This is not your conventional real estate site.

I have for years now brought Toronto to my international readers and clients through my opinions, editorial comment and photography.

I once aspired to be a fashion photographer but formal education just wasn’t my thing, and my pursuit of success as an entrepreneur (way back to when it was still considered a bad thing to be an entrepreneur) led me into sales.

As I spend the decided majority of my time “in the streets of Toronto’s ‘Condo Land’”, all the photography included here is my original work, shot out in the streets.

My goal is to make this site an entertaining place for you to visit, where you can hang around and if you are trying to get a “feel” for Toronto, which include its architecture, art, graffiti, condos, commercial buildings, people and places, discover the unique visual experience that this site has to offer.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if you are ever buying, or know someone thinking about buying a condo, loft, townhouse or luxury home in and/or around Toronto, that you give them my contact information. That’s the only way I get paid for doing what I do.

Much appreciation