Chinese Communist Regime Guilty of “Pay For Play” Human Harvest Program. Global Consumers Have Got To Make A Stand !


This is why I changed my Blog from and to

Today’s blog is not about monetary matters, or social issues regarding the way consumers are being exploited.

But the abuse of consumers in Condoland pales when compared to what this group of people a half a world away are enduring!

Today I want to talk about a very serious matter that only the “global community of citizens from all countries” can fix!

Governments can’t (or quite honestly simply “won’t“) address this gencide on a mass social scale!

I am personally humbled to have to admit how I have ignored these small gentle people that have stood for decades in front of Toronto’s Chinese Embassy, so passively with their arms reaching out in intellectual display of their search for answers.

Everything that we see in North America as our “God given rites“, are not not being taken away from this group and their freedom taken away, the Chinese Government is provenly “harvesting organs on demand from these people that they arrest for simply their religious convictions“!

This human farming has been going on for decades, specifically targeting this group, “Falun Gong“.


I’m aware that I’m not Richard Gere speaking about the Dalai Lama or anything like that.

I am one citizen of the world and I have recently had my lights turned on to an unthinkable horror, that my indifference is allowing a human genocide to be perpetrated against a specific religious group.

Arresting innocent people for their beliefs is about as counter North American or free and dignified world, as it can get!

Snatching them off the street “to sell their organs” is something catastrophically more repugnant!

I’m ashamed to say how many times I’ve walked by these people in various locations throughout the city and paid them no mind.

Finally, the other day I stopped and was given a brochure that literally stopped me in my tracts intellectually!

This passive group of religiously committed people are the primary target of a State-Run Mass Killing For Human Organs in China“!

Now I want you to stop for a moment and think seriously about this.

We are talking about innocent people being persecuted for their religious beliefs and a government that is not only participating in their literal butchery, but doing so for profit through “the sale of human organ transplants“!

I’m sorry folks, but this makes the problems in Condoland seem almost trivial, if they weren’t so close to home!

This is not about getting overly emotional about something beyond my control as the solution is within the control of each and every citizen of the world.

I will NOT buy anything that bears a “made in China” tag (or any of the associated Asian countries that sell their quotas to China) until China acknowledges Officially that it has stopped this trade in human suffering!

The US House of Resolution 324,2016 unanimously passed a resolution condemning “China’s systematic, state-sanctioned organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, including a large number of Falun Gong practitioners.”

The European Parliament passed a resolution calling on Chines regime to “immediately stop harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience, including practitioners of Falun Gong.

It is time to wake up world and realize that anyone buying any products that are made in China is supporting this brutal genocide, and the way to stop it is for the “world’s people” to unite with one clear message “we, the consumers of the world, will NOT deal with ANY country that does this”!


David Matas, international human rights lawyer, co-author of Bloody Harvest, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee . . . “China is not the only country with organ-transplant abuse . .  . . What’s different about China is its institutionalized, it’s state-run, it’s party-directed.  It’s not a few criminals in back alleys trying to make a fast buck”.

David Kilgour, former Canadian cabinet minister, Crown prosecutor, co-author of Bloody Harvest, Nobel Peach Prize nominee . . . .“What we’re trying to do is get the government, the party state in Beijing, to stop killing their own people for their organs”.

Ethan Gutman, China analyst and investigative journalist, author of The Slaughter . . . . “This in one of the central tests of our time . . . . a new genocide.”

In 2015 our Canadian Government Parliamentary Subcommittee on International Human Rights adopted a motion condemning and calling for an immediate end to the state-sancioned organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China (I guest other prisoners are ok?) including Falun Gong practitioners.

Spain, Israel, and Taiwan have passed legislation making it illegal for their citizens to get organ transplants in China.

I caught wind of this in my own conventional though process when a dear friend’s (of almost 40 years – my mechanic’s) wife came down with health problems and I, in my usual problem solving mode said that possibly we could look abroad.

And then, wham!

The reality of the words coming out of my mouth hit home.

So, if my blog is to mean anything of consequence, I have got to talk openly about matters of importance to “individuals”.

Governments can’t fix this.

Oh, they will try but politics have a way of making logical things into complex monoliths taking mammoth amounts of times, energy and resources to the point that no progress is made.

I’m calling on all the 1.64 Million “unique users” (Facebook Aug 2 – 28, 2016 – Mirror Marketing) to stand up to this unacceptable societal plague and do two things:

  1.  Go to and sign the Petition;
  2. Pass the word onto every friend, family member, business associate that you know, as them to come to and read this blog;
  3. Make this issue “organ harvesting in China” a part of your daily thought and conversation

If you are like me, you will see the solution rests with all of us and I mean “all of us“!

By refusing to buy anything made in or by China, we can stop this (and the many others such as the “Annual Dog Meat Festival” where animals are systematically abused and cruelly killed for entertainment) we are speaking the universal language of social influence . . . . money!

The world exists on “consumerism“.  “Stop the cash-flow and you will stop the outrageous behaviour“.

This can only be done at the consumer level.

Stop passing the buck by assuming our government is doing anything meaningful about these issues, so that’s good enough for you.  Our national dependency on “consumerism” stands in the way of our government making any kind of moral and ethical stance.

The only way that consumerism truly works is the one magic bullet that rests only in the hands of we the consumer!

Help me use it by making a stand with me to not buy goods from Chinese manufactures until China stops this atrocity!

And I’m not talking about committing to not buy China when its convenient.

If there is no substitute for whatever it is I’m looking for, I will do without!

I’m Charles

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