I Think Donald Trump Is Walking Into A “Self-Orchestrated” Mexican “Ambush”


As you are already aware if you’ve been following my blog lately, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump.

My distaste for him is not from a political perspective (but there’s lots of fodder there!) but rather on a professional one as he says “he’s such a great salesman“, when actually he’s a “terrible salesman“.

This is what offends me about Donald Trump!

He insults all professional salespeople throughout North America if not the world by simply boasting about “being a great salesman“.

And, don’t for a minute think that it is Donald Trump that manifested “Trumpies“!

There is a certain segment of society that simply opposes everything and “giving everybody and everything the bird” is seen as a “badge of glory“.

I actually feel sorry for “Trumpies” because I understand where they stand.

I was somewhat a radical in my younger days (that’s me with all the hair in the banner) so I have somewhat of an understanding of the mentality that serves as its foundation.

Trump’s consistent radical reaction to things, is “juvenile“!

Now as a retired grown-up I look back on a great deal of what I’ve done and/or stood for and can only shake my head.

But Trumpies expose themselves as a very narrow segment of society, and despite the nation screaming out for “a new way of doing things“, Trump is proving to us all that he would be drastically worse than “the old ways that people are so opposed to“.

If my son was a Trumpy, I would tell him to at least keep it to himself as throwing views and support on social media could come back and haunt him one day.

So here we have Trump serving up a “savoury dish of revenge through political articulation” for the President of Mexico, principally motivated by his own hunger for popular exposure and acceptance.

My instincts this time out is that Donald is, once again shooting himself in the head.  I would say foot but he appears unable to see his clearly and all he has to do is look below his upper lip most days.

You see President Pena Nieto, who is struggling for his political life at 26% in the polls in Mexico, has nothing to lose here and everything to win, and Trump has everything to lose and only self-gratication to win!

Any strategist would tell Donald what I’m telling him here  . . . . “meeting the Mexican President is playing Russian Roulette“!

At least for us onlookers this meeting should prove an entertaining “Reality TV” and after all, isn’t that what Donald is known for?

For Donald I would call this meeting “political suicide“!

If President Pena Nieto does not end up one of the most inefficient politicians in Mexico’s history as a result of politically “slicing and dicing” Donald’s ridiculous positions on deporting Mexicans from America, building a wall that Mexico pays for, and for maligning Mexicans in general and their government as corrupt, I don’t know what it may take to.

President Pena Nieto has got real “mileage to make here” because, after all Donald is the one who says “they are sending their people here” meaning the Mexican Government (President Pena Nieto’s government) and saying that the Mexican Government was directly involved in sending its country’s “rapists” and “murderers“!

And let’s not forget Donald’s promise to “build the wall and force Mexico to pay for it” to which the Mexican President has already stated on the record “will not happen“!

I’m ready to take odds on this one!

So much for any uncertainty about Mr. Trump’s “ability to lead“, as the only place he’s leading himself and his campaign is “over the cliff“.

And now he has given President Pena Nieto, the unique opportunity to “slice and dice” him, making point with his people at a time when he has got to come up with something for them to like him for.

Keep up the good work Donald.

And I suppose he’s flying down on his plane and invoicing the campaign outrageously for the flight!

Sorry, but I just can’t keep seeing right through this guy!

I’m Charles

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