Some Things In Life Are Just More Important Or At Least Bigger Than Those That We Are Personally Facing


So here is what is really all about!

I started blogging under my initial real estate site which was Condoland’s (Toronto) first and only web site at that time.

I had been (rather unsuccessfully) working on designing and developing a digital media product specifically to link developers in Condoland (Toronto & Mississauga) with investment money in Hong Kong.

As an entrepreneur, that’s you’ve got to be able to envision things that don’t exist and then “sell that vision” to a well targeted audience (“distribution“).

No-one ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy and lacking in “qualifications” conventional big money income jobs were out of the question.

Surviving in the world that I’ve grown up in requires that you prove to be a “visionary” and my 1990 interactive (DOS) CD-Rom definitively was a “visionary product“, especially in that there was no Internet, Windows Operating System, Notebook computers, cell phones, and/or all that technology that came along much, much later.

I had been involved in commercial music, rock video production, corporate video production, and actually syndicated two Canadian TV shows, but this new “multi-media” challenge was truly the artistic icing on the cake for me.

The most unique thing of entrepreneur land, is how concepts materialize, manifest and dissipate, all at the blink of an eye.

My marginal successes in pioneering new media (failures some might say) ultimately led me to success in real estate when the Internet came along and we were able to transition from CD-ROM to it.

After years on dominating Condoland’s landscape as a new media realtor I then transitioned into blogging getting a real estate licence and shifting my focus from “selling condos for developers”, in 2000 by introducing “Buyer Agency” to Condoland.

A couple years back, when investing in Condoland became mathematically not something I would recommend, I transitioned again to try to help level the playing field by playing Condoland’s “consumer’s advocate” and have been blogging on the Crisis in Condoland ever since.

But as fast as simplycharles is growing these days, I continually am left feeling that I may actually be simply creating a diversion from more meaningful, worldly significant, things.

It seems to me that the world has lost its moral compass.

Integrity has been totally lost or left at the wayside of civilized society.

Observing the race for the Presidency in America these days, from afar, is the only true approach to honestly seeing what is happening and clearly exemplifies the trouble we are all, collectively in.

Immediately when emotion gets involved in anything (and politics is very emotional everywhere) objectivity and/or integrity are lost it seems and verbal and/or intellectual manipulation dominates.

Condoland is simply a microcosm of the dysfunction that the race in America exposes, and that dysfunction is a simply a microcosm of a much more broad international intellectual dysfunction, which is simply a microcosm of a global dysfunction, and well  . . . . . .  I trust you get what I’m saying.

The entire world is literally, by any rational definition, “Bankrupt” but all the highly educated people that have taken it there seem oblivious to this reality!

Can someone tell me a country that is not over-burdened with “Debt“?

Yet, take a look at the garbage that we have been “socially conditioned” to allow to clog up our intellectual capacity.

The masses are more significantly influenced by the background noise known as “advertising” than they are their own common sense.

I don’t know of a Federal Government, Provincial or State Government, Municipal Government, institution of learning, industry or segment of civil live that is not “under water” (a word introduced in the 2008 collapse of America’s concept of raped through real estate investing and/or home ownership).

The world quite frankly is broke!

So we have all been socially conditioned to accept that this is a normal way of life.

Half the world is at war, yet that has become just another topic to wrap ads around, the significance of which is lost in the delivery.

A logical but unasked question is who’s supplying all these weapons?

The answer is more than likely “everyone who can“!

Take that revenue stream out of global trade and see the impact on economies throughout the world.

Aleppo“, a major city in Syria, has been the epicentre of a war zone for a half decade, and leaders all over the world meet in five star hotels discussing conceptual aspirations to “resolve the crisis” but nothing has been done, while hundreds of thousands of every-day people have been slaughtered and millions have become refugees!

Yet, I blog, business moves on, television reporters become “celebrities“, Donald Trump blathers and Tweets his hateful messages, cable networks devour every word to sell ads, money is made, bureaucrats meet and talk, and talk, and talk, while these poor trapped citizens of Aleppo continue to have cluster bombs rain down on them.

I have no idea on what to do to even try to help those 350,000 residents (children, parents, grandparents) trapped there.

ISIS reportedly has threatened to “kill anyone caught trying to leave the city” (apparently they are wanted as human shields) while Bashar al Assad, and Putin drop cluster bombs on them.

I don’t get what the United Nations is really all about.

Oh, I know what all the advertising material and propaganda says, but as an outside observer, it seems abundantly clear to me that it is anything but “united nations“.

Countries like Russia and China have “veto power“, nullifying any legitimate effort to stop genocide.

A world run by highly educated people, and we find ourselves in this predicament  . . . . always!

It’s simply downright shameful!

So I’m feeling a little guilty for possibly being a distraction, but the manner by which people in and investing in Condoland are being shortchanged and exploited, is so serious and real, that something has to be done and I am at least hopeful that I might be able to do something about it.

I feel I’ve got to keep exposing what is going on in Condoland, here at

Do I think that I can meaningfully change anything or make anything right?

I’d say that it is highly doubtful as it has been built on the dysfunction that I am exposing, but I see the effort at least as worth it.

The only entity out there that can legitimately make a difference for consumers, are the consumers themselves, and as long as they allow the developers and governments to generate millions of dollars and jobs at the consumer’s sole expense, nothing will ever change.

I’m looking for consumers who, like me, have had enough.

We don’t mind “investing” but we do mind investing in a truly “rigged game“.

Condoland is a rigged game where developers can lie and misrepresent to get you to enter into unreasonable contracts that fail consumers on every front.

Governments sanction this corrupt infrastructure of shake down, because construction is one of the only two positive economic indicators re:  employment!

Civil servant jobs prove the only other statistic showing positive employment, and where does there pay cheque money come from . . . . the consumer (taxes).

I don’t believe that my voice can affect those poor people of Aleppo but I at minimum feel compelled to at least make it heard.

As I have tried to convey meaningful material about Falun Gong, I feel it my duty to comment on socially significant issues that are close to me, and which I believe should be close to lots of you out there as well.

I don’t know if there is anything collectively that can be done for Syria, and I’m not convinced that much can be achieved to try to level the playing field here in Condoland, but I’m willing to try!

And how I do that is by blogging.

I hope that you find the content of at least thought provoking.

Thanks for reading and for your comments!

I’m Charles








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