The 2016 Presidential Race Is Not Only An Indictment of Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump, It Is An Indictment On The American People


I have got to confess that throughout my life, I’ve followed American politics much more closely than have I followed Canadian politics.

As a young entrepreneur I calculated that out next door neighbour’s 10 fold population simply meant a much larger playing field for me.

I’ve never had a job.  I mean literally a “job” where someone paid me before I delivered results.

Jobs are built on education and I couldn’t compete on that front so the entrepreneur lifestyle was the only option left to me.

These days, American politics are so out of the norm, that I’m thankful that I’ve been observing for so long giving me a good foundation to really see what all this is all about.

The Democrat’s contender (“Hillary Clinton“) for C.E.O. has a negative rating in 60% range and so does the Republican nominee (“Donald Trump“)!

That means that roughly 60% of the nation of three hundred million plus, don’t like or have confidence in either party’s nomination.

So what does this global powerhouse do?

Well, the Democratic Party stands with Hillary, despite email nightmares piling up and an untrustworthy rating through the roof!

There’s actually an identifiable and growing block of voters saying that they will not vote at all!

It is obviously easier to analyze this nightmare as an outsider over those emotionally involved.

If the race for the Democratic nomination wasn’t literally “rigged“, Bernie Sanders, an “Independent” running in the democratic primaries (further rigged by not allowing “independents” to attend or vote in primaries).

The logical question is “why is Bernie hanging around playing in a rigged game (kind of reminds me of Condoland in a way) instead of going back to his “Independent” party standing and continue to run for the Presidency.

The Democratic Party shouldn’t rely on all those young new voters (and old) that came with and/or for Bernie!

With Hillary Clinton having a 60% disapproval rating (to the point of saying they will not vote) and Donald Trump having a 60% disapproval rating, isn’t it Bernie Sanders’ civil obligation to step out of the game that he is being forced to play, a game that is rigged with an imbalanced playing field, and run for President as an Independent.

Polls clearly show Bernie beating Trump and Hillary tied in a head to head.

The simple math clearly shows that the most qualified, credible and legitimate candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Watching the Press constantly posturing itself to sell ads over genuinely asking the tough questions reminds me a lot of Condoland.

It seems abundantly clear to me that the situation in America has an easy solution that people just can’t see sitting right there in clear sight.

The same applies to the situation that I find Condoland in today.

If we don’t fix this right now, the outcome for Condoland could be devastating!

I’m Charles


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