Canada Simply Cannot Follow America Down The Toilet

As a simple uneducated North American citizen I am seriously concerned with what we’ve been watching play out in American to be a tasteless reality tv series that really is the canary in to coal mine for we Canadians.

I have actually worked quite hard to ignore the news since Mr. Trump’s inauguration after decades of being a self-confessed new junkie thanks to a guy that I personally and professionally had identified as a con well before the Presidency of the United States of America entered the picture.

I have actually worked quite hard to ignore the news since Mr. Trump’s inauguration after decades of being a self-confessed new junkie thanks to a guy that I personally and professionally had identified as a con well before the Presidency of the United States of America entered the picture.

In the early 2000’s Trump came to Condoland in Toronto with great fanfare. Having watched him in the media for decades and seeing this wealthy guy take his casinos into bankruptcy I had formed what proved to be a pretty good assessment of him.

Where we had seen him take America over the past three years is shockingly disappointing to me as its taught us that our North American democracies are seriously flawed.

In my opinion, if America does come together and vote this guy out all is lost for America.

It’s not Donald Trump that I fear as he’s just the carnie barker. It the corrupt system supporting and allowing him to get away with his constant stream of devious and highly exploitive plans.

The Republican Party is one leg of the three legged stool holding him up. The educated elites that literally wrote and shaped the laws of the country and shaped a situation whereby a renegade president could actually get away with doing what we see daily in media headlines.

My worry is that I see so many areas where I see Canada culturally being influenced by the American propaganda on all sides of all arguments that comes at us daily.

For the record … we are not America and nor should we try to be like them. At 71 years of age I can reflect back to times when Canadians laughed and mocked the American’s way of doing things and we all knew the difference.

Today it is quite difference and we’ve even got our own Family Feud!

This RNC we’ve seen just how socially acceptable lying has become in America. We learn catch phrases like “Lawyer-speak”, “parsing words” and virtual dictionary of terms that I’m left to assume all those institutes of higher learning teach to masterfully employ.

We have seen a rogue leader of the most heavily armed government in the world (possibly as China may dispute this as may Russia) strip away layer after layer of norms of perceived integrity and the country’s constitution has no counter to what is taking place.

Canada has to stop the copycat politics that have so influenced our political thinking. I no longer am confident that our form of democracy is actually functioning right or even if it was structured to function right in the first place.

I my latest ebook proves anything it is that our systems of governance and justice are flawed and failing consumers so graciously that all the major institutions allegedly there to protect consumers actually outright refuse to listen to and/or read hard copy evidence to matters before them.

I’ve never been an activist or involved in any way with activist movements but I’m starting one now.

I was considering incorporating a non-profit or not-for-profit but the red tap involved required too much of my time and personal resources.

This project is much bigger than one person can be and as a relative self-isolationist (uneducated entrepreneur running all over the globe to survive) I don’t have the ear of the Canadian People.

But it is the ear of the Canadian People that is needed at this point in our nation’s evolution.

What goes on in Condoland, goes on in every city and town in Canada. And what goes on in Condoland is what goes on at the Municipal Government level, Provincial Government level Federal Government level, and the sad tail set out in Justice Refused is potentially going on at all levels of government and all condos in the land.

Justice Refused is must reading for Canadians as it is an angry but thoughtful chronicle of real life events that, due to a couple tragic buyers in a condo held the capacity of literally destroying consumer’s lives while showing them teaching their children by using them in staging false events to make false police reports to enable them to swear out false sworn criminal summons’ against innocent neighbors.

I’m reaching out to all media outlets to read a free copy of Justice Refused as on many levels the revelations therein are news worthy.

The intellectual combat approach to what is seen as today’s approach to communication is working but working in an extremely negative way.

Justice Refused introduces and angry but thoughtful statement of all the facts. It does not call even the most repugnant offenders names or name anyone other that public officials involved.

I have accepted the burden to drop my retirement plans and head up the “Canadian Coalition For Consumer Protection”.

As a nation we cannot allow cons to get control of our governments (as is the case in Justice Refused) but more previously we cannot allow our institutions to remain unable to see a con when one is explained to them rendering them little more than voluntary idiots.

The ONLY hope for Canadian consumers is to have this agency not be a government agency headed up by academics with no hands-on experience and fully self-finance itself.

Justice Refused and this Condoland ebook series will fund CCFCP. I am calling for 5,000 Canadians to step up as “Founders for CCFCP by contributing $100 delivering a $500,000 Legal Fund that will be used to require all contributing parties set out in Justice Refused to simply respectfully explain their conduct and the outcomes of their involvement.

The evidence required to prove the malfunction is all clearly set out in Justice Refused and what you will learn in So Sayeth The Law, Crisis in Condoland and Condoland The Outcome will undoubtedly shake you to your core as it did me while collecting the data.

Fortunately all can be fixed but not by bombastic outbursts and/or well rehearsed avoidance schemes to avoid malfeasance and/or incompetence. We will be solely looking for “The FACTS”.

So please, to all that read this blog! Please fund this entire effort as sales of these ebooks are the only money we will accept to fund this crucial consumer agency. The evidence shows that I’ve been preaching this for a decade now!

I don’t want to have to blow tons of the money I raise on advertising as this is only phase one of developing and adequate fund to undertake this challenge.

After all this ebook series is not about me, nor is it about the tragic souls exposed here. It is all about the integrity of our courts and our governments, from municipal, through Provincial to Federal.

The corruption set out in this fully evidence supported ebook series must be stopped and can be stopped, just not under today’s system.

This is a very unique opportunity for all consumers to plug in and be informed in a manner that will impose upon all politicians the requirement to shape up and deliver profession standard services for which you are being paid.

And insure that all Canadians follow the law specifically insuring that no consumers are above the law and that law are enforced.

I’m Charles, but you already knew that!

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