the fraudulent guise of “governing for the best interests of the country? When and how did “Parties” take priority of the “people“?

How can any rational person believe that having one party in power and the other focus all their efforts, time and energy on undermining the other is a remedy for success of a nation? This is all we see going on in American politics and as usual we Canadians are playing Pied Piper with us being the rats.

A simple structure where the preferred party at the time presents its solutions for the nation and the other are invited to submit their recommendations and the ultimate leader (President or Prime Minister) would call the shots and another party (“Referee”) keeps both parties in line and in order.

Wow! There would be no more 24 hour news speculating on what may take place if such a thing or another is being discussed.

All these egregious and rude Republicans we see these days conducting themselves more like Mafia than Ministers would be sent to the penalty box for the outrageous and unacceptable conduct that we see selling so many newspapers and late night shows.

The media would report as opposed to speculating and sharing their own views. If you watch MSNBC and Fox News absolutely every story has contradictory perspectives with both sides reporters sharing their personal perspectives which I’m sorry to tell you is not news at all.

Both countries have blown it in my opinion and I couldn’t care less about America as I’m not an American. I am a born and raise in Canada success story specifically because our nation is so unique and great. I don’t believe I could have been successful in any other country and I hold onto Canada’s unique historic standard of integrity with pride.

I’m not prideful watching Canada’s governance over the past decades either but we cannot hope to fix something that all our academics and leaders refuse to admit to being broken.

This is why I’ve written Justice Refused and writing three more in my Canadian Democrazy because we Canadians also have taken our democracy into crazy territory!

The flaw is not in our system of governance. Nor is our dysfunction a cause of flawed or faulty laws. We have adequate laws but the academics and educated people hired based on the academic standing have seriously let us all down and I am hoping that we average Canadians can save it from the type of ultimate destruction that we watch Americans chasing so attentively these days.

Justice Refused delivers an entertaining easy read on many of the significant challenges that we have before us and only when the institutions and government agencies acting so poorly (set out in Justice Refused) to agree to work with us on fixing the mess they have made will we ever fix this.

It really is all up to us individual Canadians without relying on our governments (Federal, Provincial or Municipal) to take the logic step of taking control of our own and our country’s future.

It really is all up to us and your part starts with a sub ten dollar investment shown page right here.

I’m Charles

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