The History of Electing A President In America Has Always Been To Find “Mr. (or Ms.) Clean”


Have you ever watch Nomination Hearing, like those being addressed with the passing of Justice Scalia, when someone is to be named to a top government post?

I’ve always been amazed to learn that there are that many “squeaky clean” citizens out there!

So let’s look at the analysis that would have to go on, for anybody that is seeking the highest post in the land.

The simple objective here is to get to the core of the matter.

My fear, as a total outsider, with no vested interest in or bias toward anything political in America, (I’ve spent my winters in Florida for decades), is that “America is about to make a catastrophic mistake“, based on an “emotions based sales pitch” built on fear and the dysfunction that has proven to be “conventional Washington” (interpreted as governmental “Leadership“).

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and to a point Ted Cruz have catapulted onto the scene of late, expressly as a result of the dysfunction in their nation’s leadership, with Trump and Cruz feeding more on the fear motivator than Sanders.

As I have said, I have to “dog in this fight” and I certainly hold no animosity toward any of the contenders in this race.

It is becoming obvious to me that American’s in general are missing the point.

I recall an old saying that goes like this:  “watch out what you ask for because you just might get it“.

I don’t see any of these people, including Rubio and Clinton as being “right for the job“.

America has got a big problem in that all of the contenders that have been put forth for the Presidency are inadequate.

Apparently unique to Americans, I’ve taken the time and energy to look into that background of each of these individuals and I’ve got to tell you, it has left me scratching my head.

There is decidedly little “dirt” when it comes to Bernie Sanders.

But looking up the rest of them, (hey listen anyone can do this by simply searching their names on the Internet – here’s a convenience list of just a few articles on each):

Trump is leading in “Entertainment Value” and “Salesmanship“.  He is actually leading by a lot in most polls!

This weekend I read articles about everyone shifting over to envisioning Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination AND the Presidency!

Americans really have to ask themselves if the character and integrity of their Leadership is important.

You can see that Americans don’t find lying offensive or even a moral flaw or character flaw.

Mr. Tump repeatedly forces down everyone’s throat that he “has never gone bankrupt”, which is a lie!

It is factual that he has “never personally filed for bankruptcy” but when you hide behind corporate bankruptcy I just find it egregious to have him repeatedly restate that “he has never gone bankrupt“.

I’ve read about all of the small-guy creditors who were left standing under a strategy of Mr. Trumps to run up what he owed them so high, that could not afford to settle on whatever terms Mr. Trump imposed.

It would be interesting to know “how many bankruptcies Mr. Trump has caused“.

Does character matter?

You bet your life it does!

Mr. Trump’s wife testified under oath in a deposition that “Mr. Trump raped her“!

I guess he may see his “rock-star status” justifying a shift in such conduct as quasi-acceptable!

Oh I know, she has recanted since he declared that he was running for the Presidency but that simply means that she perjured herself then or is lying now.

And this all doesn’t even touch on the Trump University fiasco where today there are three different law suits alleging that Mr. Trump “defrauded consumers of millions of dollars“.

So says two independent “class action” civil laws suits by thousands of Plaintiffs, and another by the Solicitor General of the State of New York!

Mr. Trump has turned the elections into a reality popularity contest!

This says more about the America people than it does about Donald Trump.

Does anyone believe that he will be able to work with anyone in the Senate or the House.  He doesn’t even get along with his own party, a relationship that has dangled by a thread ever since he jumped into the race.

The Republican decision makers missed their chance to shut Mr. Trump down when he came out of the box.

The first time that he threatened to run as an independent, as a Republican decision maker I would have simply told him that we would have to respect his decision and move on.

He would not have generated the viewership and following of Republicans in the numbers that he as.

And constant bombardment from both sides would have devastated him.

The race has now blown out of proportion and the only thing left for the Republicans to do is to carve the race between three (Trump, Rubio and Cruz) and get them debating one on one!

Ted Cruz, not someone I would vote for, would eat up Mr. Trump in a one on one debate.  He’s the only hope left for the Republicans who cannot even decide between him and Rubio.

If the Party wants to survive this they will have to get Rubio (and Kasich and Carson), and Cruz to settle on Cruz spearheading the Republican charge.

Unfortunately it is very late in the game and they will have to hope that Trump’s numbers are the non-loyalist Republicans and that the remaining scattered votes will constitute an “other than trump” vote.

I would still be ready to have him live up to his threat of going “Independent if not treated fairly” to show that the Republican Party has backbone and a will to fight.

Until the Republicans stand up to Mr. Trump and his game show antics they will never get the electorate to stand with them.

I’m Charles



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