Let’s Restore Canada’s Failing “Democrazy” Back To “Democracy” Together

Let’s Face It, you don’t need a PhD to know that our Democracy Is proving itself a seriously flawed governance experiment.

I’ve consciously remained non-political all of my life and have just recently, since my retirement, had the opportunity to look into matters that my globe-trotting entrepreneurial career kept me from looking into.

I feel that I must make it clear right up front, that I am not a trucker, associated in any way with the Freedom Convoy, or any political or subversive fringe group. I am simply Charles, chief simpleton here at simplycharles.com, and I have no agenda here, but to launch this initiative to restore lost integrity and standing in the world for our nation.

I’ve been listening closely to all sides of the Freedom Convoy that our government and our media insist of limiting it to a “vaccine mandate protest” issue, an obvious and flawed strategic move to cast a negative spin onto the Canadian citizens participating in and/or supporting this protest.

I would like to open this discussion by emphasizing that anyone that feels entitled to expressing their opinion on this or any other issue related to the governance of our government, the only thing that I ask is that you acknowledge having accessed and read all of the evidence submitted on both sides.

It is abundantly clear that this Freedom Convoy is not simply a “fringe minority against vaccines” as systemically implied in the conventional media, much to my disappointment I should ad.

My only position here is that as a proud and patriotic Canadian, I feel that our government opening stand of refusing to meet with the Canadian organizers of this significant “cause” (judging by the photos I’ve seen showing hundreds of thousands of Canadians of all classes and stature, bearing freezing weather to express how important an issue this is, and the other side refusing to sit down face to face and rationally discuss this. Really, is there any other way?

The literal mass of un-doctored imagery is showing the world, the people’s response to our Prime Minister’s calling the Freedom Convoy “a fringe minority” and other unflattering names. The photos clearly show a substantial percentage (upwards of 1/3rd) of our population supporting this protest.

I would like to respectfully ask our Prime Minister to explain the logic supporting his posture at the very onset of this significant public matter.

I’ve operated a successful business all of my life and feel quite confident in saying that “nothing can or will ever be accomplished by digging one’s heals in and calling other names”.

With all due respect, if this is the best our government has to offer with the Lavalin, We and India costumes events all still in recent memory, I think that something drastic has to be done and this logic leads me to say that this appears to be the motivating factor already on the table in the form of the Freedom Convoy.

Any rational mind would suggest that a meeting should be negotiated by an impartial unrelated third party who stays on as the mediator and the two parties present their case. The meeting should be televised (CBC is taxpayer owned and the content could be televised during CBC’s morning broadcast of its radio programming?) so all Canadians can become, for the firsts time, truly “informed“. This is another of my easily resolved flaws in our existing democrazy.

The fact of the matter is that our Democracy is not working under our present collective concept of democracy as a form of governance. It’s time to flip this coin and get everyday Canadians to engage. I am proposing that we all engage by registering at simplycharles.com.

Just think of it! All those participating in this physical caravan and all those standing out on overpasses in freezing conditions as one, “ONE VOICE“, which represents power at the voting booth.

On the surface fixing this may sound like a monumental task, and by simply doing what we’ve always been doing simply won’t cut it this time. We have to confess to being lazy and do an about face where all Canadians become invested in our governance. We’ve got to drop the party adversarial approach to governance where we tax payers pay five political parties to manage our affairs and allowing them to play roller derby every day instead of focusing on the challenges of effective governance. It is time that Canada as a country grows up.

It seems abundantly clear to me, a totally academically uneducated Canadian successful entrepreneur, that our highly educated and highly tax payer funded politicians, court officials, institutions and specifically lawyers, collectively have failed us miserably.

The half dozen documented visits to Ontario court rooms introduced me to an embarrassing, outdated, ineffective and overwhelmed, mismanaged administrative quagmire, where malfeasance rules based either on a social pre-occupation with Judge Judy style television content, or self medicating educated people systemically resting their ladders of success onto the wrong structures. Whatever you call it, it is not “the hallowed halls of justice” or anything even close.

I respect that all the attention theses days has shifted to big world crisis’ but I’m here showing you that another elephant in the room is the sleeping ignorance that our educational system has obviously imbedded into those calling themselves our leaders.

The bigger problem is that our leaders actually know that the system is flawed and they manipulate all situations to their favour through hiring highly educated people to “dres it up and sell it” for them to the masses, whom also in the majority are self-medicating on who knows what. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig!

In this instance, real life experience proves education itself to be its own worst enemy. I’m not suggesting that all these high functioning people are knowingly taking this ship down, but they are observably taking it down . . just on time and on schedule . . . . but down it ultimately will go.

Quite on the contrary to this academically educated theory, I believe that many honest hard working uneducated Canadians have been socially conditioned to follow the “why my sister cut the end off the meatloaf” philosophy of life, and secured jobs based on their academic credentials, and having the best of intentions and meaning to serve their government, their employer and the people well.

