America’s Latest Reality Show (“The Apprentice President”) Showing Just What’s Wrong In America


Let’s face it, it is no secret that Americans are turned off by their own politics.

And that is quite understandable when approached as a total outsider with no vested interest in outcomes.

I’ve spent a great deal of time amongst Americans, having wintered in Florida most of my grown up life, or at least when I found myself in the position to afford avoiding Old Man Winter.

I’m known for blasting how artificial Canadian politicians are but I would suggest that they don’t hold a candle to what goes on in America.

Everything is artificial about America.

They boast as a nation much like Donald Trump boasts as a businessman (running for President) about being “the greatest country in the world“, when it is quite obvious that they are not!

The recent dust up between Chris Christy and Marco Rubio is a clear example.

Rubio has a very checkered background as shown in this background check on him, and has proven (thanks to Chris Cristy’s cross examination during the debate the other night) that he has no substance and is really just a “pretty boy” with “excellent articulation skills“.

As an uninvolved outsider looking in, it was crystal clear that all this guy could do was exactly what Christy gave as a “play by play“.

And even as his adversary gave such a clear play by play of what Mr. Rubio was doing, he continued to do it over, and over, and over again.

Wouldn’t you think that that would exclude him from the race all together?

But no!  I America this contender for the Presidency,  has the audacity to go on national television “doubling down” and artificially trying to justify his failure to meet the challenge cast down by Christy.

It really was a text book, “play by play” example of everything that you don’t want in a politician backed up with a follow up manifestation of reality to which no-one in the media apparently wanted to challenge.

So, let’s take a look at the leading Republican candidates.

Donald Trump:  A “silver-spoon child” who started out with millions plus a private loan from daddy for another million to start a business in the same industry (contacts, contacts, contacts) as dad had made his millions.

If you know anything about development and/or developers you know that people buy their properties through agents with minimal negotiations with the developer, thus Mr. Trump’s constant bragging (everyone that constantly brags that I’ve ever known have consistently proven to be flakes) about his superior “negotiation skills” would have to be judged as minimal at best.

Mr. Trump has bragged repeatedly about not ever having gone bankrupt yet once again he is relying on the philosophy of “who do you want to believe me or those lying eyes of yours” as shown in this recent news article!

And this doesn’t even touch upon the plethora of Trump International Hotel and Residence projects across America and the world that ended up on those same rocks!

Nor does it address the Trump University law suits (one by New York States’ Attorney General) alleging FRAUD!

That Mr. Trump has any following at all, let alone having him leading in most Republican polls is a very sad statement for America and a very disturbing thought.

Ted Cruz, who acceding to published record is “The Most Dangerous Man in America”.

So, according to most polls, the Republican race should wind down to one of these three.  Did you read the linked articles?

Now, that’s quite a tri-acta of candidates.

Would you be confident with any one of these three taking control of one of what is self-proclaimed as the mightiest country (the one who nuked the Japanese) in the world?

To me, in all objectivity, it is obvious that there are only two candidates with any legitimacy whatsoever to even be on that stage, and they haven’t been getting any traction whatsoever.

Chris Christy, in my opinion is the “real deal” and his scriewering of Marco Rubio shows that he has the composure, demeanour and professional skill set to challenge without being offensive (something Donald Trump has shown a dyer inability for).

His message, never mind his exchange with the novice senator was “on the mark“.  What is it about “facts” that so many people simply can’t get their head around?

The other is John Kasich who, like Christy is at least “genuine” is also not getting any traction in Donald Trump’s new Reality Show “The Apprentice President“!

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact Marco’s exposure of his true self at the debate affects his ratings (should be a total disqualified but American continue to amaze me)!

Who knows!  Trumps favourability ratings skyrocketed with every flub he made (kind of “red neck justice“)!

Let’s wait and see.

I’m Charles

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