One Good Night (of Acting) And The Media Is Slamming Those Who Admitted That They Could No Longer Stand With Donald Trump


I watched Morning Joe yesterday following the second Presidential Debate (although the only thing Presidential is the “Prize“) and am constantly amazed to see how quickly the Press jump on the bandwagon.

Joe Scarborough is literally all over the map.

He originally was a “Donald Cheerleader” and then, after rumours of Joe becoming Donald’s vice president dissipated, his alleged “journalistic integrity” (another flawed social interpretation) kicked in, and he appeared to set about playing journalist and challenging Trumps actions and motives.

And yesterday he’s back leading the cheerleading section and demeaning those who had distance themselves from a guy who admitted criminal sexual behaviour, on tape.

Oh, I understand that there’s nothing unusual about a tape showing trump for what he is, as there is a known plethora of them floating around.

Trump himself acknowledged this with his statement about his “intending to continue the Bill Clinton assault if these other tapes come out” (alleging that the Hillary campaign is the one releasing them despite there being no proof of this allegation).

So, Trump has one allegedly “good” night (where I actually thought he performed terribly – so “gutter trashy“) all he had to do was focus on throwing meaningless and in the more cases unproven if not unfounded attacks on his opponent’s HUSBAND’s conduct decades ago, all of which were exasperating litigated back then) and Joe now calls him a “rock star“!

I just can’t believe that a country, allegedly the Leader of the Free World, that is willing to elect a person with the proven background and history of this man (a man that has absolutely no “experience” whatsoever in the line of work for which he is applying, or in the industry (politics) for that matter!

Imagine this being the application process for hiring a CEO.

Question one:  “Do you have experience in this field”?

Answer :  “NO”!

Question Two:  “Have you run a company before“?

Answer :  “YES, four of them went bankrupt under my control“!

In the world that I live in, the interview would end right there!

There would be no reason to pursue personal issues, like “rape” (his first wife swore, under oath in a deposition that he “raped and beat her“), connections to the Mafia, sexual harassment, Fraud charges, bigoted, sexist, racist statements, a history of publicly lying, wow, this list goes on and on!

But as I said, whether I was hiring a CEO or a straight commission salesperson, we wouldn’t have even gotten to these issues as, in the real world that I live in, success does not involve any of the issues that have clearly been a part of this man’s history.

These outrageous tapes showing him actually bragging about “being able to grab women by the p***** because of his celebrity status” (an admittance of criminal guilt by the way) are so far out of acceptable boundaries to quality as a Leader of anything, let alone the Presidency of the United States of America!

And this doesn’t even touch upon all the stupid and obvious lies that he is caught in every week!

As a professional salesman and sales trainer I can tell you that the quickest way to have me turn down a sales person is to “catch them in a lie“.

You see, social conditioning has led everyone to expect (wrongly) salespeople to lie to them.

Unfortunately most salespeople do!

But professional salespeople understand that “success comes only through integrity“!

American’s should be humbled and, quite frankly “offended“, and not running around like Joe Scarborough, flip flopping between being Donald Trump’s nemesis and president of the Donald J. Trump Fan Club!

It is offensive to me to watch Joe interrupt everyone on the show suggesting that his “perspective” is the factual one!

So Donald can “act” (I still don’t buy that he was anything close to Presidential last night) Presidential for a couple hours (by simply following a “gutter mentality” of offensively and unprofessionally, personally attacking Hillary Clinton is all it takes for the media (in this case Joe Scarborough of MSNBC) to do a complete 180 and rejoin the Trump train!

Give me a break!

I look at President Obama and can’t help but wonder what he thinks as he watches the integrity of the office that he holds for the next month literally go into the toilet.

Let’s not forget the radical opposition that he has faced for eight years from the Republicans (an inexcusably offensive political reality to me) who came out in public and stated their commitment to oppose everything that the President tries to do, even before he took office!

America really is showing how disjointed its society is.

America observably lacks the one critical component for success on any level.

America lacks is “Integrity“.

To listen to Scarborough today as he slams those Republicans that came out and said they couldn’t stand with or support Donald Trump following the release of this latest “smut material”, is so telling of the dysfunction that has consumed America!

The Red Neck Revolution“, that brought about BREXIT, and a list of other world events, has been a significant part of the American culture for decades (it was what I found most offensive during my many, many winters in Florida) and was written about a long time ago in “The Ugly American“.

As Canadians we have always seen ourselves as like them but I can tell you from first hand experience  .  .  .  .  .  we are thankfully anything but like them!

Oh, I know our system is seriously flawed up here in the frosty North, but believe me, Americans, especially Republicans, make the Canadian way of life seem pretty inviting.

So, we have only another month to waste watching this dysfunctional decay of and disintegration of the political structure of America.

I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan and I’m furious that Bernie Sanders did not see or have the network of visionary people around him to see and council him to simply step out of the Democratic Party umbrella that he participated in and which definitively sabotaged his efforts and simply return to his Independent Party roots.

The Democrats gave him every justification and opportunity but he didn’t figure the math and his network of highly educated consultants missed math day at school, it seems.

Hillary had a 60+% Disapproval Rating!

How many of those disenfranchised Democrats would have joint the throngs of Bernie voters?

Trump had a 60+% Disapproval Rating!

How many of those disenfranchised Republicans would have joined the throngs of Bernie voters and disenfranchised Democratic voters?

You add the 60% disenfranchised Republicans, 60% disenfranchised Democrats to those massive numbers of Bernie followers and you had the next President of the United States of America.

Yes, he is a Socialist and the very word “socialist” throws Americans into varying states of fits!

But President he would of been and the nation would not have been left to elect “the least unpopular person” to lead the country.

I’m Charles






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