The One Thing Canada Desperately Needs Right Now, Is A “Legitimate” Consumer Protection Agency

I happily gave up my real estate license a few years back when I realized that despite my unwavering buyer agency services that justified my income . . . . .  to have an honest and meaningful blog I could no longer be influenced by income.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since before the label gained social acceptance. Prior to that time it was a bad thing to be, but overnight all that changed and corporations started seeking entrepreneurs to drive local markets and economies.

Well, the very concept was materially flawed! All the entrepreneurs that I’ve known during my half decade career have been uneducated just like me. I believe that entrepreneurial spirit and thinking are products of necessity and not something garnered in university from reading about entrepreneurialism.

Let’s be honest here . . . . . entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs long before they enter the business arena. Although there seems to be courses on entrepreneurialism, entrepreneurialism is NOT learned! Entrepreneurialism is something from within one’s character. Academics can play entrepreneur but that’s really what they are doing . . . . . playing.

History has shown that most true entrepreneurs (like myself) have proven to have been “the class clown covering up intelligent but unbridled potential . . . .  thoroughbreds“. Condoland gave me my key to my success and I’m thankful that I grabbed the doors that opportunity presented to me, but I’m saddened to tell you that I can no longer recommend condos in Canada as sound investments.

You cannot make sound investments in a country that does not uphold its laws. I’m not talking about simple oversights but flagrant and unacceptable malfeasance pretty much across the board from consumer paid supposed professionals in our governments, courts, legal and police professions, and every layer of oversight alleged to be in place to deliver fundamental consumer protection.

Worse! Justice Refused shows how a marginally intelligent (based solely on their representations made and conduct shown here) allegedly “highly educated lawyer” (her repeated published words), notably lacking integrity and/or ethics could successfully dupe our entire court system to give her the irrational outcome she sought within her emotionally unbalanced pursuit of owning a home in a condo community (POTL) that she solely intended to destroy. Her successes in doing so should represent a serious warning to us all!

I’m saddened to have to admit that Canada’s Condoland ended up a classic Ponzi Scheme involving every layer of our society that borderlines illegal in almost every way.

Now, I’m not saying that it was consciously set up as a Ponzi Scheme but Ponzi Scheme it became, almost immediately. I was called in as a sales trainer to resolve the Reichmann’s problems with Canada’s first true luxury condo on Toronto’s harbourfront way back in 1979 and the first thing I did was try to educate them on Canadian conservatism (from a psychological sales approach) as Canadians don’t adjust to change and jump at opportunities as quickly as our American counterparts whom Canadians apparently watch and emulate through our media programming.

The first thing I taught them was that Canadians are going to swing into this new lifestyle without lots of education and confidence building. I told them to stop all local advertising and start running ads in Europe and immediately managed to get the project back on track.

In Canada’s sales profession I was known as the “King Cobra of sales” meaning that “if you came into my sales arena . . . . . you would buy“. It really didn’t matter what I was selling but these new “condo things” made sense to me and all I had to do was “close” sales.

Despite most realtors thinking and calling themselves sales representatives the truth is . . . . . they are not! You see “selling” is the art of turning “no’s” into “yes’” and I’ve never seen anyone high pressure someone else into buying a home other than on a condo sales site floor.

What I never grasp in my almost half century in condos was the absolute lack of consumer protection involved.

Oh, there was the Condo Act but when you read it you see that it protects only the builders, developers, property managers but not the consumer. 

And there’s a building code but it has no teeth and inspections are predetermined schedules designed to give bragging rights for builders and confidence but not protection to consumers.

We have Tarion (originally Ontario New Home Warranty provider) who’s board of directors from its conception consisted of lawyers for developers (talk about conflict of interest).

Developers are allowed advertise anything they choose with hidden disclosures in minute print that “everything is subject to change at the developer’s discretion“.

We have Purchase and Sale Agreements so one sided and extreme that no legitimate lawyer would allow their clients to sign in a balanced would but Condoland isn’t a balanced world, its a Ponzi Scheme.

We have a brand new agency “Ontario Condo Authority” formed a little over a year ago and their board of directors had no-one from the condo or even real estate industry, just more academics. When contacted about the egregious conduct and activity literally destroying our neighbourhood the best they could do was . . . Refused to get involved!

Each of these agencies was given an invitation from me to receive a FREE Copy of Justice Refused and . . . . .  yes, each Refused (exemplifying the significance of the title).

To cut to the chase let me say that not only did absolutely every layer of consumer protection alleged to exist in Ontario fail to get involved they all, including our courts of law (sitting Justices, Crown Attorneys, Deputy Crown Attorney, Ontario’s Attorney General) REFUSED to even look at clearly defined evidence presented to them.

The brilliant perspective on this Ponzi Scheme is that “Everybody, from the con and their shills, clean through to their targets, the “dupes” makes money (they simply pass the materially flawed units onto unsuspecting buyers while making outrageous profits).

Now, all this works fine as long as the market continues to flourish. The logical question is what happens when it does not?

Well in 1989 while selling Minto Plaza we saw the entire house of cards collapse as I believe it will again someday. It actually should have a few years ago (before the market started “chasing crazy” – my assessment on what’s been going on over the past couple years).

Back then I saw mortgage interest rates jump by double digits literally over night and a whole bunch of condo buyers pulling their hard out wanting to dump their units that they could not get rid of.

It is my opinion that it is our government buying down interest rates that has allowed this all to happen and, by the the main contributor to our national debt before Covid.

Justice Refused shows my repeated efforts to bring insider information to our government that refused to listen. It also chronicles a very disturbing court system that I have to confess have little or no exposure to previously in my life.

It shows corrupt conduct by Oakville’s Mayor and Town Counsel, the complete failure of a number of sitting Justices, the Deputy Crown and numerous Crown Attorneys, numerous lawyers, a disappointing brush off by the Attorney General responsible for overseeing the courts who were repeatedly dropping the ball and a staggering truth about our Law Industry Oversight body, the Law Society of Upper Canada, two failed police investigations with evidence that rendered them slam dunks only to be close refusing explanation or any form of report on matters meeting Canada’s Criminal Statutes threshold.

There is not a single undocumented allegation or observation stated here and it is my honest belief that I’m not the only Canadian willing to stand up and say “enough is enough“!

I could easily just walk off into the sunset on these matters, but another of those strange personality traits of mine that led me to the secret of successful sales being “just tell it like it is” (simply stated  . . . . . don’t lie), this time will not allow me to just go. This is about the country I was born in, grew up in, and made my living in (and paid taxes in) and any legitimate background check on me clearly will show that I am a proud Canadian that simply cannot put this down. These offending parties that attacked our condo corporation, systematically harassed our volunteer board of directors personally, and conspired to destroy the condo for their own individual reasons simply cannot be allowed to continue to corrupt the fibre of this great nation.

I need and am call on my fellow Canadians to stand with me, and I’m betting that when any conscientious Canadian read Justice Refused and discovers the extreme corruption and malfeasance present in our system of governance, I’m confident that you will be as offended as am I and willing to get on board.

All I need of you is for you to buy your own copy AND read it as I am looking for and actually in need of “informed Canadians” on my team if we have any hope of actually fixing these critical areas of moral decay in our country. 

The remaining three ebooks in this series will dumbfound you! I just could never get my head around how extreme these people have been (and continue to be) over something so insignificant as bragging rights to “living in a big buck home” and “owning a Bay Street Law firm” when this cons owns neither.

Yesterday’s blog lays out much of the mess and I’m hoping that once you’ve read it you will roll up your sleeves and get involved.

That’s it for today. I look forward to building this meaningful cause with you!



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