I have to confess that even I was shocked and more than dismayed to learn, that our democratic systems of governance is so absolutely dysfunctional, mostly due to every-day Canadian groupies copying Americans while unconsciously adapting American socially conditioned concepts of integrity, honesty, governance, leadership and general lifestyle.

When I was young, Canadians actually politely mocked our neighbours to the south, for their aggressive “snake oil salesman” approach to conducting their business and affairs.

You simply need to take a look at Canadian television these days, to see how we have copied America, with shows like Canadian Idol, Family Feud Canada, etc., and all cable services delivering full spectrum American programming.  Somehow, and for some unexplained reason, Canadians have forfeited our unique Canadian identity, trading it in for the more bullying, adversarial and exploitive, approach of American culture.

We are somewhat blessed to have such a negative role model just south of us, as it clearly allows us to see the future result of where our leaders will take us if they fail to do what is right.

This Freedom Convoy has shown the world that Canadians will stand up when pushed far enough and that when pushed by “the masses” our government has turned to what it see as the seemingly acceptable political strategy of misrepresentation, which in fact is just another word for lying.

My e-book Justice Refused documents failures across the board and at the grass roots level, starting with Canadians being exploited when buying the single largest investment . . . their homes, to cons with law degrees outright committing frauds against our courts, court officials issuing ridiculous baseless and meritless Criminal Summons’ against innocent Canadians, and crown attorneys pushing the innocent party to accept Peace Bonds (blemish on your record for life) while admitting on the court record to “not having read the evidence”, and the crown’s boss the Deputy Crown throwing out legitimate criminal complaints while acknowledging (bragging) not having even read the Information (Pleadings).

This is all (and much more) documented with linked interactive evidence in Justice Refused and I’m selling this critically important chronology of actual real life events for just $20 to fund a campaign to require all those in positions of authority that have knowingly failed in their duty to every-day-Canadians whom pay their salaries. The funds will build a One Million Dollar Defense Fund to fend off all the frivolous law suits that educated corrupt officials frequently use to silence whistleblowers.

So whether we see things from the Freedom Protest’s side of this history-in-the-making issue or not, we must all commit to seeking out our own truth on what is fact and what is fiction. That’s what I do and have done in Justice Refused where I’ve laid out my very detailed, interactive-evidence-supported, Report in Justice Refused.

It is uninformed participants in democrazies that lead them to fail! Those who exploit democracies rendering them democrazies rely wholly on the masses remaining uniformed. Remedying all this, including the Freedom Convoy conflict is easy when we all “get informed”. You don’t have to get active but you do have to remain informed.

I’ve been studying the Freedom Convoy(s) pretty much around the clock, to observe their behaviour first hand, strategy, and conduct first hand, and have been quite impressed with the discipline they’ve been showing including a printed/signed Pledge of Peaceful conduct. The truckers appear well organized and have brilliantly documented every step along the way in real time (you can watch the video on alternative websites like Rumble and on UTube.

This real time recording of history offers no monologues, theorizing, or self-promoting so-called journalistic explanations that we are accustomed to on conventional media news. They simply record what they are doing (“the facts”) thus the evidence doesn’t or can’t get much more dependable. This is what “full disclosure” means, once again an area of our comprehension of our Democracy that is flawed but not difficult to correct, if we can get our governments involved.

We’ve heard allegations of hostility, intimidation, bullying, terrorism, etc. but to date I haven’t been able to find any documented evidence of same, anywhere.

I’ve been frustrated for years, trying to help get our various governments to understand the obvious (‘street level‘) flaws that I’ve documented for them, but am becoming of the belief that they consciously don’t want to fix problems that are negatively affecting our country. Not one institution or government agency has ever engaged.

At the grass roots level our systems of governance parallels the corruption we see devouring America’s democrazy while their Republican Party literally is working overtime publicly, right out in the open, to destroy it! We cannot allow this to corrupt our systems and I’m telling you that we are right on the lip of the same toilet bowl America is swirling around in right now.

The most recent development in the Ottawa stand off is that the government is using the courts, alleging a number of damming issues, including but not limited to “hostility, damages, harassment, property destruction, etc.”. Unfortunately, no proof of same has appeared on Rumble or any of the other alternative media sites or conventional media.

Our flawed legal structure in Canada always is left to going to court and that in itself is one of the key flaws (easily fixed) in our democracy but there has got to be immediate all-hands-on-deck moment. The major flaw in my opinion is that “Lyinghas become socially acceptable in our society.

It seems obvious that education, rather than equipping people to succeed on merits, and hard work, ends up empowering those with corrupt minds, to become skilled highly respected and educated liars. I’m not saying that all lawyers are corrupt but I will be showing you lots in another upcoming ebook “So Sayeth The Law”.

It wasn’t this way when I was young and this must be addressed because today, lying is a key skillset (look at all the lawyers and government officials in America in key governance positions lying through their teeth publicly without fear of personal or professional trust).

