It Is Stunning To See How In Line “The Donald Trump Show” Is With The American People


I’ve said it before many times, “they may look like us, sound like us, walk like us, but Americans are NOT us“!

Although I enjoy watching Mr. Trump’s antics, it is obvious that Mr. Trump is a “salesman” masquerading as a legitimate Presidential candidate.

He’s learned all the “talking points” but has yet to show that he has any grasp of the issues behind each of them.

He’s a showman, and good at his trade, but remember society’s perception on salesmen must apply to all salesman.

What we know about Donald Trump is what our lap dog press have extrapolated from his self-gloriying ramblings about his successes in business and in life.

He says that he is successful and dodges the legitimacy of having hidden behind America’s corporate cloak of “bankruptcy” on five separate occasions in his well oiled self-promotion campaign.

And Americans are loving it!  He’s at 24% in recent polls with his closes opponent, Jeb Bush or “Bush 3.1” at just 12%.  All the other proclaimed aspiring Leaders of the Republican Party are running in the single digits.

Most people know in their hearts that Mr. Trump would make a disastrous President with resulting potential global impact!

Imagine Donald responding to Netanyahu’s back-door-play with Boehner giving BiBi the floor of the Senate to contradict President Donald’s position on matters of grave importance!

Would Donald call Bibi “stupid” as he has Rick Parry who is also running for the Presidency?  Would he challenge Bibi’s war record?  Wheeling and dealing in real estate transactions with a checkered past, is hardly an acceptable foundation to think you can just jump onto the international diplomacy stage and thing you could be successful!

I would think that in a democracy the “voice of the people” would reflect a somewhat balanced middle ground, but with the largest voting block of American’s polled, showing that they are supporting The Trump Sideshow you really have to wonder about the mind set of the American people.

I still believe that this is all a publicity stunt that will go no where politically simply because the threat to the nation of using this kind of matter as a demonstration against the status quo is so great, the outcome would shape a whole new world!

As America goes so does most of the free world.  Donald Trump truly thinks that he is infallible as a negotiator.  He would immediately re-open the Iran nuclear negotiations (and throw them in the garbage if the deal is already done) “and negotiate a good one“, but hasn’t told us that the strategic objective of his negotiations would be.

He would toss out The Affordable Care Act (I had when the media calls it Obamacare) “and negotiate a good deal”.

Mr. Trump says that, as President, he will “deport 11 million – 30 million illegal immigrants“, build a fence on America’s border with Mexico and resolve the illegal immigration problem that has been plaguing America for decades.

Mr. Trump also tells us that he will “take on China” and bring manufacturing jobs to America.  He has already insulted them (possibly he doesn’t think they watch North American news”) so you can expect that they will have formed their own opinions of him log before he ever gets there.

To listen to him these days, you would really think that he has “the midas touch“!

Yet his track record on success in both politics and business is such a patch quilt of bankruptcies, restructuring where he lost ownership, failed condo hotel projects in the double digits, I just cannot intellectually get my head around what it is that the American people, (or specifically that 24% or one in four) believe that he can do for the country?

All the media frenzy around Mr. Trump is good for selling ads so the media whips every whimper into a roar, and that’s ok because I guess that’s their job, to sell ads.  I keep confusing it with “delivering news”.

It’s good for selling Trump from a popularity perspective and that’s the core issue here.  Donald’s ego-driven need to be “front and centre” and seen as “bigger than life” has just cost him millions of dollars “IN CASH FLOW”.

As a leader he failed himself and his corporations and shareholders by failing to anticipate the reactions that his ill-thought-through, promotional sound bites would cost!

We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that Donald Trump enterprises failed to anticipate as a by-product of his initiative to be out front on the global stage.

He has been called a “buffoon” recently, a “carni-crier”, and as long as he wants to continue to promote himself so shamelessly as “smarter than everyone else”, “better educated than everyone else”, “more successful than everyone else”, “richer than everyone else” it is understandable why in the end, he will be standing alone.

I don’t care how much money Donald Trump, or anyone else out there for that matter, has!  I can see through casual observation that this is a salesman stepping out of his domain, bringing with him the same tactics, tricks and games that he used to get to where he is today.

In the end, we have a “silver spoon fed rick boy from Manhattan who’s daddy bought him the best education that money could buy from the best business school in America, gave him his first job and bankrolled his first real estate acquisitions, leading to a successful evolution of the family business“.

All the rest is blather and showmanship.  It has worked magnificently for the Donald.  My issue is that “you can put lipstick on a pig  .  .  .  .  but in the end, it’s still a pig“.

I’m Charles

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