An Open Letter To The Mayor and All Oakville Residents

Mayor Burton & Town Counsel

The outcome of the longstanding corrupt issues that destroyed all integrity within our residential community “Waterview Common” proves all of the representations that I have thoughtfully presented to you in the litany of emails (Nov 7, 2017, Dec 14, 2017, Apr 5, 2018, Mar 17, 2019, Mar 30, 2019, Oct 3, 2019, Oct 16, 2019) factually accurate.

With all due respect Mayor Burton, this Resolution I recently received (dated September 2019 but being seen by me for the first time) from Oakville Town Counselor Beth Robinson, following Sean Omeara’s failure to follow through on his Sept 20th, 2020 promise “to investigate the matter and get back to me“, is literally the last nail in the coffin.

This Resolution removes any/all doubt about the corrupt manner by which it came about and with all due respect Mr. Mayor, you are right at the heart of this as it physically could not have come about without you fulfilling your legal Duty in Bad Faith. The Resolution constitutes Fraud.

As you can see on my blog today “… the math simply does not add up” and the list of emails to you (above) shows that you, in your capacity as Mayor, have been a hands-on willing participant in a Fraud that has damaged Owners in our community and caused a great deal of emotional turmoil for those targeted in this distasteful legal maneuvering that has literally destroyed our condo corporation.

We were sold an “upscale community behind a prestigious pair of Stone Entrance Features“, and ended up living in the equivalent of a common trailer park.

We have tolerated constant abuse and bullying that you were aware of yet you took sides and I feel it critically important that you be required to disclose what it was you relied on to conclude to support their unlawful scheme.

All the Rules unique to living in condos, that legitimate buyers were looking for and signed onto when purchasing, have been systematically discarded and abused, by design the illegitimate Board’s President (after 3 unlawful Recalls of the legitimate board that you were informed of) and the unethical lawyer/owner that created and orchestrated this entire malicious scheme.

I would like to restate that I have no and never had any sort of vendetta or unresolved problems with you personally or your staff that have been involved. It is clear that you have participated in a corrupt outcome that benefits only this one lawyer/owner family.

You have dodged every reasonable question that I’ve delivered to you in your professional capacity as Mayor and refused to answer any questions that to anyone else would have been easily answered if their conduct reflected integrity. The easiest question is “why have you supported someone that you knew all along was corrupt and give her everything she unlawfully was seeking” and possibly more important “why did you grant her exclusive use of Town land after informing us that doing so is impossible” when we asked in a legitimate effort to equitably resolve the issue for her.

I’m not a litigious person and there is at least the reasonable assumption that litigation is what you rely on to hide behind, so you can brush it off as you have trying to do with the most recent Class Action law suit naming you. With all due respect Mr. Mayor, this may be “doing business as usual to you” but you’ve empowered bullying, intimidation, and hostility to prevail in Oakville and that’s just not acceptable.

And quite frankly, having presented the full Evidence File presented in my recent book “Justice Refused” to all civic parties (you personally, Halton Police Chief, Attorney General, Justices, Crown Attorneys, Deputy Crown Attorney, OPP, Condo Authority of Ontario, Law Society of Upper Canada, etc.) and having had absolutely no success even having someone look at it and listen to the facts, there simply is nothing left for a reasonably prudent person to conclude, but that you have something to hide.

I’ve asked simply “why you refused to fulfill your fiduciary as ‘Surety’ Holder of the $13,000.00 Surety for our prestigious Stone Entrance Features when the Declarant failed to have them constructed“.

You have refused to answer this respectful question for three (3) years. I’ve written a critically important book “Justice Refused” because it is not only you that has failed, but so has Ontario’s entire Court System and Police Forces!

As honest tax paying citizens we are owed a great deal more and as an elected official voted in by and paid by “we the people“, are herewith taking this matter to the arena in which it belongs ….. to the people.

This matter must be addressed point to point before the people. I respect that my claims are very serious but assure you that every one is supported by irrevocable hard copy evidence.

I await your reply



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