Justice Refused shows dozens of lawyers outright lying for pay, to enable a lying, emotionally unbalanced and illogical person with a law degree to hoodwink our entire court system, costing tax payers huge amounts of court costs by falsely charging innocent people with crimes to harass them to get out of her way in a totally dysfunctional scheme to dissolve our community. It really doesn’t get more amateurish or stupid but Justice Refused exposes such seriously flawed legal and government institutions, that justifies something as drastic a public demonstration as the Freedom Convoy taking place.

No, I’m not a terrorist and I’m not picking fights with anyone. I simply want to see our Democracy returned to us and have taken my case to absolutely every institution and agency, that alleges to be in place to protect consumers having each one religiously refusing to even listen to or look at the mass of detailed evidence , delivered to them and thereby granting this lawyer success in outright breaking numerous laws and criminal statutes, to simply to achieve her dysfunctional schemes to grant her the illusion of owning a presigious Lakeshore Road home after already being caught lying under oath about her “Bay Street Law Practice” that proved to be just an identity package in an office service bureau on Bay Street in downtown Toronto.

This social acceptance of lying must be address but in Justice Refused it is proven that not a single proven fact would even be looked at, requested or required, despite repeated documented efforts. Nothing can be fixed unless it is accepted that something is broken and that is proven simply not the case in Canada’s court rooms and government offices.

With all due respect, there is at least the appearance that the Prime Ministers of our country have long or have always, betrayed the fundamental understanding between the people and government . . . the government’s first duty is to protect the freedom of the Canadian people.

Prime Ministers in general, it appears to me, become some sort or another of an autocrat and that’s just wrong.

If Canada was a public traded company, the C.E.O. would not assume such power or control, as a C.E.O. would be logically expected to engage and deal rationally with the opposing view instead of disappearing, name calling and relying on word of mouth allegations of extremism and terrorism to rationalize his, thus our government’s position. I’m sorry but that simply doesn’t fly from a business or personal perspective.

It seems quite obvious to me, your every day Canadian tax-payer in good standing that it is our democracy itself that is at risk here. The only way that all of this can be fixed is to start from the ground and work our way up.

I would hope that this strategic alternative to what we are facing today as a nation would be accepted and supported by all sides.

I’m not a trucker, nor am I a part of the Freedom Convoy, nor am I connected with any Party, organization, terrorist group or fringe element.

I’m a very independent proud Canadian retired citizen that wants only to see the country that I’m prepared to stand up for, get back onto the right track.

This convoy is merely a symptom of a much more substantial underlying problem. The problem is that our concept of democracy has been shaped by a flawed system controlled by a minority of Canadians.

I have no personal beef with Mr. Trudeau other than I would like to have him answer some very simple and straight forward questions. Apparently no-one has the right to hear from our C.E.O. (whom just spent over $600 million dollars of our tax payer dollars in what has been called a “sham election”) on where “the country stands”. I would like him to explain to us why he refuses to meet with these Canadians and address their obviously significant issues.

Calling the truckers derogatory names and refusing to meet and talk with them is simply intellectually upside down. And when those people are the government’s constituents, the people who put you where you are (I’m not being partial to the liberal Party as we’ve got five all playing the same game) then it is only reasonable to say that “this is not right and certainly not Canadian”.

Even greater than the Freedom Convoy issue at hand, is the issue that Canadians are losing trust in our politicians, governments, courts, institutions, media et al, and tragically, justifiably so! And this is stretching the fibre of our democracy to the absolute limits but it doesn’t nor should it suggest that we are losing trust in Canada. But something drastic must be done and this Freedom Convoy has shown us that Canadians will and are waking up.

This latest development of having the millions of dollars in donated money frozen through legal means is simply downright disappointing. It’s a strategic fight tactic that I find offensive in light of the fact that our government has taken no constructive initiative whatsoever, and here we sit as a nation, lost.

I’ve been fighting most of my life and am known for being skilled at it. I’ve been fighting for consumer protection for decades but making negligible progress.

All of these governing maneuvers are simply side issue distractions and tactics of war! I’ve watched endless hours of alternative media live footage and not seen a single incident of rude, violent behaviour as alleged in the latest court filings used to justify interference with their voluntarily contributed cash reserves to offset their expenses. This seems like a lot of shuffle instead of simply meeting and talking.

These truck drivers have invested a lot of themselves, their time, livelihood and money pursuing their rights in a democratic system. All the opposition, name calling, legal manipulations, threats, misrepresentations, unsupported accusations have got to stop and the parties get together and discuss these issues face to face, with respect and dignity.

The true issue here is so much bigger than the convoy! Our nation has been sliding into an entirely new dynamic that, to be honest, is not a flattering one. We’ve compromised our historically credible stature and reputation in the world, and thanks only to these truckers who have awakened the world and leading the way to an entirely new global understanding of the term “democracy”.

We definitely won’t get there by “calling in the military”!

I’m Charles

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